that homeless girl..(one direction fanfic)

what happens when One Direction cant help but get involved with a runaway called Taylor?

A unexpected romance sparks but can they handle all the mayhem that comes included with Taylor or does everything just fall into a big mess like Taylor's life?


6. Chapter6..


I sat there awkwardly while Harry made me a drink.
I wasn't entirely sure I was doing the right thing.. I did love Nath, a lot..but even now it just seemed he didn't love me back. I wanted him to so bad but he didn't care and i just..I couldn't handle it.
I knew he shouldn't have hit me, I knew it was wrong but I did provoke him.
He didn't even react to what he had done, he just told me to get out..I grabbed my bag and ran out, I was scared of him..but I still loved him.

"Harry what time you go- oh hi?" Louis said as he entered the room and spotted me.
"hi" I replied
"you must be Chloe?" Louis asked
I shook my head.
"Taylor..I'm Harry's friend" I replied.
"I'm sure we've met before" Louis nodded.
"no..I dont think we have" I replied honestly..I would have known if I had met the seriously.
"oh..well you look very familiar.." Louis raised an eyebrow.
"oh.." I started.
"oh did you want a drink Lou?" Harry asked as he entered the room with two mugs.
"nah I'm ok..I was just wondering when you were meeting Chloe?" Louis asked.
I looked towards Harry and Harry looked back.
He hesitated.
"I'm not meeting her.." Harry replied.
I mentally sighed a breathe of relief, I didn't want to be left alone with Louis..I had just met him and he didn't know me.

"oh why..?" Louis asked looking suspiciously upon me.
"I'm just hanging out with Taylor tonight..she's staying at ours for a while by the way.." Harry said
"for how long?" Louis asked almost frowning.
"as long as she wants, she's a friend besides I owe her a favour." Harry stated although he didn't..he definitely didn't..I owed him.
"righhhht" Louis spaced out, not believing a word Harry said.

"right well I'm off out to meet two have fun" Louis said.
"we will don't worry" Harry replied
"bye.." Louis said before he left.

"thanks for not leaving me Harry" I began before sipping my tea.
" problem, just as long as you're safe" he half smiled
" means a lot" I nodded
"don't mention've had a hard time, I get that" Harry shrugged
"mm.. Is Chloe your girlfriend?" I found myself blurting out.
Harry almost chocked on his tea with my question.

" we're just good friends.." he smiled
"didn't she mind you cancelling on her?" I asked
"well I rang her, I convinced her I was ill in bed.." Harry smirked
"oh.." I replied, I didn't really want to ruin his relationship as well as mine.
"look, don't worry about it..she'll never know.." Harry smiled before slurping on his tea.
"mm" I replied, I still wasn't too sure.
"your eye looks really sore.." he began.
I'd almost forgot about it but as soon as he mentioned it, my face started to throb.

"it's okay" I lied
"are you sure..wait there a minute" he said as he got up and entered the kitchen.
He came back with a bag of peas.
"here, it might calm it down a bit" he Smiled handing over the bag of peas.

I gently placed them on my face, gritting my teeth through the pain.

"are you hungry?" he asked
"uhm.." I replied, I was absolutely starving, I hadn't eaten since yesterday, Nathan had no food in.
"take that as a yes, what do you like?" he asked
"I'm not bothered.." I shrugged
"let's get a pizza" he grinned as he reached for his laptop.
"okay..I like pizza" I smiled

"toppings?" he asked
"none..just margharita" I replied
"boring" he smirked 
"well what are you getting?" I asked
"easy..ham and pineapple" he grinned
"ah.." I nodded
I sat patiently while Harry typed out the order.

"done.." he smiled as he aggressively pressed enter.

" what now?" I asked
" not sure" Harry bite his lip.

There was an awkward silence.

"can I ask you a question?" he asked
"sure..go for it" I shrugged
"why were you homeless in the first place?"
This hit a nerve, I didn't exactly want to go over my mum being in rehab and stuff and my uncle hitting me but he was letting me stay at his house he deserves to know the truth about me.

"I'm sorry.. you don't have to tell me" he murmured.
"no it's okay.." I replied before telling him everything about how I ended up where I am today.

"wow..that's, awful" Harry said with a concerned look on his face.
"yeah..I got through it, I probably deserved it" I shrugged
"don't you ever say that.." Harry frowned, as he rubbed my shoulder.
I was about to reply when the doorbell rang.

"that will be the pizza" Harry grinned as he went to answer the door.

I sat as Harry went to go get the pizza, he was taking a while..I wondered where he had got to.
I walked towards the front door when I heard voices.
One was Harry and one was a girl.

I shouldn't have eavesdropped but I couldn't help myself.

"why did you lie to me Harry?" the girl asked.
"I'm feeling better now.." Harry replied.
I came to the conclusion that it was Chloe.
"you lied, just say if you don't want this to go on" Chloe said
"I do, I's just something came up.." Harry replied
"yeah..what?" she asked
"well.." Harry began
"well?..don't lie to me" Chloe warned
"uhm.. Liam.. Liam was upset because him and Danielle had a tiff" Harry lied.
I screwed my face up, lies never ever turned out good.

"so is he gone now?" Chloe asked
"well yeah.." Harry replied
"so..maybe we know" she said.
"uhm.. I can't.." Harry stuttered.
This was catching up on him.
"why?" she asked..getting angrier by the minute.
"I'm tired" Harry said
I rolled my eyes, this was the worst thing he could have possibly said.
"too tired to hang with me?.." she exclaimed.
"if that's how you want it.." she said before I heard heels clipping off down the corridor.

I heard harry tutt before he slammed the door.

I quickly tiptoed back to the sofas.

"who was that?" I asked innocently as he returned
"not the pizza guy" Harry sighed.
I could tell he was upset and distressed at what just happened..but I couldn't exactly say anything could I?
"Are you okay?" I asked
"yeah..just uhm.." he said before the door knocked again.

"pizza man?" I questioned
"probably..two secs" he said.


I knew I should have told Chloe the truth but I thought she wouldn't understand..even though I knew lying made everything worse I still did it.

"so you need clothes right?" I asked as I chomped on my pizza.
"well yeah, but before you ask I don't want any money off you.." she said
"oh so you want to walk around naked?" I raised an eyebrow.
"uhm.." she began as I saw her pondering.
"as much as I'd love to see you walk around nude im sure you'd feel much comfier in some clothes.." I smirked
"Harry.." she giggled.

"so this is what you chose over me?" Chloe asked as she entered the room.
I turned around nearly chocking on my pizza.
"it's not what it looks like.." I began.
"oh really..who is this? And how many more do you have on the go?" Chloe asked placing a hand on her hip.

"Harry.." Liam said as she ran in out of breathe.
"yeah?.."I asked
"are you okay?" he asked directing Chloe.
"yeah..I'm good.."
"are you really? so are you going to tell me who she is?" Chloe asked pointing to Taylor who was nibbling on her lip more than ever now.
Liam shuffled in the room a bit more to see who Chloe was pointing at.

"Taylor..?" Liam questioned
Taylor gave an awkward wave.
"you know her?" Chloe asked Liam.
I placed my hand on my head.
"yeah..she's..shes our friend" Liam half smiled.
"oh.." Chloe stopped
"uh sorry chlo..Taylor has had a real bad night, I couldn't leave her" I said
"oh..well why didn't you just tell me?" she asked
"cos I thought you'd be mad" I said truthfully.
"why..she's just a friend right?" Chloe asked looking at Taylor.
"right then.." Chloe shrugged.
"sorry.." I said again.
"it's okay.. Look I'm just going to go" she replied
"you don't have to.." I began
"'s fine honestly" she half smiled
"okay I'll see you out.. Liam, stay with Taylor till I get back" I said getting up and walking  her to her car.


I shuffled in some more and sat across from Taylor..that's when I noticed her face.

"Taylor..what happened to your face?" I asked cautiously.
"uhm.." she mumbled as she began to fidget.
My heart fell when the thought crossed my mind.
"oh no.." I said as I raised my hand to my head.
Taylor said nothing.
"Taylor..did he hurt you..did that boy hurt you?" I asked
She was silent for a moment before she nodded.
I was silent for a moment as I took it all in..I couldn't understand how anyone hurt a girl..especially a helpless girl like her.

"Liam..are you mad?" she asked
"mad..mad? I'm fuming. how..why?" I struggled to take it all in.
"it was an accident" she stated.
This made me more mad.

"how can you say it was an accident!?" I asked almost shouting
"I-I dunno.." she said looking down
"I swear he comes near you I'll teach that woman beater a lesson.." I exclaimed
"Liam its ok" she said
"it's not ok!" I shouted 
"woah whos shouting?" asked Niall as he ran in.
Taylor was just looking down now.
"go away niall.." I sighed
"rude..Taylor are you okay?" Niall asked as he looked at her.
"go Niall.." I said pointing at the door.
"why, what's going on?" he asked
"nothing just go.." I demanded
"dude..stop shouting, I'll get Paul" Niall threatened.
"can you both be quiet.." Taylor suddenly outburst.
We both looked at her.
"this is none of your business Liam just drop it.. forgodsake!" she exclaimed as she stood up before walking out.
At this point Harry walked in as she walked past him.
Niall gave me a confused look.
"what have you said..?" Harry frowned
"wait there.." Harry said as he ran down the corridor.

"What the hell was that?" Niall asked
"I don't know.." I said as I ran my fingers through my hair.
"aren't you going to tell me what's going on?" he questioned.
"not now Niall.." I sighed
"I dont get you sometimes Liam.." he replied before walking out.

I didn't get myself sometimes either.
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