that homeless girl..(one direction fanfic)

what happens when One Direction cant help but get involved with a runaway called Taylor?

A unexpected romance sparks but can they handle all the mayhem that comes included with Taylor or does everything just fall into a big mess like Taylor's life?


25. Chapter25..

like do your reckon its bad luck to write a chapter about Christmas when it's February? hm...


By the time the clock had hit 4pm everyone had left, heading home to sort out Christmas plans and stuff.
Even Louis and Eleanor had set off to Doncaster as they were celebrating Christmas there this year, he had promised his mum he would.

The other boys had gone back to their apartments to wait for their families to arrive as they were all heading down here.

So were mine.

I hadn't told Taylor that my family were coming but that didnt phase me. I had mentioned taylor a lot to my mum and my mum had been dying to meet her for some time now.

"Taylor..." I started as we unpacked her things.
"yeah?" she asked
"okay I know it might seem a bit soon to you but.. well my family are coming to join us for Christmas" I revealed
"what" she gasped as she stopped unpacking to turn to me.
"I know we've only just got things back on track today but I know I want you to meet them" I persuaded
"but.. I've been such a bitch to you recently" she replied, looking down, twiddling her thumbs.
"no- no we've had our differences but so does everyone right? Look I promise everything will go ok" I said taking her hand.
"but what.. what about my past" she said pressing her lips together.
"don't.. nobody needs to know, you told me that in confidence so that says between us ok?" I stated, lifting her face up to look me in the eyes.

"I promise everything will be fine, you trust me don't you?" I questioned
she paused before nodding slightly.
"well then, we're in this together" I said, kissing her on the forehead.

she smiled slightly before going back to unpacking.


well if you would have told me I was meeting Harry styles' mum this morning It would have knocked me for six.

I tried to act like i was okay with it for Harry's sake but the reality of it was that I was literately numbed with fear..

what if she hated me?
what if she made Harry see sense, making him dump me?
or what if she has read articles and decided that I'm already a bad person? especially those photos with my drunken mishap

"about that date.." Harry began once we had finished unpacking.
"another day?" I questioned
"well yeah, if that's okay?" he asked
"it's fine" I half smiled

there was an awkward pause.

"do you feel awkward?" Harry blurted out.
"about what?" I frowned a little
"why?" I questioned
"I don't know, you just seem a little... distant" he revealed
"oh, sorry" I apologised
"I know it feels a bit rushed but I want this.. " he gulped
"I want this too" I replied, leaning into give him a cuddle.
"I love you T" he mumbled into my hair
"I love you too Harry" I replied, clinging on to his jumper.

Like as if on que, there was a knock at the front door.

"that is probably my mum now" he grinned.

It was cute to see him so happy, his mum obviously meant a lot to him.

He pushed himself up off the bed and headed out of the room.

I pushed myself up off the bed also.

I looked into the mirror. I looked horrifying but what's new? I wiped excess make up from the lower bit of my eye. I pulled my jumper down over my bum, pulling the sleeves further down my arm, it suddenly got a hell of a lot colder.

I shuffled along the laminate flooring in my fluffy socks towards the living room, towards the sound of different voices.

I entered un noticed for a moment or two, well up until what i assumed was Harry's mum did a double take towards me before smiling.

"uh Harry, are you going to introduce us?" she asked, gesturing over to me.
Harry turned around before giving me a reassuring smile.

"everybody this is Taylor.. my girlfriend" he revealed, getting a few gasps from his several family members. Not only has his mum arrived but his sister, cousins, aunties and even his nan had seemed to join us.
"hi" I smiled enthusiastically, to give what I thought would be a great first impression.

"you never said you had a girlfriend harry?" a tall brunette asked, his sister I'm guessing.
"I know, we only just made it official today" he beamed
"oh I see" she understood giving me a little smile.

"get in there hazza" said a boy, not a bad looking boy either.
"shut up Ben" he said getting him in a headlock.
"woaah woah woah" Ben struggled

"hi I'm Anne, harrys mum" said a voice as I stood awkwardly distanced away from Harry and his family.
"hi, it's nice to meet you" I replied politely.
"it's nice to meet you too I mean Harry's told me a lot about you" she revealed
I blushed a little, giggling at her remark.

"he has! I'm glad we could finally meet" she grinned, rubbing my back.

"what you talking about?" Harry asked, obviously checking up that we weren't talking about him.
"nothing for noses you, go on, go help us bring the bags in boy" his mum said giving him a little nudge of encouragement.


"I'm hungry" Gemma moaned.
"I would have cooked but with it being louis birthday and all I was kind of busy sorry" Harry shrugged a little.
"oh, it's okay haz.. what do you have in?" she questioned getting up out of her seat and heading towards the kitchen before Harry could reply.

"so are your parents joining us for Christmas too Taylor?" Des, Harry dad asked, taking a swig of brandy.
"uh.." I stuttered a little.

I hadn't really thought about my mum recently, I know she was ill but she had made it quite clear she didn't want to see me that day when I went to meet her at her home.
I mean I missed her so very much but I knew there was no way she would want to spend Christmas with me. No way.

I looked towards Harry, a little dumbfounded by his fathers question.

Harry saw me struggle.

"not this year" Harry replied for me.
"why's that?" Des asked but seemed to be more directing me.
"my mum is.. well she's a little ill" I revealed
"aw no" Anne said looking saddened
"it's okay though, she's being looked after" I pointed out, I don't know who I was trying to convince, her or myself.

"well that's good isn't it?" Anne reassured, giving me a weak smile.
I half smiled and nodded as Harry reached for my hands that I were twiddling, something I always did in awkward situations. He placed his hand on top of mine and rubbed my hand slightly with his thumb.

Des must have caught on to this awkward subject as he immediately changed the subject to golf. bore.

Me, Harry, Anne, Des, Gemma and around 6 other of Harry's close relatives including his nan had all joined us and were staying till Boxing Day. Harry had set up my old room and louis room for them all to space out in.

Anne, Gemma and his nan took my room. Des and 3 of Harry's cousins slept in louis room and his auntie and uncle took the sofa bed in the front room. Leaving me and Harry to sleep in his room.

Once everyone had placed the presents under the tree and headed off to bed, me and Harry headed to his room. I'd slept in Harry's bed a few times actually, not like that.
Like when he went to America I slept all over the place, testing out all the beds in the house, I thought Harry's was the comfiest and it was by far the most stylish, Louis was too but yeah, I did love Harry's, it was king sized too which made it all the more comfortable.

"T.." Harry began as he lifted up the thick bedquilt, getting inside.
"yeah?" I asked as I pulled on one of Harry's jumpers, it was freezing.
"come here" he said, patting on the bed.
"two minutes.." I replied before pulling on some socks.

I padded over the soft woven carpet towards the light switch, turning it off and made my way towards the bed, kneeling on to it and shuffling under the quilts.

"come closer.. I won't bite" Harry whispered shuffling around a little
I shuffled over a little bit.

"I've missed you" he gulped, as we lay side by side awkwardly
"I've missed you too" I replied
"I.. I never thought I'd see you again" he admitted
"I didn't want to see you again" I replied
"what?" he said lifting up his head a little, turning on his side slightly.
"I hated you for kicking me out" I breathed.
"You didn't want nothing to do with me taylor, what more else could I do?" he questioned
"I did.. that's what I wanted to tell you, I came back to tell you that I wanted to be with you, I came back to tell you I loved you" I revealed, turning towards him a little.

there was silence.

"why didn't you say?" he finally asked.
"I was about to but then I saw my bags you had packed and... and well.. I was humiliated, I thought you liked me" I revealed
"I did, I thought not seeing you would make me forget about you, stop wanting, liking you but it didn't.. it just made me think about you even more" he replied
"Harry.. you hurt me" I sniffed
"I'm sorry.." he sympathised

I let out a little sigh. Stupid crossed wires had made things complicated.

I shuffled right up close to him and wrapped my arm around his bare chest, laying my head on his arm.

"I love you.." I whispered
"I love you too" he replied, pecking me on the head, as he played with my hair as I longed to stay like this forever.

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