that homeless girl..(one direction fanfic)

what happens when One Direction cant help but get involved with a runaway called Taylor?

A unexpected romance sparks but can they handle all the mayhem that comes included with Taylor or does everything just fall into a big mess like Taylor's life?


3. Chapter3..

I didn't seem to have many customers tonight which was strange because it was a Friday and everyone was partying, normally people would love to try out some drugs...yeah, I sold drugs for Nathan..he said he loved me and I thought i loved him so I did it, plus it kept me off the streets, I couldn't complain.

I was walking down a street, it must have been 1am.
I kept my head down and avoid contact with anyone, well that was until I bumped into someone.

"uh sorry.." I began I looked up and to my surprise it was some I knew, Liam Payne.

"hey it's okay.." he smiled

"uh.." I started 

"hey don't I know you from somewhere?" he asked

"no.." I rushed

"I've seen you before.." he said

" I don't think you have" I replied

"uhm okay..what are you doing out late at night?" 

I shrugged, I was still taken aback at the fact that I had met two member of one direction in a matter of months.

"are you okay?" he asked, looking concerned.

"yeah.." I nodded

"uhm okay then.." I said before hesitating and walking off.

I found a familiar alleyway where I sat down and snuggled into my jacket and tried to sleep.

"I knew I knew you.." a voice echoed in the alleyway.

I jumped.

"uh.." I started

"you're that girl who was sat across from McDonald's ages ago.."

"I dont know what you're on about.." I shrugged before standing up and brushing the back of my jeans with my hands.

"yeah..Harry styles gave you money.." Liam nodded.

I didn't know how long I could keep lying to Liam up so I just agreed.

"oh yeah.." I nodded

Liam sighed.

"come on.." he finally said 

"what?" I asked

"stay at mine..just for the night.." he offered

"no I'm fine honestly.." I refused

"I don't're coming back with me.." he insisted


"just one can sleep on my couch, get a know" he replied

I girl would ever turn this down, one night wouldn't hurt.

I agreed and followed him to his ever so extravagant car.

"so do you normally bring strangers back to your house?" I asked as he drove.

"no..can't a guy be kind?" he asked

"well yeah but.."

"look, I feel sorry for you okay?" he announced

"oh..that's nice.." I nodded


"so you're a runaway?" he asked

"noo" I replied 

"so what are you then?"

"I dont know.."

"but you're homeless.."

"not exactly" I replied honestly

"what do you mean?" he asked

"what's with the 20 questions? I asked, quoting Nathan.

"I'm just curious" he shrugged.

It wasn't long after when he parked up in a posh complex. I followed him Into the apartments and up some stairs.
He unlocked a door and presented what was like my dream house, it was so big and amazing, I walked in and took it all in, it was so well looked after, unlike Nathan's flat.

"make yourself at home" he said as 
he switched on some more lights.
"I'll set you a bed up on the couch.." he said as he entered a different room.

"thanks.." I replied as I sat on the couch.

I liked this atmosphere better than Nathan's flat, mostly because it didn't smell like smoke.

"here.." he said throwing me a duvet.

"thanks.." I smiled

"hungry?" he asked

"uhm.." I began but my rumbling tummy was quick to answer Liam.

"tuna sandwich..?" he smiled

"mm, yeah okay" I nodded

I sat on the bar stool next to the work top and watched Liam make a sandwich.

"here.." he smiled as he passed me a plate with a tuna sandwich on.

I munched on it awkwardly as Liam just sat there on his phone.

"thanks again.." I said once I'd finished

"no problem.." he smiled, placing the plate in the dishwasher.

"right well I'm off to bed, feel free to watch tv.." h said as he stretched his arms.

"uhm I'll just goto sleep" I replied as I made my way to the couch.

I slipped off my new red converse Nathan had bought me not so long ago.

"ok, well I'll see you in the morning then" he nodded and disappear into another room. I was out like a light bulb.

I slept like a baby that night, to say it was a sofa, it was loads more comfier than my mattress on Nathan's floor, all the springs stuck into my back.

The light seeped through the balcony window, This is what I wanted when I grew up, a place like this.
Although the way my life was going I wasn't getting that anytime soon.

I sat up and looked around, I heard voices coming from the kitchen. I decided to get up. I looked around his living room, at all the picture frames, I smiled at almost everyone, he had the life that I wanted.

"have a nice sleep?" Liam asked as he walked in, making me jump.

"oh yeah, it was good thanks" I smiled
"good, I've made you some you like pancakes?" he asked.

Blimey, I'd forgot how they tasted. I hadn't had them since mum was happy and with one of her long term boyfriends, Tom. I liked Tom and he made them for me every Sunday, I must have been about 12..he was like the dad I never had. I never knew who my dad was..he remained unknown.

"yeah thanks.."I nodded

"hello again.." Harry said as me and liam walked in the kitchen.

"hi" I nodded

"so you speak" he smirked

"yeah, I do" I smirked back.

I seemed more myself since I got with Nathan, more confident than when I was on my own, probably because I had someone to talk to.

"good, I like it when you speak.." he grinned

"yeah..I like it too" I half laughed.

I finished eating my pancakes when the twenty questions started again from Harry.

"so are you still homeless?" he asked

"uhm no.." I replied

" why were you on the streets last night?" Liam asked

"I..uhm..long story" I said biting my lip.

"we have all day.." Harry replied

"well I dont, I actually have to go" I replied getting nervous, i didnt want to reveal too much about my far from perfect life.

"come early?" Liam asked

"yeah.." I said searching through my bag for my phone to see if Nathan had contacted me.

"look, we're just trying to be friends with you.." Harry reassured

"well I'm not looking for friends to be honest but thanks again Liam for looking after me last night.." 

"you're welcome...wait I don't even know your name?"

"taylor.." I replied still searching for my phone.

"nice..what are you looking for?" Liam asked

"my phone.." I stressed. I huffed as I emptied the content of my bag on to the worktop.

The phone slammed on to the worktop, I checked for any messages or calls but nothing.
I was so busy checking my phone that I didn't realise the expression change on Harry and Liam's faces.

"Taylor.." Liam began

I looked towards him and then looked to where he was looking.
His eyes were looking upon a small bag of white powder.

Oh shit.

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