that homeless girl..(one direction fanfic)

what happens when One Direction cant help but get involved with a runaway called Taylor?

A unexpected romance sparks but can they handle all the mayhem that comes included with Taylor or does everything just fall into a big mess like Taylor's life?


31. Chapter31..

I do have like some plans for the end of the story but I'm thinking it will be in like 10 chapters or so, I'm not entirely sure but yes olive you were correct there is drama up and coming .. as most chapters, what can I say I'm dramatic so what. Anyway yeah olive I love that you comment all the time so I guess I'm dedicating this chapter to you:)



I parked my car inside this modern apartment car park. The other night Taylor had given me her address after the movie and made me promise to keep in touch, and this was exactly what I was doing. Oh and also I did have a little surprise in store.

I headed to floor 9, room number 19.
Id came here on the off chance that she would be in, I had a break from rehearsals and wanted to try something different.

I knocked on the door, double checking I'd got to the number right.
I leant back a little to read the writing which told you what floor it was.

The door swung open.

"hi" I blurted out
"uh.. hi" taylor half smiled.

She was only peeping her head around, as if she had something to hide.

"what you doing here?" she asked, not so much rudely.
"you said keep in touch and here I am" I smiled gesturing to myself.
"oh.. " she laughed a little
"well aren't you going to let me in?" I questioned.
"I would but ..well.. I'm kind of busy"
"too busy for me?" I smirked
"babe who is it?" shouted a voice from inside her apartment.

Taylor's face turned sheepish.

"oh.. right" I gulped
"I'm sorry Harry, I promised I'd spend the day with Zac"

"who's Harry?" said a voice, opening the door wider, revealing Taylor in a short silk dressing gown and a blonde guy, a towel round his waist.

Someone who I obviously assumed to be Zac. I didn't expect him to be so.. attractive. He was smaller than me by just a little bit. He had a blondey brownish quiff that sat perfectly on top of his head. He had a six pack sculpted into his chest, the fact that he had been in the shower obviously made him look a lot more... well attractive.

"me" I stated, standing up some more, making myself look as tough as possible.
"Harry styles?" he looked puzzled, studying me.

"yeah" I replied bluntly.
"We're ... friends" taylor butted in.
"friends?" he questioned
"yeah" taylor nodded, looking at him.
"right" he dragged out.

"look, well we are kind of busy if you haven't already noticed mate" he said smugly, wrapping his arms around Taylor's waist.

Taylor uncomfortable unwrapped herself, giggling sheepishly.

"right well I'm just going to go" I clenched my jaw, jealousy striking good and proper, beginning to walk away.

"Harry wait.." taylor spoke.
I turned on my heel.
"call me later yeah?" she smiled

I paused before turning away, unresponsive.

My thoughts exploding at how he was going to do things with her, and not me. It made me sick.




"we should do that more often" Zac smirked, grabbing his coat.
"We should" I nodded
"I'll see you later then?" he asked, kissing my neck.
"yeah" I spoke.
"see you babe" he smirked, leaving.

I let out a sigh of relief once he had shut the door behind him.

I would never get used to having sex. ever. He was rough though, I guess he assumed I liked it that way although I wasn't too sure. He left me walking dodgy. Obviously mission accomplished.

I made my way over to my mobile on the kitchen worktop.

I searched through my contacts, reaching Harry. I called him.

I thought he wasn't going to pick up..

"hello?" he answered
"hi" I spoke
"oh hi.." he said like he was disappointed.
"are you mad?" I asked
"no" he snapped

I mentally sighed, I felt so bad that Harry had come expecting to spend some time with me yet discovered I was spending some 'alone time' with Zac. I felt soo bad.

"can we meet?" I asked hoping he would say no, I was knackered.
"now?" he asked after pausing.
"what has Zac left you?" he replied smugly.

I should have known he would not have taken this lightly.

"Harry" I sighed
"I just- Ill come over" he said before putting the phone down.

I sighed, I looked a state and it would be obvious what i would have been up to.

I made myself a cup of coffee and sipped it, scrolling through twitter for a while, well until I heard a knock at the door.

I unlocked the door, revealing a not so happy Harry.

"hiya" I grinned hoping to lift the mood a little bit.

"I can't do this" he stormed past me.
"do what?" I questioned, cautiously shutting the door behind us.

"just be friends" he scoffed
"I thought we could just be friends but no, I can't do it" he shrugged
"why?" I furrowed my brows.
"why?" he questioned the word why.
"yeah, why?" I asked

he sighed, taking a deep breath.

"seeing you with Zac, knowing you.." he trailed off. " hurt a little bit" he admitted
"Harry I didn't know you were going to head over" I said truthfully
"I know I'm not saying it's your fault it's just we can't be friends, not now" he pressed his lips together.
"what, no Harry" I begged a little.
"I'm sorry T" he replied, pushing my messed up hair behind my ear.

"please" I whispered, our faces just inches apart.
"you have Zac now" he smiled weakly, kissing my forehead. He sighed slightly, chewing on the inside of his cheek. He moved past me, heading for the door.

"please Harry" I pleaded

he said nothing but opened the door.

I couldn't let him go, I needed him.

"Harry.. don't.. I.. I love you" I stuttered.

He stopped in his tracks.

"I love you" I repeated.
"what" he chocked, turning around.

I sighed, looking into his eyes.

"I love you" I spoke.

he hesitated.

"you're just saying that" he shook his head.

"I'm not" I insisted although I wasn't sure.

"then.. then kiss me" he gulped.

Without a thought, I walked swiftly towards him, wrapping my arms round his neck, pressing my lips roughly against his as he moved in unison, we furthered this, lust taking over us, turning into a full on make out session, he let out a few moans, obviously enjoying this as much as I was.

He grabbed me pulling me up, now my legs wrapped around him and his hands holding me to his waist. He took me over to the sofa.

I sat over him kissing him continually, it was nothing more than that. Zac didn't cross my mind once well not until his voice rang through my house.

"Taylor? I forgot my phone" he chirped.

I gasped pulling away from Harry, yet Harry made no effort to move as quick as I was.

"Taylor?" Zac gasped entering the room.

Shocked, I struggled away from Harry, still sat over him.

As I panicked, Harry sat there smugly.

"What the fuck?" Zac shouted, as I stood up from Harry.
"it's not what it looks like" I blurted out edging closer to Zac.
"it's exactly what it looks like" Harry smirked, standing up behind me.

I swerved round, giving Harry a look of disgust.

"I should have known there was something going on between you two" Zac clenched his jaw.

"no" I shook my head
Zac laughed out of shock.

He turned ready to walk out.

"that's right, walk away" Harry laughed
"Harry!" I scolded turning around shocked.

"right" I heard Zac grumble.

Before I could calm the situation Zac had headed towards harry and swung for him, soon punches were then being thrown between them.

I shouted and shouted begging Zac to stop as Harry stumbled back.

"stop!" I shrieked, grabbing Zac away from Harry.

Zac struggled away from me.

I thought he was going to finish Harry but he looked at me instead.

"it's over taylor" he spoke, before leaving, I followed him before stopping just before the front door.

I looked back over to Harry who was crippled over, wincing in pain.

I didn't know what to do, I was torn.
Torn between both of them.

Harry looked at me, his bottom lip split at the left side and eyes full of pain yet mostly pity and sorrow.

I bit my lip.

"Harry" I whispered

He had provoked Zac yet seeing him there in pain, I couldn't leave him.

I let out a sigh.
I had caused this it was all my fault.

It was not the first time Harry had got hurt because of me, oh and it was not the first time he had seduced me either.

I liked both Harry and Zac.
I could only have one.
problem was.. I just didn't know which one?



poor Harry, shouldn't have been such a bitch should he? silly boy.

but yeah
Zaylor? or Tarry? (would have been haylor but it reminds me of actual haylor -taylor swift and harry and just no)

hahaha, we all know who's going to win, it's just I like to beat around the bush a little but who cares.

My ideas for the next couple of chapters should be cute- oh and one last thing... take a leaf out of olives book and PLEAAAASE COMMENT:D

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