that homeless girl..(one direction fanfic)

what happens when One Direction cant help but get involved with a runaway called Taylor?

A unexpected romance sparks but can they handle all the mayhem that comes included with Taylor or does everything just fall into a big mess like Taylor's life?


34. Chapter34..

ok ok read the last bit as its so really important!! thankyou!x



"well in lad!" shouted a voice.

I broke the kiss and looked towards the voice, it was a pap.

I looked back at Harry and smirked.
Harry placed me back down on the floor.

"so.. "
"be my girlfriend again" Harry asked.
"this time we will do it properly, not letting anyone or anything get in our way" he spoke, staring into my eyes.

I gave a weak smile.

"you're on" I grinned

Harry let out a laugh, like a laugh of relief.

I wrapped my arms tightly round his bare torso and layer my head by his collarbone.

"I've missed this" I mumbled
"I know you have" he spoke kissing me on top of my head.

I released myself from his embrace.

"do you think this will work out?" I asked.
"I wouldn't doubt it for a moment" he smiled.
"come on let's go back inside, it's freezing"
"says the girl whos got a coat on" Harry smirked.
"come on Tarzan... you'll catch your death" I laughed, taking his hand.

We ran back inside before the rain came down heavily.

"come to Paris with me" Harry spoke as we exited the lift and walked towards his apartment.
"I can't believe you got some more tickets"
"that's why I was late last week when you came over.. I knew how much you wanted to go" he faded off.
"oh.. " I laughed a little.

"Harry quick" shouted a voice from down the corridor.
"what is it?"
"Harry it's Chloe" niall rushed, he was in a panic.


From the moment niall said Chloe  I just knew something wasn't right.

I heard a scream from inside.

Taylor gasped a little.

I pushed open the front door revealing a mess. I ran in confused and set my eyes upon Chloe, kneeled on the sofa, stabbing a knife into the leather couch, ripping it all up.

"Chloe!" I shouted at her.
"get away from me now!" she threatened me with the knife as I backed off.

She had gone crazy. Her makeup had ran down her face, smudged from her tears and her hair was all scruffy. Looking around the room she had gone on a smashing spree, you name it- ornaments, pictures, even the tv had been knocked off the wall. I noticed she had some of my sweats on and one of my jumpers. 

"Chloe.. babe" I almost whispered.
"don't call me babe" she gritted her teeth coming closer with the knife.

"Harry" taylor begged
"you" Chloe turned her attention on taylor, who was behind me, standing with niall.

Taylor's face weakened as Chloe approached her.

"Chloe.. Chloe I'm sorry" taylor chocked.

"this isn't Taylor's fault" I butted in.
"Harry we would be together if it wasn't for this whore" Chloe snarled, looking back at taylor.

"Chloe, just put the knife down" Niall begged.
"don't tell me what to do" 
"please.. " I begged

"Harry.. what does she have that I don't?" Chloe turned her attention on me.

"I.. I.." I stuttered looking upon taylor.

By mentioning that taylor doesn't tear up my house or go stir crazy on me would only provoke Chloe.

"exactly... just be with me" Chloe pleaded.
"Chloe..." I sighed.
"please harry we can be together you know we're good together" she sobbed.
"Chloe we were never going to work out" I argued
"no, I don't care I want you" 
"baby, look just hand me the knife and we can work things out, forget this ever happened" I pleaded.
"Harry" she weeped.
"come on chlo" I raised an eyebrow, holding out my hand.

She cried even more before placing the knife in my hand.

I let out a breath of relief, handing over the knife to niall as he took it and headed out the room. I pulled Chloe into a hug.

She was having a breakdown and I still had feelings for her, not as strong as the ones I had for taylor but Chloe needed me right now, more than taylor did.

I glanced over at taylor.

she gave me a subtle nod and a smile before leaving as Chloe continued to cry into my bare chest.

I stroked her hair, soothing her.

"I'm sorry Harry" she chocked.
"it's okay"
"no Harry look ive made a mess of your place"
"it's okay, I understand I've hurt you haven't I?" I asked
"mhm" she nodded
"look I'm sorry but you know Chloe we never work out do we?"
"I know" she mumbled
"come on, we both need to start a fresh, you know we do"

she let out another sob.

"I will always be here for you though Chloe, I promise"
"I'm sorry Harry"
"don't be.. come on, wipe your tears" I said wiping her face with my thumbs.

"Harry I'm sorry"
"I forgive you"
"Look I'm just going to go"
"I'll drive you home"

she sniffed and nodded.

I headed to the coat hanger near the door, Chloe following behind me and reached for a hoodie and pulled it over my head.

I opened the front door and niall was waiting across from my apartment.

I gave him a nod to assure him everything was swell. He gave me a weak smile.

I pulled my arm over Chloe's shoulder and put my hood up as the rain pelted against us, Chloe especially who wasn't wearing a coat.

We ran to my car and slammed the doors shut.

"you think I'm crazy dont you?" she spoke as I started the engine.
"no.. you were just angry thats all" I shrugged.
"let me pay for your stuff"
"dont be silly love" 

she sniffed a little.

The drive was awkward and quiet and once I had pulled up outside her house she said bye and left. I felt sorry for her in a way. She must have been hurting so bad. I had been so cruel and unfair. I'm glad we had sort of worked things out between us.

I was ready to move on to taylor but I wasn't entirely sure if Chloe was ready to move on.

I sighed to myself before driving off to Taylor's house.


I knocked on her door and waited for an answer. 

"two minutes" she shouted from the other side of the door.

She unlocked the door and opened it wide.

"hi" she half smiled
"is Chloe ok?" she asked, twiddling her thumbs.
"she should be fine.." I nodded
"I feel so bad"

"we need to get away for a while"
she gave me a questioning look.
"get your stuff ready, we're going to Paris" I announced.
"Harry I can't just take off.."
"live a little.." he raised an eyebrow.
"but my job and my mum I can't just leave"
"for one week, I'm sure not much will change" I reassured
"come on just pack your stuff and we can get away"

She looked at me a little before letting out a sigh, letting me in.

She shut the door behind us and reintroduced me to her cramped flat.

"has your management let you?" she asked.
"well do you think we will be allowed to go?"
"let's just be spontaneous"
"yeah, I'll go back to mine.. unnoticed and grab a few things then we will be off" I grinned
"remember last time we were spontaneous we got lost near Thorpe park... do you remember?" she questioned.

I remembered back to when we hung out and drove anywhere... without contacting anyone, it didnt goto plan when I ran out of petrol.

I let out a laugh.

"we had some great times"
"we did" she grinned, packing some stuff into a small suitcase.

"you know they were some of the best days of my life" she revealed.
she nodded.

"I've missed us... ever since I got banged up. I never thought we would get back to where we were.. it tore me apart yet the only thing that got me through was knowing that I still had feelings for you" she spoke, stopping packing, turning her full attention towards me.

"I never stopped having feelings for you" I revealed
"You've always been there for me ever since the day we met outside McDonald's and I love that" 
"and I love you" I smiled, wrapping my arms around her.

there was a pause. 

"do you think we will last harry?"

"I hope so, I've never felt this way about a girl before"

"why are you so good to me?" she asked, pulling out from the hug.

"because you're special T.. and I want everyone to know that" 

"Harry" she blushed

"i never ever got over you Taylor"

"aw I really do love you harry"
"I love you too baby, don't forget that" I replied seriously, causing her to go all shy on me as she failed to maintain eyecontact.

I lifted her chin up so she her eyes met mine. I kissed her lips just soft and gently. I released her, then staring deep into her green eyes knowing she was happy.


I had learnt that Taylor Fisher was a girl who found it hard to trust or love someone from troublesome past experiences, however I felt that it was my duty to look after her and make sure shes knows i love her no matter how much she might feel unwanted.  

I had also learnt that me and Taylor would never ever be the perfect couple, but that wouldn't phase me at all, we could work things out how we wanted and never let anyone get in the way like they had done in the past. From now on, I would make sure that it was just me and Taylor, and if anyone objected or didn't like our relationship then they could suit themselves, because taylor was no longer that homeless girl.... she was my girl and I had a strong feeling  it would stay like that for a very long time.



as if its over already!! whaat??

awwww, that's the first ever fanfic i have finished omg.

Anyway I have two options fo y'all:
(((pls comment an option???))))


1. I could write a sequel to this???

2. I could concentrate fully on my other book: 'Nothing but a tease'

it's up to you guys!!
please give me an idea cos I have no idea on what to do next I can't believe it's over!

but guys dw I will be uploading an epilogue soooon!

THANKYOU guys for giving me like 3000 reads its soo flattering thanks guys and I'm sorry if this was the worlds shittest ending but uh, I tried hahahaa:L.  ok thanks guys,xxx

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