that homeless girl..(one direction fanfic)

what happens when One Direction cant help but get involved with a runaway called Taylor?

A unexpected romance sparks but can they handle all the mayhem that comes included with Taylor or does everything just fall into a big mess like Taylor's life?


5. Chapter5..


"come on Niall..." I sighed before sorting out my hair.
"I'm almost done..chill out man" he replied.
"I won't take you for food.."
"I'm done." he said as he came through the door to my living room.
"good come on then, before it shuts" I said with a hint of sarcasm.
"McDonald's is 24hour" Niall rolled his eyes.
"whatever..I wont be long Louis"
"okay.." he shouted back from his room.

I drove Niall to McDonald's seen as though he won a bet we made earlier and waited for him in the car..It wasn't dark it was more dusk. I listened to the radio while I texted Chloe, a girl I met recently.
Chloe was really pretty, she had long blonde hair. She went for more of a fake look, I liked that but sometimes the fake eyelashes did get a bit too much.
We were close..if you get my drift.
I wanted to make things more permanent but she said she wasnt quite over her last boyfriend, I was happy to wait until she was ready.

I was meeting up with her tonight for dinner, I was looking forward to it and stuff, if only Niall hurried up I could go and get ready.

I looked up from my phone and had to do a double take.

Taylor, that homeless troublesome girl was walking past McDonald's, I couldn't believe i saw her again, I studied her and she looked like she had been crying..I wanted to go out and find out what was wrong but Niall was returning to the car with some food, so I just left her alone.

"boy that queue was huge" he said as he got in, juggling the food in one hand.
"you took your time"
"yeah I just said.. The queue was huge" he repeated
"what did you get me?" I asked
"nothing.." he said, eyeing up his food.
"so all that's for you!?" I exclaimed looking at his mountain of food.
"I'm a growing lad.." Niall shrugged as he munched on a burger.

I tutted and started the engine.
Curiosity got the better of me when I decided to go the long way home which was the route Taylor took.

"you're going the wrong way" Niall exclaimed with his mouthful
"I'm not, this is the long way"
"why you going the long way?"
"because..I wanted to"

I studied the people walking on the pavement but none of them were Taylor, until I turned a corner where I finally saw her sat on a wall, with her head down.
I knew it was her because she was wearing her memorable red converse.

I couldn't let her suffer and I was intrigued to see what was up in her messed up life.
I parked up at the other side of the road.

"what you doing?" Niall asked
"wait there a minute.." I said as I got out of the car.
"harr-" Niall began but he was cut off by me slamming my car door.

I walked up to Taylor who I heard her sniffing and sobbing into her hands as soon as I got out of my car.

"hey.." I began as I approached her, making her jump.
She looked up and then quickly back down again, I noticed something wasn't right.

"Taylor..let me see" I said as I lifted her head up.
She pressed her lips together as I tilted her head to the side to reveal her black eye.

"what happened Taylor?" I asked seriously
"I..I fell.." she began
"you fell?"
"yeah..into a wall, I'm a bit clumsy" she half laughed through tears.
"why are you crying?.." I asked

I knew she couldnt have fallen, not on her eye.. I had a bad feeling it was human caused.

"uhm.." she started
"uhm..?" I questioned
"Nathan has kicked me out.." she admitted
"why?" I asked
"cos..cos he saw me in a magazine..leaving your complex" she wiped a tear.
"is that all?" I wondered
"he thinks I took the drugs because I didn't come back with any money or any drugs.."
"so what happened..?" I urged for her to tell me the truth.
"nothing much..he just told me to get out.."
"is that all?"
"yeah but I refused to leave, I begged him and I told him I loved him bu-" she tried to continue but she hiccuped on her tears.
"take your time.." I said patting her back.
"he told me he didn't love me.." she bit her lip.
"and..?" I questioned
"and then..then he..he accidentally hit me.." 
"he hit you!?" I exclaimed
"by accident.." she continued
"by accident!? You must be kidding me can a guy hit you by accident?"
"it was my fault" she said as she looked me in the eyes.
I gave out a 'ha' as I stood up and ran my fingers trough my hair as I took all this information in.

I was so pissed off right now, how could he have hit her, this wouldn't have happened if I ran after her the other day and told her everything was going to be was so selfish of me.
I didn't know Taylor that much but it annoyed me anyway, no man should ever hit a woman, it was wrong..I wanted to punch him square in the face for laying a finger on this harmless kid.

"oh and I suppose he told you it was your fault did he?"
"no..he just said that I shouldn't have made him angry" she mumbled

"Harry.." Niall shouted from across the road.
"two minutes.." I replied
"come're coming home with me.." I ordered
"no..I can't Nathan would never take me back then."
"what!? Forget about Nathan, don't you see what he's done? He has hurt you, he didn't love you, he loved that you sold drugs for him" I scoffed
"that's not true" she exclaimed
"I would never hurt anyone I loved..come on you know I make sense."
"no Harry.." she shook her head and jumped off the wall and headed down the street.

I couldn't let her roam the streets in this state.
I walked on after her, grabbing her shoulder, encouraging her to stop.

"come Taylor..stay at mine, I have a spare room, just until you get back on your feet.." I begged
She carried on walking.
"come on.." I pleaded

She stopped in her tracks and turned around. She looked me up and down and hesitated.

"fine..just because a bed is nicer than the floor.." she pouted
"see..I do care Taylor"
"yeah yeah.." she rolled her eyes.
"come on" I said as I gestured for her to follow me.
She followed me back to the car, Niall giving me a funny look as I opened the back door for Taylor to get in.

"aren't you going to introduce me?" Niall raised an eyebrow at me as I began driving back to our complex.

"oh yeah..this friend, Taylor" I said.
"hi.." she mumbled
"hey I'm Niall.."
"I know, you were my favourite of one direction ages ago" she half smiled.
"ah that's nice to know...chicken nugget?" he asked as he offered her one.
"no ta" she smiled
"Oo, what have you done to your face, looks painful" Niall began.
I looked in the mirror and saw Taylor squirm in her seat.

"she fell.." I said
"oh.." Niall nodded as he turned back around to face the front window.
I reckon Niall began to feel the awkwardness as much as I did.

Taylor was chewing on her lip in the back of the car.

"so Taylor..what's your job?" Niall asked.
"I..uhm, well..I don't have one.." she mumbled
"oh..well what job do you want?"
"I don't know..I'm not really good at much, I like taking photos" she half smiled.
"really? Are you good at that?" Niall asked.
"mm, I suppose so" she nodded
"cool, you'll have to show me some of your pics some time" he smiled
"yeah, okay" she nodded
"ok.." I began
"Harry, shouldn't you be meeting chloe soon?" Niall asked
"uhm..yeah" I said as I glanced at the time on my clock.
"what time?"
"about half an hour.." I announced
"ah, ahlright"

Taylor was gnawing on her lip even more, her eye looked really sore.

I drove into my parking space an got out of the car.

"I'll see you later..nice to meet you Taylor" Niall said as he walked up to his flat.

"you too" she smiled

Me and Taylor began to walk up to mine and Louis place.

"Harry..please don't leave me" she began
"what?" I asked
"I don't want you to leave me on my own.." she replied
"I..I wont" I replied.
"thanks" she half smiled

I guided her through to my flat.

"I'm home!" I shouted as I threw my keys on to the side table.
Taylor gave a nervous look, probably Wondering who I was shouting to.

"Louis.." I nodded
She gave an understanding look.

I showed her through to the front room.

"sit down, I'll make us both a drink" I smiled
"mm, okay" she replied.

I wasnt sure what I was letting myself in for but I didn't want to let her go back to that maniac she called her was obvious that she was in that relationship alone.
I just felt sorry for her to be honest.

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