that homeless girl..(one direction fanfic)

what happens when One Direction cant help but get involved with a runaway called Taylor?

A unexpected romance sparks but can they handle all the mayhem that comes included with Taylor or does everything just fall into a big mess like Taylor's life?


29. Chapter29..


"why did you leave me?" Harry asked
"I didn't"
"you did, you're a bitch Taylor, just one hell of a bitch" he snarled
"don't say that Harry" I begged, edging closer towards him.
"don't come near me" he warned, pushing me away.

"Harry please I love you!" I pleaded, my tears falling heavily.

"no! that's it, we're done"

"no Harry!" I cried, falling to the floor as he stormed off into the distance.


I woke up suddenly, my bed quilt damp, beads of sweat still present on my forehead.

I ran my fingers through my moist hair. I hadn't dreamt about Harry before, not like that. Did he really hate me? Did I really love him?

no, of course I didn't, it was just a dream. I liked Zac. He was my boyfriend now.

I sighed in dismay at my messy bed before swinging my legs over the top of the bed. I reached for my phone, 10:01.

oh shit.

I flicked through my contacts and searched for Zac, before I could press call, I had an incoming call.

"hello?" I said groggily down the phone.
"ready?" Zac asked
"I'd be lying if I said yes, I've slept in"
"oh, babe" he moaned
"I'm sorry, I know... can't I just meet you there?" I asked
"Taylor, just hurry up I'll wait"
"Hurry" he demanded.

I sighed before putting the phone down and rushing to the shower.

He was going to be waiting a hell of a long time.


I eyed up all the female models walking down the cat walk. I envied their thigh gaps and their high cheek bones, something I'd never have.

It was almost time for Zac to come on in his evening outfit. I was excited although it was unprofessional for him to lose focus so he was unable to smile or wink at me or whatever he did with his charm. I was currently sat on my own, wearing my light denim shirt tucked into my black leather shorts, with black tights. I had made an effort with this whole fashion week thing, I wanted to make sure I fitted in because if I didn't I would stand out which is something I definitely did not want, for sure.

I had my black wedged heels on and my matching fur coat, wearing my plain brunette hair natural as it hung down past my shoulders.

I eyed up all the men, finally concentrating on only one of them, Zac. He was perfect. It was useful this. I could eye up his features all at once with him or anyone else thinking I was weird.

It was time for a break now until the next show, which was in an hour, giving the models a break.

according to the programme, the next show was the underwear show, something I definitely was looking forward to, truth was I hadn't actually seen him in his underwear, what? we were a newly couple, we had settled on taking things slow.

I wasn't actually allowed backstage to see Zac so all I had to do was wait, I had nothing better to do, so I pulled out my phone and rang him as I was one of the few people who stuck around by the catwalk.

"hey" I said in to the speaker
"hiya, are you enjoying yourself?"
"yeah, it's good" I grinned
"I feel bad, you sat all on your own out there" he said pitifully
"it's ok I'm fine honestly, I just can't wait for the next hour"
"I knew you'd be excited to see me in my underwear"
"you bet" I laughed
"maybe it will leave you wanting more"
"maybe" I replied suggestively.

I was zoned out from talking on the phone, so out of it I didn't acknowledge a figure approach me and sit in the seat next to me.

"we shall see then" I could feel him smirking down the phone at me.
"oh we shall" I replied turning my head at the wrong time to find Harry leant back in the chair next to me, without a care in the world.

"Taylor?" Zac said down the phone
"uh yeah" I frowned keeping my eyes on Harry.
"I said do you need me to take you home tonight" he repeated, I hadn't even heard him say it the first time.
"uhm, i think ill be fine" I replied
"uh ok.. look babe, I have to get ready" Zac revealed
"oh that's okay, I'll speak to you later" I said standing up, about to walk away from Harry.
His hand grabbed my arm and sat me back down, causing a curfuffle down the line, with my also releasing a gasp from my mouth.

"Taylor are you ok?" Zac asked
"yeah fine, I just.. er.. yeah I'm fine" I replied flustered.
"oh... okay then... well I'll see you later" he said wearily.
"bye then"
"bye" I said, hanging up.

"what on earth are you doing?" I snapped at Harry but in more of a whisper, keeping a low profile.
"watching the show, what about you?" he asked
"you know what I mean. why?"
"I could ask you the same question" he replied bluntly.
"why?" he asked
"why what?" I furrowed my brows.
"why didn't you contact me? why didn't you tell me you were ok? why did you run off yesterday?" he asked all at once.

I was about to answer but the truth of the matter was, I couldn't explain myself.. not right now.

I sighed, looking the other way.

"Taylor..look can we speak somewhere more private?" he asked
"no" I replied stubbornly.
"how come?"
"what about Chloe?" I asked turning to face him again.
"so what about Chloe? you're my friend aren't you? what's wrong with that?" he shrugged
"oh nothing, its just I don't know if she told you yesterday but we had a lovely conversation in Starbucks" I huffed.

"something about second choices?" Harry laughed

I struggled to maintain my laughter but a smirk formed on my lips. I did kind of flip out majorly.

"how about a hug huh?" he asks sheepishly.

How could I resist his embrace?

I laughed before pulling him into a friendly hug.

"I've missed you T"
"I've missed you too Harry" I smiled.

This caused some jeers and wolf whistles from Harry's crew in the corner, I spotted Grimmy that's how I knew he was with them.

I laughed awkwardly before pulling away.

Harry coughed awkwardly.

"how about we go out sometime? just me and you? for a catch up of course" he said innocently.
"yeah, okay" I smiled
"great, how about tonight?"
"yeah, I could probably do tonight" I nodded.
"well I still live at the same place so.."
"ok, well if I can remember ill see you tonight" I smirked
"you best remember, look pass me your phone" he said reaching out for my phone in my hand.
"what? no I could have private things on there" I objected
"do you?" he raised an eyebrow
"that's for me to know" I grinned cheekily.
"ok well let me read out my number" he insisted, searching for his phone.

He read out his number, as I tapped it into my phone.

"well come round about 7ish?" he suggested
"okay" I smiled
"I'll see you later then T" he smiled before heading off to the other side of the room, where Grimmy stood with a few other unfamiliar faces.
They all looked like they could be modelling too, I mean Harry looked amazing if I do say ever so innocently, I mean that's what I'm here for, to study clothing right?

He was wearing a casual black suit but instead of suit pants they were his skinny jeans that fitted perfectly around his thin legs, his pristine white shirt tucked in at the top. He looked great.

but i did feel extremely awkward sat here on my own.

I couldn't sit here alone while he stood with his friends, I looked a right dick.

I stood up and left in a hurry, maintaining eye contact with the floor.

I missed out on seeing Zac in his underwear but I could guarantee he'd give me an private update some other time. I would make an excuse about how I felt ill when the reality of it was, I was embarrassed and alone, something I was comfortable with, until Harry showed up.

Oh and being the pushover I am, I gave into Harry straight away which meant that now I had to 'catch up' with him. It wasn't a bad thing at all, oh no. I'd been dying to catch up with him for a while, I mean he was important to me, it's just the only thing I worry about is me. I worry about how I probably wouldnt be able to control myself, letting my feelings and emotions over run me. I just had to keep Zac on my mind. Be civil for his sake.


(kind of repeating myself but in Harry's POV)

"so Chloe's left you again?" Grimmy laughed
"yeah, it's not funny" I pouted
"you can't keep a relationship even If you tried" he teased.

Him and I and some other friends were at fashion week and we were currently at a catwalk.

It was almost time for an interval. I had decided to come for a break, a break from Chloe. She was actually meant to come also but since yesterday we haven't spoke, and she hasn't turned up, I would have been more fussed but I had taylor on my mind didn't I? I did wonder if she was ok, that's all.

Once the interval had arose, people were starting to leave for a break also, they'd all return for when it was the underwear catwalk of course, that's why half of them were here.

"do you wanna go too?" Grimmy asked.
"erm...." I concluded, studying the almost empty room.

I laid my eyes upon a few people, then I found my eyes on Taylor near the front of the catwalk.

I gulped.
what was she doing here?

"er...I think, I just need to see someone first" I announced before walking over to her.

I turned back to Grimmy and he gave me a confused frown, I gave him a smirk before approaching taylor.

It took her a few moments to notice me but when she did, he face was priceless. I continued to smirk thoroughly. She got uncomfortable, I was concentrating on her more than the conversation she was having on the phone.

"uh yeah I'll speak to you later" she said before standing up ready to walk away.
Me being ready for this, I grabbed her arm and sat her back down.

She gasped slightly before going back to the phone call.

Once she had got off the phone, she ranted at me for a while but then I charmed her and we ended up hugging before arranging what I'd like to call a date, tonight in fact.

I grinned smugly, telling her I'd see her later, before I confidently made my way back over to Grimmy.

"isn't that taylor?" he asked
"mhm" I nodded
"I thought she was locked up?" he asked
"that was ages ago" I scoffed
"fair enough, did she have anything to say?" he asked
"not right now but she's coming over to mine tonight"
"yep" I smirked
"I'd be careful if I was you, the press would have a field day if they find out you two are together again" he raised his eyebrow.
"not again actually, they didn't even know we were dating the first time round, they thought she was dating Niall, this time? I'm going to make sure things are different" I said proudly.
"whatever, just yeah.. be careful" Grimmy warned.

Be careful of what? I knew Taylor, she was never no harm.. at all.


just had to have a bit of grimshaw in there:*

wooo a bit more of Tarry maybe?

(would have been haylor but no this story is not associated with taylor swift in any way shape or form ok?)

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