that homeless girl..(one direction fanfic)

what happens when One Direction cant help but get involved with a runaway called Taylor?

A unexpected romance sparks but can they handle all the mayhem that comes included with Taylor or does everything just fall into a big mess like Taylor's life?


26. Chapter26..

"As you know nothing ever goes to plan for Taylor so why should Christmas be different.
Yeah, sorry I don't do perfect ha ha ha



"babe.." "baaabe" said a voice from next to me as someone continued to shake me.

I groggily opened my eyes.

"it's Christmas" taylor grinned as she kneeled beside me.
"what time is it?" I croaked
"9am" she grinned
"really? you got me up at 9am to tell me it's Christmas?" I moaned
"shut up.. come on get up" she giggled.

I shut my eyes once more praying she would leave me be.

She did for a moment or two until I felt a weight settle upon me.

I reopened my eyes to see taylor sat on top of my hips with her legs knelt at either side of me with her hands leant on my chest holding her up.

"Harry.." she whined
"what's in it for me" I smirked

she hesitated.

"presents" she beamed.
"aw, I thought you were going to say something a little more... interesting" I pondered
"like?" she wondered, not clicking on.
"well..." I smirked as I rubbed my hands upon her thighs suggestively.
"oh...oh I see" she raised an eyebrow
"what do you say?" I asked
"I say.... dream on styles" she teased before kissing my lips.
"I will.. but you do know I almost always get my own way" I said between kisses.
"we shall see" she argued playfully.
"we shall.." I nodded

Once we had finished and enjoyed our kissing session. Taylor insisted I got up. She was like a little child, she really was.

"Harry.. get everyone up and i will put the kettle on" she smiled before pecking my lips once more before skipping out of our room.

I pulled on some jogging bottoms and a hooded jacket and zipped it up over my bare chest. I stretched a little before moping towards the different rooms in the house, waking everyone up.

I was good at containing my excitement but I couldn't wait until T opened her present from me.

Once everyone was awake, we all had Buck's Fizz and a varied breakfast. Everyone was happy and jolly making the Christmas spirit high and mighty.

"We best go sort the presents out then.." I suggested, seeing Taylor's face light up. We all headed to the living room to sort out our presents for everyone before we'd hand them out.

"erm so yeah.. ill start.." I began once everyone was ready. I reached out for three small boxes, all wrapped in different wrapping paper so I didn't get mixed up on who's was who's.
I passed them to my mum, Gemma and my dad.

"just a little something from me and taylor.." I grinned, putting my arm round taylor, giving her a little squeeze. Taylor still oblivious to what their presents actually were.

They unwrapped the paper and pulled open the boxes to reveal three sets of keys.

Gemma gasped a little.

"I hope you guys like driving" I smirked
"a car?" Gemma gasped again
"well yeah.." I grinned
"oh my god.. I love you so much" she bounded up towards me wrapping her arms round me.
"wow steady on you don't even know what car it is yet!" I grinned, still hugging her.

"I don't care" she laughed
"anyway you're welcome" I smiled to both my parents and Gemma.
The smiles on their faces were definitely worth it.

I retrieved a few presents from people, as well as handing things out. The only person who hadn't received anything was Taylor but it was clear she wasn't phased by any of it, her face could light a room.

"I feel right bad now... I'm sorry taylor love I didn't know we would be spending Christmas with you or else I would have got you something" my mum sighed a little as she handed her last present out.
"don't worry, it's fine honestly" taylor smiled back reassuringly.
"sorry" my mum added.
taylor just smiled.

"uh Harry.. I got you a present" she smiled as she reached out beside her.
"oh you shouldn't have babe" I told her.
"Harry.. open this one first" she said passing me a small wrapped box.

I tugged off the wrapping paper to reveal a tiny rectangular box. I pulled it open to find a gold cross shaped pendant.

"aw cheers babe" I grinned, as I kissed taylor on the lips, passing the necklace around for all to see.

"here" she said revealing another present.

I pulled it open to find another small box.

I lifted off the lid, finding two guitar picks. Both with a picture of me and Taylor on, both of messing around pulling sill faces.

"Niall told me you were slowly learning how to play the guitar so.." she smiled
"they're awesome" I beamed as admired them, passing them round for everyone to see, gaining some ooh's and ahh's.

"I know they're not much but-" taylor began.
"They're the best gifts I've ever been given" I reassured as I gave her a kiss.
"get a room" Ben chanted
"shut up" I smirked before reaching beside me, pulling out a medium sized box.

"for you.." I said as I handed it over to taylor.
"Harry.." she blushed a little.
"go on.. open it" I encouraged.
She did as she was told and peeled the wrapping paper off to reveal a patterned, shiny, silver cardboard box.

She looked at me suspiciously before taking the lid off an peering inside.

"god how many?" she laughed a little as she discovered it was lots of small presents in one box.
"enough to see you smile" I replied cheesily, gaining a few laughs from certain members of the family.


I reached in the box, pulling out a small box. I smiled before opening it up. A pandora charm bracelet with several charms on already.

"it's beautiful.." I gasped as I brushed my fingers across each charm.
Harry smiled before he rushed me along, pulling out yet a second present, placing it in my hands. This was a different yet odd shape. I ripped open the present to discover a teddy bear, not only a teddy bear but a build a bear one that was made out to look like Harry.
I giggled as I showed everyone, getting different reactions as Harry smugly sat there, proud of his bear design.
I pulled out a third present which was a picture frame which had engraved in it 'for that special someone...' with a goofy picture of me and Harry inside. I laughed again before passing it round, gaining laughs from everyone.

I pulled out another present.

"no.. open that last.." Harry objected before snatching it off me, placing it by his side.
I gave a suspicious look before cautiously pulling out the final gift which was a squishy thing.

I pulled the wrapping paper off, and pulled out a jack wills hoodie.

"it's lovely" I grinned.
"one of the finest" Harry stated
"aw it's lush.." I said as I encouraged everyone to feel its soft touch on the inside.

"can I open the last one now.." I asked eagerly.
Harry furrowed his brows a little before peering inside the box.

"what about that.." he said pointing to the undiscovered envelope on the floor of the box.
"oh.." I replied before pulling it out and slowly peeling it open.

two plane tickets to Paris, leaving 2nd January.

I squealed of joy.
"no way!" I grinned
"yes way" Harry nodded
"oh my god.." I said before reading it over and over.

"what is it!?" Gemma asked eagerly.
"tickets to Paris" I beamed
"wow!" Anne gasped

This would be my first time abroad, I couldn't even wait, I kissed him on the lips, showing my thanks.

"okay finale.." he said passing over a box.

I couldn't care a less what this was, he was spoiling me over load here. I was not expecting to be going to Paris at all!

I pulled off the wrapping paper, revealing a professional camera.

"if you're going to be a professional photographer you're going to need a professional camera eh?" Harry smirked.
I was utterly speechless, this must have cost a lot. I couldn't utter out a word so I just wrapped my arms tightly around him, as he pursued to do the same.
"I love you baby" he mumbled in my ear.
"I love you too.." I replied.

"as cute as you guys are, I think we should go see our cars now" Gemma grinned
"I'd also agree with that" car mad, Des, Harry's dad agreed.



"I have another present for you later.." I whispered in Taylor's ear as we set the table for christmas dinner.
"oh really?" she smirked a little
"for sure.." I nodded suggestively.
"in that case.. i can't wait" she smiled before giving me a kiss on the lips.

At this moment there was a knock on the door.

"I bet that will be one of the boys" I rolled my eyes.
"if its Niall, tell him that he will have to bring his own chair if he wants to stay for Christmas dinner" my mum shouted from the kitchen.

I laughed to myself a little, I could imagine it being Niall, he was always here there and everywhere.

I headed to the door before being shocked to whom it was.

"excuse me, we're looking for a miss taylor summers?" said one of the police officers.
I gulped a little.

what had she done now?

"erm.. yeah, er.. come in.." I stuttered, as that awful feeling appeared in the pit of my stomach.
The two police officers politely made their way through the house, as I shut the door behind them, quick on their heels to find out what was going on.

My whole family turned in unison to welcome the officers. The look of confusion upon their faces said it all yet Taylor was the only one I could concentrate on. She knew. I could tell from the look in her eyes she knew that they were here for her.

"sorry to interrupt being Christmas and all but we're looking for Taylor Summers?" questioned the policeman.
Everybody was quick to turn their heads to taylor who was on the brink of tears.

"yes?" taylor gulped ever so quietly.
"sorry but cant this wait?" I snapped as I started to get a bit agitated.
"afraid not..." said the police woman

"Taylor Summers we are arresting you on the suspicion of supplement of class A drugs, you do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention, when questioned, something you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence." the policeman blurted out as he went to hold a helpless taylor.

Taylor's tears began to slowly flow down her cheek as she silently did as she was told.

"what- no! no this must be a mistake" I objected
"Harry" taylor spoke shaking her head a little at my objection.
"no, you can't do this! stop it!" I argued ignoring Taylor's plea trying to pull her away from the policeman.

Taylor shook her head in, begging me to stop, her tears falling heavily upon her face, her plea to let things take their place.

"please ..two minutes.." she begged the policeman. He hesitated before releasing her.

"Harry..look at me.. it's okay.." she reassured as she reached out for my hands, trying to maintain herself by pressing her lips together.

"its not okay, its not okay T" I sobbed a little as reached out for her face, wiping a stray tear with my thumb before pressing my lips against her tear stained lips.

"I'll get through this.. you know me harry. I promise, We will get through this." she smiled through her damp face as we held our foreheads together.
I let out a sob.
"I love you baby.." I kissed her on the lips once more.

"ok sir I'm going to ask you to take a step back.." said the police woman, pulling taylor back, breaking the kiss, pulling our hands apart, immediately they led taylor out.

"I can't let this happen" I objected
as I ran after Taylor.

"Harry! you're going to make things worse" my mum pleaded but I carried on, I couldn't lose taylor yet again.

"Please don't do this! please" I begged the policeman as my tears began to fall.
"I do not want to be forced to make another arrest sir" stated the policewoman.

"please please, don't do this" I begged as I sobbed even harder than taylor was.

The police officers ignored my plea and continued to go against me.
"Harry.." taylor spoke before they shoved her in the back of the police car.

Taylor's eyes never left mine, it's like she knew this was coming. She was the one in the police car yet she was the one reassuring me.
I placed my hands on the window of the car, leaning against it.

Taylor burst into tears as she saw me break down in front of her own very eyes. This wasn't how it was supposed to be. It doesn't work like this.

the engine started and the car started to move a little, causing me to move back.

"i love you" she mouthed once more before giving me a half hearted smile through her soddened cheeks. This queued the car to speed off until I couldn't see her no more.

I shook my head of disbelief as the car went out of distance as it turned the corner.

I rubbed my hands across my face then I ended up crouching on the floor as I held my head in my hands.

"Harry love.." my mums voice appeared, pulling me into an embrace.

This wasn't supposed to happen. This just wasn't supposed to happen.

oh hell no.
I have some good ideas for this story can't wait to update!


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