that homeless girl..(one direction fanfic)

what happens when One Direction cant help but get involved with a runaway called Taylor?

A unexpected romance sparks but can they handle all the mayhem that comes included with Taylor or does everything just fall into a big mess like Taylor's life?


28. Chapter28..

erm so yeah, here it goes.



'Harry Styles seen out shopping in London with ex Chloe Rent'

I sighed, leaning on the counter, as the radio continued to rub it in.

It had been a while since I'd last spoke to Harry but I did miss him, of course I did. He changed my life around for the better.

I had served my time in jail, a total of 6months, as it was seen in my advantage as they found Nathan guilty of taking me as for advantage as I was underage.

I had a criminal record yes, but I couldn't let that stop me from getting back on track. I had recently got a job at a Costa I'm central London. I have got back in contact with my mum and sorted things out, she is slowly on the mend, which is great to hear.

"excuse me?" said an old man waving his hand in front of my face.
"uh.. sorry sir, what would you like?" I asked, being dragged away from my daydream.
"a white coffee?" he said matter of factly.
"oh ok, that will be £3.75" I replied, typing in on the till.

He handed over the money and waited for me to make the coffee.

I hurried as much as I could, finally handing over the coffee.

"thank you" he said impolitely.

"your welcome" I mumbled.

"Taylor?" said a voice from the back.
"yeah?" I shouted back.
"you can go on your break now" Ruby, my manager replied.
"thank you" I replied before hanging up my apron.

I pulled my phone from my pocket and dialled Zac's number.

Zac was my boyfriend of 2weeks, we had originally met in costa, how romantic.
Zac was a model. He was the typical suave, blonde, pretty boy. He was so down to earth though, he really was.

"Hi" I began
"hiya, what's up?"
"nothing I'm just on my break, I was wondering if we're still off to the cinema tomorrow?"
"oh, babe.. I have a catwalk tomorrow, how about some other time?" he questioned.
"oh that's ok, and yeah, some other time.." I replied a little disappointed.
"sorry babe, look, why don't you come along?" he asked

"come on, we could catch up inbetween?"
"fine, I got nothing better to do"

I giggled to his response.

"see you later then, I'll pick you up at 10ish"
"10?" I gasped
"yeah lazy bones"

I was looking forward to a sleep in but..

"ill see you then" I replied.
"bye love"

I headed through the centre, I know I worked at Costa but I much preferred Starbucks.

I entered Starbucks, unaware of my surroundings. I rifled through my bag, looking for my purse.

I looked up, examining the queue, making sure I wasn't holding everyone up, except I looked up at the wrong time, looking straight into Chloe's eyes. She did a double take. obviously remembering me. That smirk grew on her face. Letting her win and panicked, knowing Harry wouldn't be far away from her, I decided to leave, not causing any bother, although it doesn't work like that does it.
Swerving round too fast I ran into a man, my coins going everywhere.

I heard a whoop of laughter from behind me, turning around, just as I thought, it was indeed Chloe, sat on her own, but with two mugs, her laughter ringing through my ears.

I was mortified, my face a deep shade of red, thanking people who helped me pick up coins.

"I wouldn't help her that's probably drug money" Chloe shouted across Starbucks.

Oh hell no.

"excuse me?" I raised my eyebrow at her.

"you heard" she scoffed
"you're a bitch Chloe" I replied, shaking my head.
"I'm Harry's bitch" she smirked
"yeah? too bad you were his second choice when I was around" I bit back

Chloe's face dropped.
I was ashamed of my outburst in Starbucks but I wasn't going to stand there and be shouted at.

"Taylor?" gasped a voice from nowhere.

I glanced over to where the voice came from.


I gulped, I suddenly felt a whole lot more ashamed. I was a bad influence on Harry before and now he had seen me have a public argument, good going taylor. He stared me out for a few moments before I gave up.

Embarrassed, I swiftly made my exit.

I was almost running, anywhere, anywhere to get away from them, even if half my money was still lounged around Starbucks.

I headed into Marks and Spencer's and hid in there for a few minutes, just in case. This would be the last place they'd look, there was a method to this madness.


"I can't wait till tomorrow" I told Chloe, as we sat in costa.
"me neither!" she grinned.

We had got back in touch a while ago and well I had grown to like her again and we were practically together according to the paps.

"shall we head off?" she asked, glancing at her nails.
"uh yeah, I won't be a minute, I'm off for a whizz" he revealed
"nice" she smirked a little

I have her a quick raise of my eyebrows and headed for the toilet.

I needed a new hat, that's what I needed, I knew I needed something. I'd have to tell Chloe.

I quickly washed my hands and ran my hands under the dryer, wafting them about a little too much, gaining a look from a scary short man.

I have him a reassuring grin before glancing down at my crotch for an undiscovered splashes, no I was good.

I made my way back to the cafe area only to be confronted by almost silence.

"... too bad you were his second choice when I was around" said a familiar voice.

what on eart-

"Taylor" I gasped as I clasped my eyes upon that homeless girl I had met a couple of years ago now.

she caught eyecontact with me once I opened my mouth. I could tell she was dumbstruck just as much as I was.
Just before I could speak again she turned around and sped off.

"Taylor" I called out eagerly
"Harry" Chloe questioned

I looked at Chloe.
I knew it would spoil things but I had never loved a girl like I loved Taylor, I'd been dying to know how she'd been getting on.

"I'm sorry.." I said in advance before following taylor in her tracks
"don't you dar-" Chloe began

I ran outside, looking around trying to find her figure running off.
It was a busy Saturday afternoon, I couldn't see her anywhere.

"taylor?" I said out loud, my thoughts taking over me.

How could I have let her slip through my fingers so easily again. How?

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