that homeless girl..(one direction fanfic)

what happens when One Direction cant help but get involved with a runaway called Taylor?

A unexpected romance sparks but can they handle all the mayhem that comes included with Taylor or does everything just fall into a big mess like Taylor's life?


24. Chapter24..

HEY GUYS! told you it wouldn't be the last one didnt I. NEW CHAPTER WOOOOO!
I felt like I needed to update this fanfic because I forgot how much I missed it and omg so Taylor and Harry are no Harry and Bo but let's face the facts, they have something ever so special and I know this is a fanfiction what am I talking about I'm taking this too literal now ha ha ha.

Anyway I'm thinking of carrying on this updating till I get to the end so I will try and upload once a week and I promise there will not be a rushed ending!! promise!! cos I think that always sucks. I promise there will be more drama too!

if you're readings his i ask you two things:

1. please pleaaaaaaaase check out my new fanfiction 'Decisions' it's a Liam Payne/Harry Styles fanfic and is full of drama which does involve all of the boys, including their girlfriends and families and shidazzle. woo so yeah it would mean a lot a hell of a lot ok tyvm.

2. I want some feedback. Please if you want more frequent updates I will expect a few more votes and comments ok it's not like I'm asking for the world I would just like some more loving ok, I know I'm a twat but if you're still reading this you are considering reading this chapter meaning you like this story meaning you like me cos I wrote it, but don't worry the feelings mutual;)

anyway so yeah


"you're not just saying yes for the sake of it are you?" I asked taylor as we made the way up the stairs back up to our apartment.
"I don't think I am" she half smiled.
"you know, I've missed you" I revealed

It was the truth.
I had missed her so much.
I had done a lot of moping around and people were starting to get a little bit fed up with me, especially Louis... if I'm honest it was almost effecting our relationship.


"sitting in here in your underwear won't bring Taylor back" Louis frowned
"I don't want Taylor back" I replied.
"well that's a lie, you're a fucking state" he retorted
"excuse me?"
"you need to sort yourself out" Louis frowned
"just shut up Louis"
"don't tell me to shut up" he argued
"I just did didnt I?"
"I mean it Harry I'm not in the mood" Louis clenched his jaw.
"yeah well neither am I" I snapped, pushing past him towards my bedroom.

-flashback over-

"I've missed you too Harry" she replied.
"Taylor.." I stopped in the corridor.
"yes?" she stopped also and turned towards me.
"let's go out tonight" I asked
"Harry... you do remember what happened last time" she blushed a little.
"T, you do know I meant for dinner or something, I dare not go out clubbing with you again" I smirked
"shut up" she giggled, hitting my chest softly.

This what I missed, us acting normal around each other. Acting like nothing else mattered, acting like we were the best thing since slice bread.

"what so you mean like.. a date?" she smirked a little
"well yeah.." I nodded
"ok, you're on" she nodded

I smiled, turning to the side pointing to my cheek with my finger.
T got my gesture and pressed her lips against my cheek.

I turned my head and she smiled once more before tip toeing again and reaching up to my lips, kissing them softly.

"Let's go join the party then" Taylor smiled.
"not so much of a party, a tea party" I replied
she giggled before we yanked her bags up the rest of the stairs.

We rolled the bags to my apartment. taking them in.

"Ha, you owe me a tenner" Niall burst out to Liam as we entered the living room together.
"aw come on" Liam moaned
"you better not be making bets on us" I raised an eyebrow, clicking on as soon as I got in.

Taylor chuckled.

She had gotten rather shy to be honest, probably due to the time we had apart.

"so you guys... you're together?" Louis asked
"we're going to give it a go" I smiled
"thank god for that! I thought I'd have to painfully watch you cry yourself to sleep for the next few months" Louis smirked, which was a lie. I didn't cry.

Even though it was a lie I found myself blushing.

"I didn't cry" I retorted
"liar" Zayn smirked
"I didn't, honestly taylor I didn't" I insisted.

Taylor giggled, still looking up at me.

I saw Louis nod, mouthing the words 'yes he did'.

"right" I smirked as I ran in to rugby tackle him.
"woaaaah" Louis screeched from under me.
"hey!" Niall snarled before pouncing on top of me, squashing us both
"pile on!" Liam shouted
"no!!" Louis gasped but it was too late.
"what's going on?" Zayn asked as he came into the lounge, shortly followed by Perrie.
"don't even dare" I began, looking at Zayn's gleam in his eye, trying scramble up from Niall and Liam's weight.

"don't worry I'm not as immature as you lot" Zayn scoffed, looking towards Perrie, showing off obviously, him and I both knew he was as boisterous as the next boyband member.

"immaturity at it's finest" Louis struggled from underneath us all.
"sorry, this is your 21nd birthday Louis?" Taylor piped up.
"yes.. why?" he asked
"I could have been mistaken" she smirked.
"rude" he pouted
she shrugged a little before sitting down on the couch.

Just then there was a knock at the door again.

"that should be Danielle" Liam grinned.

I turned towards taylor who's face dropped almost instantly.

She was remembering kissing Liam.

"T are you ok?" I asked
she had to shake her head out of thought before giving a subtle nod.


was I ok?
was I balls ok.

ok that's a half lie. I couldn't believe my luck after Harry took me back like I'd been such a bitch and he still wanted me back, I kind of knew he was a keeper.
The whole 'acting like normal' plan is not going to plan. How can I act like normal when everyone is judging me for leaving Harry in the lurch, after everything he had done for me too. I was like an elephant in the room because all the boys loved Harry and would go out of their ways to protect him and just knowing they will remember me messing him about forever kind of hurts.

Danielle. I didn't kiss Liam out of lust. I kissed Liam out of stupidity.
Yes he's a fine male specimen but no, he was more of a surrogate brother to me. I loved him as a friend nothing more. The last thing I wanted to do was upset Danielle even though they had split up at the time and even though they were getting back on track.

"where's the birthday boy?" chirped her voice as she entered the room with a present.
"hiya" Louis grinned
Danielle scanned the room, smiling at everyone before stopping on me, by the look on her face she had obviously seen the pictures from days ago.

i gave a half smile, she was reluctant to smile or react but continued doing what she intended.

"here's a little something from me" she smiled passing over a neatly wrapped parcel.
"oh you shouldn't have" Louis grinned but was eager to unwrap it.

"you didn't get me FIFA 13, she got me FIFA13!" he jumped of joy a little, showing everyone.
"oh Danielle!" Eleanor moaned
"sorry" Danielle smirked sheepishly
"you better not be on that all the time we're in Dubai" Eleanor continued
"Dubai?" Louis questioned
"just a little birthday slash christmas gift from me to you" she grinned
"I thought we agreed on no present giving this year?" he raised an eyebrow.
"how could I not this is your 21st, plus I love giving presents, I don't care if you didn't get me anything" she smiled angelically.
"luckily I did didnt I?" he smirked as he pulled her into a make out session.
"get a room" Niall said of disgust, making gipping sounds.
"you get a room" Louis retorted before giving her one last kiss.

"T, do you want a drink?" Harry asked.
"I'll get one, besides I guess I need to get familiar with y surroundings again, huh?" I smiled a little before he kissed me on the lips.

I headed to the kitchen and reached for a paper cup, pouring myself some lemonade, a more sensible option.

"Taylor.." said a voice from behind me.
I swerved around, spilling some of the lemonade down the front of my cotton jumper.
"oh here let me get that" Danielle said reaching for some paper towels.
"em, thanks" I mumbled, as I toll them off her and wipe myself down.

"look I don't want to argue or anything I just, look if you like Liam just say" she pleaded
"no.. I don't like Liam.. I do but not how you think, I'm sorry that night those pictures, it was a wreckless mistake, it meant nothing I promise you" I insisted
"I.. I just, I'd rather be let down now than later.." she solemnly said
"no Danielle please please trust me" I said taking her hand. "the pictures or the rumours are not correct, as soon as I did it he pulled away straight away but I didn't know, not until the next day because I was a drunken mess and Harry told me.. I promise I don't love Liam, I love Harry" I revealed.

she looked taken aback.

"please Danielle" I pleaded
she looked to me and nodded
"I believe you" she smiled
"thank you, I'm so sorry Danielle" I sniffed
"listen, I know you're a good kid, I know you are, I just I have trust issues sometimes" she shrugged
"I'm sorry" I mumble again
"it's ok" she smiled before pulling me into a hug.

"I thought you only came to get a dr- oh sorry" Harry said as he walked in on us hugging.
"no worries Harry.. I was just heading back anyway" Danielle smiled to me before heading into the living room.

"you're wet?" Harry questioned, looking to my top. "not an innuendo by the way" he smirked
"some people never change" I smirked back as I sipped some of the remains of my lemonade.
"nope, you're still as beautiful as before" he continued
"if this is a way of getting me into your bed I'm not falling for it again" I giggled
"can't a guy complement his.. his girlfriend?" he raised an eyebrow.

That was me. Girlfriend. I had a label, a meaning as such. I had a reason to be me, be normal again, without a care in the world.
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