that homeless girl..(one direction fanfic)

what happens when One Direction cant help but get involved with a runaway called Taylor?

A unexpected romance sparks but can they handle all the mayhem that comes included with Taylor or does everything just fall into a big mess like Taylor's life?


32. Chapter32..


we stay in almost silence as i towered over him, cleaning up the blood from his face with a damp cloth, soaking it a bowl of luke warm water every now and then, the only sound coming from harry wincing in pain every now and then, I showed little remorse, he brought it on himself.

"T?" he spoke.
"what" I replied, dabbing his cut lip with the cloth.
"im sorry" he apologised

I didn't reply.

"didnt you hear me? I said I'm sorry" he frowned after a few moments of me not replying.
"it's too late for apologies you're sat here bloodstained Harry"
"so?" I repeated

there was a pause.

"you kissed me" he scoffed

I raised my eyebrows, opening my mouth a little, throwing the cloth into the bowl.

"because you practically.. forced-" I cut myself off.

"so I forced you did I? I forced you to kiss me?" he quizzed.
"well.. yeah.. I guess so" I nodded, turning around escaping from between his legs, as he sat on the worktop.
"you guess so? how?" he asked, jumping down from the worktop.
"you- you said we couldn't be friends and I panicked and kissed you" I admitted.
"so it was my fault? eh?" he asked
"you provoked Zac"
"no excuse to hit someone" Harry pointed out.

"I like Zac Harry, why do you make things difficult?" I raised my voice turning towards him.
"it's not me making things difficult, you love me" he frowned "or did I force you to say that as well?" he spat.

I was taken aback by this. I didn't know what to reply. At the time I felt pressured into saying it yes but I wasn't entirely sure if I meant it or not.

after I didn't reply harry laughed spitefully shaking his head.

"typical, see you always were the drama queen weren't you taylor?" he spoke, closer to my face.

my breathing hitched encouraging him to say more, I wanted to know what he really thought of me.

"it not my fault it's your fault, you brought this on yourself you stupid girl"

"since I met you you've been nothing but trouble, you've got to make things complicated and you can never be normal... I just- I'm completely done with you" he scoffed.

a tear rolled down my cheek.

"and you know what? I do regret the day I ever set eyes upon you.. in the street begging for money because that's all you ever were wasn't it? a money grabbing whore" he spoke, out of obvious anger.

Those words hit like needles.

Before stopping myself my hand flew across Harry's cheek.

he let out a 'ha'

"get out" I clenched my jaw.

Harry grabbed his cheek.

"I said get out! get out!" I growled pushing him away.

Harry licked his cut lip before shaking his head at me, turning to walk out the door.

"don't ever ever think about coming back" I shouted after him.

I heard the front door slam, setting off my emotional breakdown as I slid my back down the food cupboard to where I sat on the floor, pulling my knees up to my chin and sobbing my heart out knowing I deserved every word harry had insulted me with.


"don't ever ever think about coming back!" she shouted

I slammed her front door behind me.

I ran my fingers through my hair, clenching my jaw. Boy had I been through the battles today, been hit twice in under an hour.

Maybe I was a bit harsh on Taylor but she had it coming, all she ever did was treat me like a piece of dirt on her shoe. All I ever did was treat her like gods gift yet she constantly threw it back in my face, yet I was the one who always got hurt or always got the blame. I was sick of being dragged through the mud, I was well and truly done with her. Yeah it would take me some time to get over the fact that we don't belong like how I thought.. but this was obviously for the best, she was better without me and I was better without her..or well that's what I'd keep telling myself.

Throwing my car keys on my kitchen table, I headed to the lounge and looked in the mirror above the mantle piece, wiping my eyes. I would have been lying if I said I hadn't shed a few tears over her.

I examined my cuts before the photo on the mantlepiece caught my eye, that one of me and taylor.

I lied when I told her I regret ever meeting her because looking at the picture reminded me of how much fun we had and how much she meant to me... well means to me if we're being completely honest.

I picked up the picture and threw it across the room, so it hit the wall, smashing the glass frame to tiny pieces. I clenched my jaw and fisted my hands. I marched towards the kitchen, stepping on the picture on my way cracking the glass even more. I grabbed a bottle of vodka from the wine rack and screwed off the lid, drinking straight from the bottle. I winced a little as the alcohol stung my lip. This was the only place I could get away.

Nobody knew I was drowning my sorrows with a bottle of vodka.

Nobody knew it was over Taylor.

Nobody knew what was running through my mind.

I just needed to escape, and the only way I could resolve this was to turn to alcohol, something that could easily take away the pain.


"yeah babe, I'll see you later" I spoke down the phone as I reached in my pocket for my front door key.

"see you tomorrow" eleanor chirped.
"love you"
"love you too" she finished, hanging up.

I pushed the key in the door, not expecting Harry to be home, he had told me he was off to meet a girl.

Fiddling the key around, I soon discovered the door was unlocked.

"Harry?" I shouted through the house, as I slipped off my coat.

no answer.

I slumped down in the sofa. I reached for the remote on the coffee table when something at the other side of the room caught my eye, standing up I realised it was a picture frame, smashed.

I walked over cautiously to see the photo, It was the old photo of Taylor and Harry. Who would want to smash that?

Then it dawned on me. Any fans nightmare would be to see Harry with another girl.

I gulped, stepping back. An intruder?

I span round the room, looking for any evidence of an intruder when a bang came from the kitchen.

Panicked, I reached out for the nearest thing I could find, an old antique ornament of a horse harry had brought from his mums house.

I slowly and quietly made my way towards the kitchen. I stood on the other side of the wall and mentally counted to three.

I jumped out from behind the counter ready to scare the crook, instead I found harry leaning against the cupboards in the corner, a bottle of vodka in hand.

"Harry?" I questioned.

Harry looked up, his eyes were red the alcohol was probably taking effect but if I wasn't mistaken he had been crying.

"Harry?" I questioned again.

this time he looked ashamed, hiding his face by looking down.

"what's up?" I asked, walking towards him.

He said nothing. Just sniffed.

"Harry?" I shook him a little.

"go away" he spat.
"pass me that" I argued, pulling the vodka from out of his hand.
"get off" he fought back, pulling it back but his state made him weak. He was well and truly slaughtered.

"give it back" he struggled to stand up, following me to the sink.

"this won't solve any problems" I scoffed pouring the bottle down the sink.

Harry's jaw clenched. I noticed his lip was cut and he had been bleeding.

"I hate you" he slurred, storming out of the room.

Whatever had gone on or upset harry, I knew alcohol and Harry didnt mix well especially when he was upset, removing all sorts of alcohol from his reach was the first thing to resolve the situation.

"where do you think you're going?" I asked him, quick on his heels.

He reached for his car keys on the table.

I let out a laugh.

"you can think again sunshine" I said as I reached out for the front door blocking him from leaving.

"move out the way louis" he ordered
"no" I replied stubbornly.
"right then" he grit his teeth ready to push me, but the force of the door on my back caused me to jerk forward, pushing Harry back.

"what the-" said the voice who had come from the front door.

"Zayn you gotta help me" I begged.

Zayn took one look at Harry an grabbed him at one side, leaving me to his other side.

"get off me!" Harry struggled from our grip.

"it's for your own good lad" I muttered.

We pulled him to his bed and laid him down. He cursed at us a little before dropping off in under 10 minutes. poor soul.

"what's gone on?" Zayn asked, as we left Harry's side.
"I don't know, I've just got back from town, I found him like this" I shrugged
"what you don't know anything?"
"no... well wait-" I began before cutting myself off gesturing zayn to follow me towards the smashed picture frame on the floor.

"what? you think it's to do with her?" Zayn questioned as I carefully removed the picture from underneath the shattered glass.
"I thought that but he hasn't spoken to her for over a year or something" I shrugged
"I thought she was in jail?"
"I don't know" I replied in all honesty, sitting down on the sofa, with the picture in my hand.
"well we will find out soon enough" zayn pointed out, before sighing.


"hello??" shouted a thick Irish accent from the front door.
"through here" Zayn shouted back from the sofa.

"what you doing here?" Niall asked Zayn as he entered the lounge.
"I could ask you the same question" Zayn raised an eyebrow.
"I came for some branston to put on my cheese sandwich. Do you have any louis?" he asked, turning his attention towards me.

"yeah, it will be in the cupboard you know which one" I nodded, rubbing my fingers against my temple.

Niall headed towards the kitchen when he stopped in his tracks.

"wow, I think someone's smashed some glass or something" he pointed out to the glass on the floor.
"yeah I know"
"what was it?" he asked
"that picture of Harry and Taylor, Harry smashed it by the looks of it" I sighed.

Niall tutted.

"They've only been back together five minutes and they're already fighting, blimey" Niall let out a laugh before actually heading to the kitchen.

I paused for a moment before looking at Zayn who was looking at me with that knowing expression

I frowned before pushing myself of the sofa, following nialls direction.

"They're back together?" I asked
"I'm guessing so" niall shrugged, reaching for the branston.
"she was round her the other day"
"really? what happened?" I furrowed my brows.
"nothing" Niall muttered
I tutted, hearing an echo tutt from Zayn behind me.

"why? what's the big deal?" Niall asked looking up from his branston.

We explained Harry state to Niall.

"Jesus" Niall breathed
"do you think we should do something?" I asked
"like what?" Zayn asked
"I dunno"
"look lets just wait till he wakes up? im sure he will explain" Zayn replied logically.
"right" I nodded in unison with Niall.

"should we get Liam?" Niall asked, biting his nails on one hand, a jar of branston in the other.
"he always knows how to treat drunk people"
"no- he knows how to treat drunk niall" zayn scoffed

Niall scrunched up his nose.

"just go get liam" I sighed, gesturing him off.



I woke up to the blinding light seeping through my eyelids. My head was banging, my mind flushing of thoughts from yesterday. Taylor. Zac. Vodka.

I sat up, finding some asprin and water on the bedside table.

I took them and headed to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror. I looked a state. My hair was greasy and stuck to my forehead. My cut lip was so distinctive and a bruise had formed above upon my cheek.

I threw up, all the bad stuff before reaching for my toothbrush. I brushed away, taking the awful taste from my mouth. I headed to living room, ready to face louis. I heard that the tv was on blasting Jeremy Kyle out.

I moped in, hoping to go by unproved by not just louis but by Niall, Liam and Zayn too.

"Harry" Liam spoke.

screw you liam.

"what" I croaked, carrying on towards the kitchen.

I walked in, the photograph caught my eye as it lay on the table.

"what happened to you?" Zayn asked
"nothing" I mumbled, taking a glass from the cupboard filling it with water.
"the bruise on your cheek and cut lip fail to differ" louis butted in. They had literately all followed me in the kitchen.

"keep your noses out, it's got fuck all to do with any of you" I burst out
"well actually yeah it does cos were youre best friends so" louis pouted
"leave me alone then" I ordered, taking another sip.

"It's taylor isn't it?" Zayn asked

I glanced at the picture on the table.

I grabbed it and ripped it up violently.

"Taylor who?" I scoffed throwing the torn picture on the table.
"Harry" Niall rolled his eyes, he sighed a little before pulling me into a hug. I wanted to push him away but he's too precious out Niall. I couldn't.

"Harry come on, we care about you"
"I know" I nodded

they all waited for me to continue.

"how about we go.. laser questing!" Liam grinned, obviously understanding I didn't want to talk about it.
"now?" zayn asked
"yeah now, Harry?" Liam asked
"maybe in a bit, I have to shower" I half smiled, thanking Liam for saving me from the nightmare of explaining how Taylor didn't want me but wanted someone else instead, I didn't take second best too light hearted.

"I'm off for a shower now then" I spoke as they lost all concentration from me once they'd found out I was ok.

"are you sure you'll be ok harry?" Niall asks inquisitively.
"I'm good niall" I smiled, patting him on his shoulder.
he grinned back before proceeding to let me through to the bathroom.


I pulled the towel around my head and towel dried my hair.

"Harry!" shouted a voice

"what!" I shouted once more.

I huffed a little before exiting the bathroom, only a towel covering my lower half.

"what? what do you want?" I asked walking into the lounge.

Taylor was here.

"what the hell are you doing here?" I scoffed.
"Harry" she frowned a little.

"look where just going to go to laser quest so.." Liam butted in encouraging the boys to follow, louis was most reluctant. I raised my eyebrows at him. "ill meet you guys there" i nodded, He nodded before leaving with the others.

"well?" I frowned back more aggressively once they'd left.
"I just wanted to sort out this mess" she said pressing her lips together, looking down towards the floor.

"there's no need, I said what I wanted to say yesterday" I replied nastily.

"what? so you really meant that?"
"well it's nice to know what you really think, you think I'm a money grabbing whore? I think you're an arrogant twat and you deserved what you got yesterday" she blurted out.
"excuse me?"
"you heard" she gritted her teeth
"wait a minute, you're in my house and you're insulting me?"
"looks that way"
"well now it's my turn... get out" I snarled
"oh woah I'm not done yet" she said storming past me.
"what are you doing?" I asked rushing after her as fast as I could waddle in a towel.
"where's all my stuff?" she asked looking in my drawers which used to be her old drawers.
"get off my stuff" I argued, trying to pull her way, gripping my other hand holding my towel up.

"get off me" she flinged her arm at me.
"get out!" I shouted
"I'm not afraid to punch you in the face harry, I want my stuff"
"well you can't have what I haven't got"

She stopped and sighed.

"what about all my pictures?" she questioned.
"what about all your pictures?"
"I took so many, I want them.. "
"because.. because I don't want to forget the time I spent with you guys" she gulped, tears forming at the very breach of her eyes.

"yeah well im sorry but they're gone"

She hesitated before walking out of my room.

She stopped at the door.

"I don't want to leave things like this" she spoke.

Neither did I but she did drive my crazy. I wanted her to myself. All to myself.

She was about to turn and walk away.

"wait" I encouraged

She turned around.

I reached for my wallet on the bedside table.

"I don't want your money, I'm not a money grabbing whore, why do you think that?" she objected

Ignoring her, I reached in and pulled out the surprise I had planned for us both.

"two tickets to Paris" I informed, holding them up.

"remember, we were supposed to go there around a year ago now.." I questioned

she nodded.

"but I got nicked and spoiled everything I kno-" she admitted

I shook my head

"these two tickets leave the early hours of tomorrow from heathrow"

she looked confused.

"I want you to come.. but if you'd rather be with Zac though I'd understand" I gulped.

"I.. I- I need to see Zac, I'm sorry" she blinked, tears falling down her cheek.

"it's okay taylor, just go.. I understand" I nodded giving her my consent.

" I.. I do love you harry" she spoke
"I know you do.." I nodded
"I'm sorry" she apologised wrapping her arms around my bare torso.
"it's okay" I kissed the top of her forehead, rubbing her back.

She pulled away, wiping her tears on the back of her sleeve.

"bye Harry" she sniffed before giving me a kiss on the cheek and scurrying out.

I rubbed my eyes, preventing me from crying. I hated being second best. Especially to Taylor. I threw the tickets to the bedside table and proceeded to get changed and willow in self pity.

sorry if shit chapter I didn't read back trough it so if there's any mistakes I'm sorry I was in a rush bye
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