that homeless girl..(one direction fanfic)

what happens when One Direction cant help but get involved with a runaway called Taylor?

A unexpected romance sparks but can they handle all the mayhem that comes included with Taylor or does everything just fall into a big mess like Taylor's life?


23. Chapter23..



that was it.
I had ruined my friendship with Harry by sleeping with him. I could not go back but instead I just lay there taking it all in. How could I have been so stupid?

"That was great.." Harry gasped as he breathed heavily beside me as we lay on his bed.
"mm" I half agreed
"was it that bad?" he half laughed.
"yes- I mean no, no..It's just our friendship" I said quietly
"yeah, we've sort of just.. ruined it" I said biting my lip.

Harry sat up.

"ruined it? if that was ruining it why didn't you ruin it earlier" he smirked
"Harry.." I moaned
"come T, don't tell me you didn't want that to happen" he asked raising an eyebrow
"well.." I said giving me chance to think.

He was right. I did want that to happen because if we're being totally honest I have had a crush on him since the time we went shopping and he bought me clothes and stuff, we got on so well and we were so alike he made me feel comfortable and made me feel happy. That time he broke up with Chloe, I was feeling sorry for him but even though I had just got together with Leon, I was so happy Harry was single, that sounds horrible but it's true and oh Leon. when me an Leon were together like hanging out, he just got so jealous, it made me get closer to Leon just to see Harry squirm of envy, an that time he thought I was with Niall, it made him so angry and I loved it.. I loved it.. although I'd never tell him, i was probably just playing hard to get. But this, what just happened, it frustrated me because it just kind of automatically made things awkward.

"well what?" Harry asked cutting me from my thoughts.
"well.. I think we should go see Liam" I blurted out.
"I need to apologise for last night " I replied
"oh..right then" Harry mumbled.

there was an awkward pause as I just sat there with the duvet pulled up to my neck, hiding away my nakedness.

"uhm.." I encouraged him to leave
He looked at me with confusion.
I signalled to my clothes with my head. he followed my signal.

"oh right yes.." he half nodded before getting out of the bed, revealing his peachy bum, can't blame me for looking.

He pulled back on his boxers and left the room in silence leaving me to get dressed. I told you it would leave things awkward.

I quickly got dressed and opened the door where Harry was leaned against the wall, on his phone, opposite me.

"I'm done" I stated
"right.." he nodded as he slipped past me into his room shutting the door behind him.

I rolled my eyes. I wasn't going to let something like that make things awkward.

I took his place and leaned against the wall and pulled out my phone, checking twitter, waiting for him to come out.

After reading some controversial shit about my 'crazy night' last night on twitter, Harry came out.

"oh, I thought you were gone to see Liam?" he asked
"come with me?" I asked giving him a cheesy grin.
"why?" he asked as he made his way to the kitchen.
"Harry" I frowned
"why you being like this?" I said as I followed him.
"why you being like that? trying to forget that just happened" he exclaimed, referring to the bedroom.
"I'm not forgetting, it's just I don't want to fall out with you!" I shouted back.
"well you failed at that" he scoffed before turning his back on me.
"Harry" I urged him to turn around.
"go see Liam" he ordered.
"go" he repeated

I stopped and sighed before heading into my bedroom to change from my PJs to my skinny jeans with a cotton knitted jumper. I slipped on my ankle boots and headed to Liam's, down the hall.

I knocked and knocked but there was no answer. Not wanting to go back to Harry I headed outside for a walk.


I couldn't believe this. I thought after earlier she would want us to be together, like I wanted but she didn't.
She didnt want to ruin our friendship? she should have thought about that before leading me on, sleeping with me then friend zoning me. What was I supposed to do? She annoyed me confusing the situation so much.

After she'd left I flung myself on the sofa. She was just stringing me along and I couldn't handle her being here, she'd have to leave.
I couldn't take it anymore and I didn't want to feel like this so much..she made me crazy. We needed to take a break from each other, just so I could get over her and move on.

Before I could change my mind I headed to my room an pulled out a suitcase and pulled it to her room.
I opened her drawers and put everything neatly in the case, I did the same with all her clothes in her wardrobe.
I went back to my room and pulled out the present I had got her for Christmas and packed it neatly into her case under her clothes and shoes.I zipped her suitcase tightly shut before rolling the suitcase to the front room.


this was it. I couldn't do this anymore.
I was going to get with Harry. The walk gave me chance to think, Me and Harry, It made sense. I liked him and from the signals he had given me he liked me too. I was going to do it, I was going to ask him to be with me.

I took a deep breath before entering the flat. I knew Harry was in because music was on, his type of music.
I braced myself before walking into the front room.

Harry spotted me and stood up from the sofa.
"Harry we need to talk" I revealed
"Let me first" he replied
"ok.." I encouraged
"Taylor.." he began, looking solemnly, it was then I discovered the suitcase next to the Christmas tree.
"where are you going?" I gulped
"no where" he replied, not looking me in the eye.
"wha- wait is that my stuff?" I asked
he gave a subtle nod.
"bu-" I began
"it's for the best, I've booked you into a hotel in town for 12nights, just till you get back on your feet" he revealed.

This wasn't supposed to happen. We were supposed to get together and be happy but not this, this couldn't have gone more wrong.

"Harry" I whimpered as tears rolled down my cheeks.
"taylor don't do this, don't make it harder than it is already" he said turning around.
"please Harry" I begged
he said nothing.
"so this is's over?" I asked
"a taxi is waiting outside for you"
I hesitated, waiting for him to go 'JOKE' or something but no..nothing.
"fine" I sniffed as I grabbed my suitcase and rolled it outside of his flat. I grabbed his door and slammed it so hard. I was so angry.

I rolled the suitcase down the stairs of the settlement, my face streaming with tears.
I got in the taxi and it drove away from the settlement, which hurt me the most, I couldn't believe this was it.


"ma'am, your bill has been paid for 12 days and it has been 12 days. I'm afraid it's time for you to leave" said the uptight lady at the desk.
"but I have no where else to go! please let me stay a few more days!" I begged
"I'm sorry but we are busy and have other reservations, please you're holding up the queue" she huffed
"fine!" I frowned as I rolled my suitcase out of the lobby into the snow drift that had recently started.

Christmas Eve and I was once again on the streets. I knew that I had brought this on myself but nobody deserves this at Christmas.. do they? I remembered it was Louis birthday today, I'd bought him something last week when I went to get some milk. I got him a galaxy bar and a beanie, cos I'd seen him wearing them a few times.

Harry kicking me out shouldn't have stopped me from not getting Louis a present, he was my friend too.

I decided that's where I was going to go, to go see Louis on his birthday.
I knew Harry wouldn't have wanted to see me but I was going for Louis right?

I trekked through the snow storm wearing my leggings and my fur coat, scarf and gloves and hat.

After around 25-30 minutes i madeI sighed as I braced myself to enter their settlement.
At the bottom of the settlement steps I opened up my suitcase a rifled through it to find Louis' birthday presents. I picked out the bag and looked inside. Their was a present but not Louis' present. I frowned of confusion before pulling out the present. 'To Taylor. Happy birthday smell. love Harry.x'

I hesitated before placing it back in the bag and putting it back in the suitcase, right at the bottom.
I finally found Louis' present and zipped my suitcase back up, and dragging the suitcase up the stairs.

I got to their door where a banner was stuck to the door. '21 today!' It read. I smiled before I knocked on the door, hoping Louis would answer.

After a few moments of knocking and waiting, I decided they wasn't in, I made my way back down the corridor.

"hello?" questioned a voice.
"Louis" I replied, swiftly turning around.
"Taylor!" he grinned
"happy birthday!" I grinned back as I went to hug him.
"aw! thanks, I've missed you.. have you been ok?"
"yeah I've been just fine" I smiled through my lie.

I hadn't been fine, had I balls. I missed them all so much, especially Harry, I did a lot of moping around since I left,
it sucked.

"good" he grinned
"I have a present for you" I smiled as I passed it over.
"oh Taylor, you shouldn't have"
"shut up and open it" I half laughed

He opened it up and his face lit up.

"remember I owed you it" I smirked, thinking back to when I ate his galaxy and didnt replace it.
"oh yeah" he half laughed as he took off his paper hat and he tried his beanie on.
"aw thanks T"
"you're welcome Lou.."
"why don't you come in? we're having a little party" he offered
"uhm.. nah, I think I'll pass" I nodded, thinking of Harry, he wouldn't want to see me.
"look but you have a nice birthday you hear?" I said patting him on his shoulder.
he nodded before giving me a last hug.

"Louis? who is I-" Harry said before he cut himself off when he laid his eyes upon me.
"hi" half smiled giving him a nod.
He looked half shocked and quickly took off his paper Christmas hat.
"what are you doing here?" he questioned.
"it's Louis birthday
"and in fact I better get back to my party" Louis nodded "uh thanks for the presents taylor, it's nice to see you, don't be a stranger, you hear?" he smirked.
I nodded.

he left me and Harry standing in the hallway.

"erm, so how have you been?" he asked
"not too bad, you?" I asked

there was a pause.

"why?" Harry began
"why what?" I questioned
"why have we ended up like this?" he sighed
"I don't know" I mumbled, facing my head to the floor.
"Taylor.." he said lifting my head up so I could look him in the eyes.
"I'm sorry" I mumbled
"what are you sorry for?" he asked
"us, everything.. I just wish we hadn't fallen out" I sighed
"same.." he nodded
"I think we should start again" I admitted
"I agree.." he nodded
"hug?" I offered
"go on then" he grinned as he wrapped his arms round me.

it wasn't a normal hug, it was an awkward awful hug. I hated it. it wasn't us.

I let go, like 1 second into it.

"yeah well I guess I'll see you later.." I began
"yeah..uh have a nice Christmas T- Taylor.."
"you too" I nodded before turning on my heel.
"bye" he said
"see you" I said before turning to him and turning back around and walking off.

I clambered my suitcase down the settlement staircase.

by now the snow had began to settle and it would get caught under the wheels of my suitcase.

"fucking suitcase" I mumbled to myself as I dragged it violently.

"Taylor! ..wait!" shouted Harry from behind me.
"Harry?" I questioned as he approached me.
"no! we're not going to leave it like that!" he said as he caught up to me.
I was about to reply before he planted his lips on mine, we moved in synchronisation, getting lost in the kiss, like it was the most normal thing ever. I wrapped my arms around his neck, playing with the ends of his curls, lengthening the kiss.

"Taylor.." he said into my lips.
I continued the kiss for a few moments for releasing him.
"yeah?" i smirked
"be my girlfriend" he asked as he stared into my eyes.
I hesitated before nodding.
"yeah, go on then" I smiled

he smirked with that cheeky grin, before we kissed once more.

"come on, let's get your suitcase back home.." he smiled as he grabbed it and picked it up. He entwined his fingers with mine with his free hand and walked me back up to his flat.

I could tell that this was going to be the best Christmas ever.

AUTHORS NOTE- right well after this fanfic is done I'm thinking of doing another cos I have a few ideas... if anyone would actually read it and be interested please comment oh and also tell me which boy you'd like me to write it on yeye? ok:)

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