that homeless girl..(one direction fanfic)

what happens when One Direction cant help but get involved with a runaway called Taylor?

A unexpected romance sparks but can they handle all the mayhem that comes included with Taylor or does everything just fall into a big mess like Taylor's life?


7. Chapter7..

thanks for everyone that has been following the story and stuff, as If people are reading this haha. Sorry I am getting really lousy at updating but Ill probably update some more chapters soon:)


"Taylor, where are you going?" I shouted after her down the corridor.
"I thought I could do it.." she replied as she carried on walking.
"what?" I asked
"I thought I could let you look after me, take me in ..but I can't.." she replied.
" know me and my story and so does Liam and I just don't think I can handle that.." she said as she stopped to face me.
"I don't judge you.." 
"but I don't know that..I'm sorry Harry just please let me go.." she said before turning her back on me and she down the stairs.

I couldn't make her stay..she had made her decision I just hoped she'd be ok.


"haz, go get some more popcorn.." Chloe moaned
"we've ran out.." I replied
"go to the shop then..please" she pleaded.
"Louis will go.." I smiled
"not a chance, we're comfy aren't we el?" he asked her as she was perched on his legs.
She nodded.
"you're the only other one who can Harry off you go.." Niall smiled

It was movie night at the Payne pad and I had to get the popcorn, charming.

"I'm supposed to be a guest.." I rolled my eyes and grabbed my keys off the table.

I grabbed my coat and headed to my car an drove to the nearest co-op.

I parked up near the side walk, I was about to shut my door when I heard all this commotion from down the road.

"theif! somebody stop him!" a man shouted pointing to a hooded figure who was running in my direction.

Being the hero that I am, I grabbed the mans arm and caught the thief.
They looked up and revealed their identity, it wasn't a man at all. It was Taylor.

"Taylor..?" I questioned
"please, let me go.." she begged
I hesitated before letting go of her arm.. she thanked me with a half smile and carried on running.

"What the- stupid hooligan did you get a clear picture of his face?" the man asked as he approached me out of breath.

"uh no sorry.." I replied
"useless.." he sighed before walking back down the road.

I rolled my eyes before getting in my car and driving down the route which Taylor took. After a while I caught up to her she looked out of breathe and messed up.
Today she was wearing a black hoodie with some skinny jeans and once again those familiar wrecked red converse.

I parked up my car and stopped Taylor by placing my hand on her shoulder.

"you idiot, you scared me" she said as jumped.
"what did you steal Taylor..?" I asked.
"don't worry Harry, I didn't rob a bank..I just took a bag of crisp and a chocolate's not like he needed them anyway" she rolled her eyes.

First she was this vulnerable kid and now all of a sudden this attitude..what happened to her?

"Taylor..if you're struggling why didn't you come back to me?" I asked
"because I don't need your help. Nath looks after me.." she scoffed

My eyes widened.

"don't tell me you're still with that prick.." I warned.
"yes I's my life" she replied
"so you're just going to let him hurt or have you forgot about that?" I raised my eyebrows.
"no" she mumbled.
"wait what are you even doing here, why did you follow me?" she asked
"because I care.."
"yeah yeah.." she said as she began to walk off.
I grabbed her wrist.

"get off her.." a voice came from nowhere.
I swerved my head.
A chav a little smaller than me approached us.
"and you are?" I asked
"none of your business, get off her" he repeated
"Nathan just leave it.." Taylor butted in, I felt her tense.

"oh so you're the famous nathan.." I asked
Nathan eyed me up and down.
"who's asking?" he asked
"so you're the kid who threw a punch at Taylor then.." I asked
Nathan was taken aback.
"you said you didn't tell said it didn't matter" Nathan said to Taylor.
"it doesn't.." she replied
"you're nothing but a whore.." he said poking her in the chest.
"don't touch her.." I said giving him a push.
I must have got to him and pushed him a little too hard because he threw a punch, busting my lip.

"Nathan!" Taylor screamed
"did that feel good you get kicks out of punching people" I said as I wiped my lip with the back of my hand.
Nathan shook his head in spite before walking off down the road.

"and don't you dare follow me Taylor, dont come near me again, I'm warning you.." he said before turning a corner.

"thanks a lot.." she pouted
"I did you a favour come on.." I said as I wiped my lip.
"yeah..if you call ending the best relationship i ever had doing me a favour you did a pretty good job" she replied.
"he was a prick.." I said
"I loved him.." she said almost in tears.
"don't cry over him..I should be the one crying, I was the one that got hit" I pointed out.
"I'm sorry..has he really hurt you?" she said looking at my lip.
"no it's fine, just a little cut..anyway, you're coming home with me.." I stated
"says who?" she raised an eyebrow.
"me..come on Taylor you need to dart a fresh, we can get you sorted an before you know it your life will be back to normal.."
"easier said than done.." she replied
"Taylor, don't be like that..I promise I'll look after you.." I said
She hesitated.
"promise?" she questioned
"I promise" I nodded
" long as you don't treat me like a kid.." she replied
"I won't" I grinned, getting my own way.
"good.." she half smiled.
"come on..for the second time lets go back to mine.." I smiled
"right" she nodded before she followed me back to my car.

"Harry.." she began as we parked up outside my house.
"yeah?" I asked
"please can you just not tell your friends all about me..It's just I-"
"I won't it's okay.." I smiled.
"thanks again.." she smiled


I followed Harry up to his house and walked in after him.

"guys I'm back!" he shouted as he took his coat off.
"finally, what flavour popcorn did you get?" a familiar Irish voice shouted back.
"sugar, I forgot.." he mumbled to me.
"sorry.." I said as I couldn't help but think that it was my fault.
"hey it's not your fault.." he replied giving my shoulder a squeeze.
"who you talking to?" asked a voice which seemed to be getting closer.

Louis came round the corner.

"Taylor.." Harry smiled
"oh you again.." Louis said..he didn't seem so happy.
"yeah..hi" I replied.
"hi..did you even get popcorn?" Louis asked.
"I forgot.." Harry replied
"you forgot?! you serious?" Louis replied.
"something came up..I just forgot" Harry said.
"wait what happened to your lip?" Louis asked one Harry turned to face him.
"nothing" Harry mumbled
Louis gave me a weird look before taking a closer look at Harry's lip.
"Louis get off me.." Harry said as he pushed Louis away.
"god I'm just worried.." Louis sighed
"I was my fault" Harry lied
"right.." Louis said as he turned to go back to the living room.

"come on I'll introduce you to everyone" Harry said as gestures me to follow him.

"Harry forgot the popcorn.." Louis Announced.
"you kidding me?" Niall exclaimed.
"sorry..I forgot-.." Harry began but he was cut off from Liam.
"Taylor!?" Liam gasped as he stood up.
"hi.." I half smiled.
"everyone, this is friend..she's moving in with me for a while.." Harry announced.
"what?!" Chloe and Louis gasped in unison.
"she's moving in..end of" Harry said before giving me a reassuring smile.
I half smiled.
I began to feel so much more uncomfortable in this situation..all eyes were upon me.

I recognised Danielle and Eleanor from a while ago. I always wanted to look like Danielle, she was so pretty and then Louis started dating Eleanor..she was so pretty too!

"hey..again" Niall said standing up to shake my hand.
"hi.." I smiled as I shook his hand.
This is why Niall was my favourite when I was into them..he always seemed so friendly.
"ahright?" zayn nodded from his seat.
I smiled and nodded.
Danielle and Eleanor were smiling at me.
Chloe was giving me a glare.

"Harry..can we talk?" she asked as she got up.
Harry gestured to me that he would be one minute.

I stood there awkwardly.

"Taylor..come sit down" Liam smiled as he patted the seat next to me.

I made my way through past Eleanor and Louis who was staring my down.

I sat down on the couch.

"are you okay?" Liam whispered
I nodded
"good.." Liam smiled 

"come on Taylor.." harry said as he walked back in..Chloe wasnt there.
"where you going?" Liam asked
"back to mine.." Harry said
"why?" Louis asked
"I need to sort some stuff out.." Harry replied
"but what about the movie?" Niall asked
"you can watch the movie without me?" Harry stated
"but you chose the film.." Niall said
"so..come on Taylor.." Harry repeated
I stood up awkwardly and made my way towards him.
"are you okay?" Harry asked
I nodded.

"bye then.." zayn said as we walked out.

"where's Chloe?" I asked as we walked back to his place.
"I said I needed to sort you out and stuff so she said she'd talk to me later" Harry replied
"oh..are you sure this is a good idea?" I asked
"me moving in..I don't think Louis likes me." I replied.
"he's moody, he'll get used to you" Harry smiled but I wasn't so sure.

"so what exactly do you need to sort out.." I asked as we entered his home.
"the spare bedroom and stuff plus I'll make you something to eat" he smiled
"uhm okay thanks.." I half smiled.
"two secs, I'll set the bed up" he grinned as he disappeared down a corridor.

I was so grateful but I did begin to think I was intruding.
Poor Louis.
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