that homeless girl..(one direction fanfic)

what happens when One Direction cant help but get involved with a runaway called Taylor?

A unexpected romance sparks but can they handle all the mayhem that comes included with Taylor or does everything just fall into a big mess like Taylor's life?


4. Chapter4..


I looked upon the small bag with white powder in, I wasn't an expert in drugs but I knew exactly what that was..cocaine.
I looked to Liam who was as disgusted as I was.
I then looked towards Taylor.
She looked at me as if she was scared.
It took a few moments for her to do anything.
She grabbed it and all the other stuff that fell out of her bag and replaced them into her handbag.

"uhm..I'm sorry" she mumbled
"what the fuck?" Liam exclaimed

He didn't swear that often but when he did I knew he was mad.

"I have to go.." she said again.
"oh no you don't.." Liam said as he snatched her bag off her.

I just stood there still shocked at the whole situation.

"hey give it back!" she said as she tried to grab her bag, Liam turned around and began to rifle through it.

"what are you doing?!" she shouted 

Liam said nothing but pulled the drugs out of her bag and handed her bag back to her.

"just give me it.." she said, begging for the drugs.
I never had this girl down as a drug addict.

"no.." Liam frowned
"please I need them.." she said almost crying.
"you don't need them.." Liam said as he walked over to the sink.
He opened the bag and emptied the contents into the sink.
This set Taylor's tears off.

I didn't know what to do..I just still stood there catching flies looking between them.

"you prick.." she cried
Liam raised an eyebrow and set the taps on leaving no remains in the sink.

"I can't believe you.." Taylor shook her head, wiping her tears.
"you can't believe me!? What about you..bringing drugs into my house?" Liam shouted.
"you don't understand..Nathan is going to go mad" she said as she pressed her lips together and ran her fingers through her hair.

"Nathan? Whos Nathan?" I asked
"it doesn't matter now.." she sighed
" does" I replied
"I have to go.." she replied as she grabbed her bag.
"to get some more drugs..?" Liam asked.
"no" she snapped as she turned to walked out
"look there are people who can help you with your addiction.." Liam began
She turned on her heel.
"what? You think I'm a drug addict?" she half laughed
"you are..there's no denying that, we've caught you" Liam said referring back to the sink.
"you've got it all wrong" she shook her head.
"uhm no.." Liam said placing his hands on his hips.
" really have. I'm clean, I don't take drugs..I never have and hope I never will..I don't even smoke! Im 17 for god sake" she rolled her eyes
"well what was in that bag..flour?" Liam said with a hint of sarcasm.
" was what you thought it was, drugs, but they're not mine." she sighed
"they're Nathan's?" I asked 
"yeah, no- well kind of" she paused "I sell them for him" she mumbled obviously ashamed.
"are you out of your mind?! Do you know this is a criminal offence?" Liam shouted again.
"yes I know but I had no other choice.." she explained
"I'm sure you had a choice.." Liam replied
"It was either that or basically I'd starve to death or freeze to death.. By doing this I get a roof over my head, it's okay for you.. You have everything laid out nicely for you, your life is practically perfect with your perfect house and your perfect dont even bother judging me Liam Payne..I have no other choice" she shouted as she poked liam in the chest with tears rolled down her face.
I could tell Liam was taken aback..He didn't know what to do because she constantly kept poking him, until she was on the verge of a breakdown.
Liam wrapped his arms around her as she sobbed into his tshirt.

He looked at me over her shoulder.
I just raised my eyebrows and shrugged.

"come on Taylor..calm down, I'm sorry ok?" Liam said as he looked at her holding on to her shoulders at arms length.
She nodded.
"come on..wipe your tears and we will sort this out okay?" he said as he gave her some kitchen roll to wipe her face with before sitting her down on a bar stool.

Once she had calmed down she explained to both of us that this guy called  Nathan who was her supposed boyfriend, had let her stay at his flat as long as she sold drugs for him.
She agreed but she said that she had begged him to let her get another job but he said no and that she would be out of his house if that ever happened.

" say this guy is your boyfriend?" I asked
"well we haven't made it official but he always tells me he loves me" she smiled.

I looked across to Liam who looked back giving me an unbelievable look.

This Nathan guy was obviously using her she obviously didn't see it.

"Taylor.." I began
"yeah..?" she sniffed
"you do know this Nathan guy sounds a bit of a prick.."
"he isn't once you know him.." she insisted
"uhm.." i replied
"so he's basically using you?" Liam said straight out.
"no..if anything I'm using him, for somewhere to live" she replied
"no no no.." Liam shook his head.
"wait..if you live with him why weren't you home last night..?" I asked
"well once a week he tells me not to come home because he has business he needs to take care of" she admitted
"business?" I raised an eyebrow.
"yes" she nodded
"he's taking you for a ride" Liam sniggered
"he's not!" she exclaimed
"you're not going back there" Liam replied
"what?" she asked
I looked over Liam confused.
"I said there is no way you're going back there.." Liam repeated
" a few months ago, I would have jumped at your chance Liam seen as though you're from one direction. but now? I don't think you're being very fair on me" she folded her arms.
"how even? I'm offering you a better place to stay.." Liam widened his eyes.
"and I'm declining" she said as she grabbed her bag and walked out.

Liam looked towards me.
"I hate to say this but I'm worried for that girl.." Liam began
"so am I..but she's a strong girl, she knows her own mind" I replied.

I couldn't help but agree with Liam, a piece of me wanted to run after her and hold her and tell her everything would be okay but I couldn't, she had long gone.
When I saw her today she looked better than she did when I last saw her, she looked a lot cleaner but she did have a smell of smoke that came from her, her clothes were much better as well and her hair wasn't greasy..she looked well, normal but today revealed she wasn't as normal as she looked.. She was one messed up kid.
She taught me to never judge a book by its cover.

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