that homeless girl..(one direction fanfic)

what happens when One Direction cant help but get involved with a runaway called Taylor?

A unexpected romance sparks but can they handle all the mayhem that comes included with Taylor or does everything just fall into a big mess like Taylor's life?


30. Chapter30..



I had no time what so ever to get changed into something different before I went to Harry's. I had to visit my mum, who insisted I stay for a game of battleships, boring.
I couldn't refuse though, not now, I'd hate to lose her again, I just needed to keep things simple for a change.

I clipped up the stairs to his house, I knocked on the door, waiting for an answer.. nothing, typical.

"he's not back yet" said a voice from down the corridor.

I swerved around.

"Taylor?" Niall questioned

"correct" I half smiled hold my arms out, giving myself an introduction.

he laughed before he moved towards me reaching out his arms and wrapping them round me.

"you're squishing me" I struggled
"sorry" he replied sheepishly "what you doing here?" holding me shoulder length away from him.
"Harry invited me" I half smiled
"really? when? I thought you guys lost touch?" he raised an eyebrow
"we did.. we.. we bumped into each other yesterday" I explained, not revealing too much.

"yes we did" someone confirmed from behind Niall.

Niall turned around, showing Harry in view.

Harry gave me a grin before unlocking the door.

"anyway, don't get up to anything I wouldn't do" Niall smirked "it's good to see you Taylor, we should catch up sometime" he grinned cheekily.

"yeah, that would be great" I grinned back.

Harry opened the door.

"ladies first" he said politely, gesturing me to head inside.

I did as I was told and followed his instructions.

His place had changed quite a bit since last time, he had a lot of vintage ornaments and antiques, I mean it made it look nice but it reminded me how much I missed this place.

I slipped off my shoes, losing at least an inch in height.

"sorry I'm a bit late.. I had some.. er.. errands to run" he explained.
"right" I nodded
"I would have cooked us up some fancy dinner but I haven't had time" he sighed, taking of his jacket.
"it's fine honestly" I smiled coyly.

"here, let me take your jacket" he said slipping it slowly off my arms.
"thanks" I smiled shyly.

This was hard to get my head around and it was hard for me to act ..well.. normal. I know Harry and this isn't the first time we had met obviously but I still felt like I had to be on my best behaviour, I mean we had not spoke for a while.

"so yeah, just go through there.. you know you're way around, I'll go get us some drinks" he smiled, heading to the kitchen.

I slowly walked through to the what I recall newly decorated living room and took in my surroundings while I slumped into the black corner leather sofa. It had been done all black and white, it looked nice and classy, like the home of a celebrity should be. One thing that hadnt changed was all the photographs of Harry's and Louis' family and friends, that's what brought this celebrity styled lounge back down to earth, it was lovely.

There were some new pictures obviously in black and white frames. I stood up and scanned some of them on the mantle piece, that's when I mentally faced palmed myself. My goofy face was still up there next to Harry, my old twitter icon infact, where I'm pulling a stupid face at the studio and Harry's looking a me as if I'm crazy. Oh those were the days. My hair had grown longer since which made me so happy. Harry had changed a fair bit as well, in that picture his hair was swept to one side but now he had a quiff kind of, which did make him look extremely handsome.

"is diet coke okay?" Harry asked walking in the room.
"yeah" I nodded, turning around quickly.

he laughed a little at my reaction.

"I can't believe you still have that picture" I began, pointing to the picture of us, taking the drink, glad it wasn't wine or something.
"as if I'd ever take that down" he laughed.
"I look a right doofus" I blushed a little.
"you were a doofus though" he raised his eyebrow.
"says you" I smirked
"I still am" he laughed a little
"no surprise there"
"I see you've still got that attitude" he smirked.
"you bet, it's hard to lose yknow" I nodded, trying to be myself, sitting beside him on the sofa.

he blew a little air of his nose to show he was amused.

"how about we order a pizza?" he asked
"like old times eh?" I remembered
"yeah, just like old times" he nodded.

We waited for the pizza to come, passing time by laughing over old stories, remembering things. It was such a breath of fresh air, exactly what I needed.

We ate pizza and messed about a bit, leaving pizza crusts here there and everywhere but we didnt care too much because we were back in touch.

Once our laughter died down a bit, Harry went all serious on me.

"why did you run off yesterday Taylor?" he asked, curious.

I hesitated, sitting back up from my slouch position.

"I dunno" I shrugged
"didn't you want to see me?" he asked, not making eye contact instead watching his fingers play a tapping sound on the couch.
"no- yes.. no what?" I replied getting confused by his tapping.

he chuckled a little.

"of course I wanted to see you Harry" I sighed
"Harry, if you think I was running away cos I didn't want to see you, you're so wrong, you don't know how much I've missed you" I explained

"im so glad because I've missed you too.." he admitted.

I smiled before he caught me off guard, planting a kiss on my lips.
I got lost in the moment a little before opening my eyes wide.

Be civil taylor.

I pulled back, probably too obviously.

"no" I said softly
"but I thought.." he asked confused, going back in to meet my lips.
"no" I replied standing up, making the rejection stand out so much more.

"but I thought you missed me?" he asked, a look of sadness in his eyes.
"I do.. just.."
"look if it's about the whole jail thing or your past I don't care, and if anyone does care...." he babbled

"Harry stop, it's not that.." I sighed
"then what is it?" he asked furrowing his brows.

"Zac" I chocked out
"Zac?" Harry frowned
"yeah.. my boyfriend" I announced, looking disappointed in myself.

"what" Harry chocked
"I'm sorry- I should have told you" I bit my lip.
"sure you should have told me, there I was thinking this was a new start for us taylor" he almost shouted, standing up, towering over my shorter figure.
"I'm sorry Harry" tears stinging my eyes.

"dont you think it's too late for apologies taylor.." he scoffed.
"I'm sorry" I repeated in almost whisper.

"do you take me for a mug!?" he asked, his figure coming closer. He was scaring me almost.

"no of course not" I reassured as if I was pleading him to calm down.
"then why do you make me feel like this!" he angered.

My breathing hitched as he got a even closer.

"please Harry stop" I begged, backing down.

I knew he wouldn't hurt me, I saw what he was like with Nathan that time, he wouldn't do that. I know he wouldn't.

Even still, I stepped back a little now, I understood he was angry and stuff so it was best to just keep my distance.

He lifted up his hand towards my face. The tension in the room caused me to flinch, causing a dramatic change in Harry's expression.

"Taylor" Harry looked confused

I stood back, not knowing what to say, he looked saddened that I'd flinched, I didn't know he wanted to just place his hand on my cheek. The mood he was in I wouldn't have been half surprised if he would have took a swing for me because I know I would have done.

"you're scared of me" he stated, blinking rapidly.

I opened my mouth for words to come out but they didn't.

"I wasn't going to hurt you.." he followed on, taking my hand.

I looked into his eyes. I knew he wouldn't have hurt me. He wasn't like that.

"I know" I replied softly, placing my hand on his cheek.
"I'm sorry" he spoke
"no, I'm sorry... I should have told you straight away"
"no you shouldn't have, it's none of my business" he said looking towards the floor, his vulnerability taking over him.

"Harry" I shook my head lightly
"I would never hurt you" he stated, brushing my hair away from my face.
"I know" I nodded

"I'm sorry" he repeated
"look it's my fault" I reassured
"I lost my temper a little bit, I shouldn't have" he admitted.

he did lose his temper and he did scare me a little but I didn't want an apology.

"shut up" I laughed a little
"shut up Harry" I pouted
"we can still be friends though right?" he asked, looking towards the floor, again all vulnerable and cute like a lost puppy.
"well I should hope so, you do have the best DVD selection I have ever seen" I joked, pointing to the big selection of DVDs.

I turned around and padded across the carpet.

"what are you doing?" he asked
"I need a wee so you can decide on what DVD we are going to watch" I smiled, deciding that watching a DVD would be the best thing to cure this awkward situation.


I couldn't believe it.
I just.. I just got so mad about her having a boyfriend, I know that's not an excuse but I lost it.. I couldn't even. I was lost for words,I couldn't believe she thought I was going to hit her. I could never hit a girl, never. It wasn't supposed to start like this at all, and I just couldn't believe it she had a boyfriend, how could I have let it happened?

I sighed, running my fingers through my hair.

"Harry you are ok aren't you?" taylor asked, making an appearance.

" uh yeah.." I nodded, giving a fake smile, sitting up again.

"I thought you were choosing a movie?" she frowned a little
"oh yeah.." I remembered, although I hadn't forgot, I just couldn't stop thinking.

she laughed a little.

"Hey where is your DVD player?" she asked looking around.
"oh yeah, we moved it.. it's in my room" I half smiled.

"oh right.." she trailed off
"I could go get it..bring it in here"
"why don't we just watch it in bed?" she suggested.

"uh.. ok" I nodded surprised she was still here after the way I acted.
"great" she grinned, gesturing me to follow.

"let's watch bridesmaids" she began.
"okay" I nodded bluntly
"Harry stop thinking!" she moaned throwing a cushion at me.

"ow" I said once it had hit me.
"it didn't hurt liar" she raised her eyebrows.
"what if it did?" I asked
"it's a cushion" she scoffed
"shut up and just play the movie" she laughed, turning her attention on the covers, slipping herself under them.

"oh you don't mind if I get in your bed do you?" she asked, freezing.
"not at all" I shook my head, grabbing the remote from under the bed and slipping in beside her, us both resting our backs against the headboard.

We sat awkwardly apart, her on the left side, me on the right. Like an old married couple, ready for divorce.

I heard her tutt when the film started.

I looked over and she gave me a sheepish grin.

I gave her a weak smile back.

I turned my attention back toward the telly again. I heard her sigh and huff before she moved towards me, grabbing my arm and pulling it round her shoulder.

I couldn't help but smirk.

"better?" I smirked looking down a her.
"better" she nodded before turning back to the tv.

Knowing I wanted her so bad yet I couldn't have her tore me apart inside. I had to do something about this Zac, whoever he was I knew he would be some serious competition. I was lucky for having spent some time on running those 'errands' earlier, I knew what i had arranged, Taylor would love. By the end of the month i was sure taylor would be back under my wing, most definitely.

finally a new update don't hate me for being kinda slow! I have 3 exams in the next two weeks BLAAAH! but don't worry I will squeeze in as much time possible to finish some more chapters, hey maybe a few comments would speed up my writing (HINT HINT) ;) but yeaaaaah, I shall be writing again soon woooo.

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