that homeless girl..(one direction fanfic)

what happens when One Direction cant help but get involved with a runaway called Taylor?

A unexpected romance sparks but can they handle all the mayhem that comes included with Taylor or does everything just fall into a big mess like Taylor's life?


22. Chapter22..

sorry I had exams..but woo I like this chapter...don't forget to comment if possible :):)


I woke up the next morning feeling grubby. What a night, if I ever knew she was like that I would have never taken her.

i sighed, rolling over to grab my phone off the bedside table.

unlocking it, it was 12pm I had several unread messages.

ignoring them, I carried on to twitter.

switching it on, immediately going to a 1D update page I always logged onto for updates on myself, they were quicker than the tabloids, I'll tell you that.

'Harry and Taylor last night. #17'

my heart sunk a little, poor taylor was just enjoying herself, people got drunk and did stupid things everyday but she'd feel the wrath of everything because of me.

I flicked through the pictures, going from entering the club to taylor being sick outside the club, with me holding her hair, laughing a little.

I stopped looking through them before heading to the trends.
one caught my eye.

'Taylor and Liam'

I frowned a little before clicking on it and the first picture to appear was them dancing on the dancefloor.
Then there was that one where they were kissing.

I sighed.. she was going to regret this.

I tried to make it all better by tweeting a light hearted tweet:

@Harry_styles: great night out last night with @Taylor_xo.. woo freedom

I logged off twitter and checked my messages.

Niall: text me when ur up bro

Liam: taylor wa mental last nite! hav you seen the tabloids?

mum: did you get home safe?

I replied to them all.

I wandered off to the kitchen but i heard the TV on.
I peeped my head around the door way expecting Louis but instead it was T.

"oi.." I said entering.
"oh Jesus you made me jump" she gasped, grabbing her heart.
"how are you feeling?" I asked, slumping myself down onto the chair next to the sofa she was sat on.

"uhm, bit of a headache, but fine" she half smiled, half nodded.

she did look a little grubby, like rough. She had changed out of her dress and was currently wearing a vest top and some stripy pyjama shorts.

"do you remember any of last night?" I asked.
"uhm..not particularly no, why? I imagine it was good, right?" she grinned.
"uhm, well.." I began
"what happened? what did I do?" she begged for an answer.
"uh drank..a lot! then you danced a bit then drunk some more, ohandthenyoukissedliamandwassickinfrontofpapsandstuff" I said quickly.
"what? I did what!" she gasped
"I said you-" I began
"I heard what you said..why didn't you stop me!? oh my god" she gawped
"I couldn't! you just did I can hardly stop you being sick" I stated matter of factly.
"oh god..and Liam's practically just broke up with Danielle...what did Liam do? I didn't mean to honestly, I just do things..oh god" she panicked
"he should said you were mental...I don't think he was bothered"
"oh..thankgod.. don't tell me, is there loads of pictures?" she asked
"oh me" she instructed.

I flicked through them over twitter..she laughed at some of them.

"oh no people will hate me" she face palmed herself.
" were just having fun like anybody would..chill" I half laughed.
she sighed, tapping in some letters on her phone.

@Taylor_xo: oh god, just seen some pictures from last night...I'm sooo sorry if I offended anyone, never drinking again omg.

"I'm surprised Liam didn't slap me" she half giggled
"nah, he went along with it at first..he was a little drunk too." I revealed.
"oh my god that's so funny" she shook her head.
"oh and I forgot to mention.." I began as I walked towards the door.
" tried to get me into your bed" I smirked before leaving the room.
"what!?" she gasped, following me.

I smirked some more.

"you begged me to get in your bed"
"no i didn't did I? ..what did you do?" she asked, watching me make a tea.
"I said no obviously" I stated
"oh..good" she let out a sigh of relief.
"..then you gave me a slobbery kiss" I smirked, biting the inside of my lip, keeping my laugh in.
"oh no..I didn't?" she gasped putting her hand to her head.
"yep, afraid so" I chuckled
"that's not even funny..I'm so sorry" she half smirked
"Yeahyeah, you just wanted me in your bed" I nodded
"did not..I was drunk" she crossed her arms.
"you still wanted me in your bed" I raised an eyebrow as I stirred my tea.
"oh shut up Harry" she rolled her eyes.
"you should count yourself lucky I didn't take advantage of you" I smirked
"as if.."
"well you were very eager" I teased
"I must have been very very drunk then" she bit back.

I was I supposed to reply to that?

she burst out laughing.

"you're so mean" I frowned a little.
"I'm not" she replied
"you are...that was so mean of you to say that" I said turning my back on her.

"Harry..." she said grabbing my arm, trying to turn me around.
"'ve upset me now" I joked, shrugging her off me.
"Harry..." she moaned, trying to pull me to turn around.
I was reluctant.

I was just teasing, I knew she was very very drunk I wasn't bothered about what she said, I was just flirting.

"Harry I was joking..honest" she pleaded with me, still tugging a little on my arm.

I paused before turning around.

"what so you're saying you wouldn't have to be very very drunk to pull me into your bed?" I smirked at her.
"..I..I never said that, you're taking words out of my mouth!" she half frowned, placing her hands on her hips.
"you my friend, are contradicting yourself" I smirked even more as I tapped her nose with my finger and walked past her, leaving her speechless.

well or so I thought..

she followed me to my bedroom, where I was going to get changed.

"Harry.. you won't..tell anyone will you?" she wondered
"hm..I dunno" I teased as I pulled a tshirt over my head.
"what?" she exclaimed
"well..I just don't know if I can do that" I said seriously, just messing with her.
"why!?" she frowned
I looked upon her, she totally thought I was being serious.
I burst out laughing.

"Harry!" she giggled as she came over and hit my arm.
"hey! that hurt" I said, rubbing my arm.
"good! stop messing with me" she demanded.
"or what?" I tested
"or else..or else I'll hit you even harder" she smirked before putting her fist up.
I examined her fist, it was in the completely wrong position to fulfil a punch that would hurt.
I looked back up, she had a smirk plastered on her face.
"do it" I shrugged.

she pulled her fist further back, torment playing in her eyes.

I was pretty sure she would throw the punch any moment until she changed the shape of her hand, releasing her fingers and shoving them deep inside my hips, tickling biggest weakness.

"stop stop" I instructed half through laugh.
"make me.." she smirked
"fine" I said as I threw her over my shoulder.
"Harry!" she squealed.

she would have been able to get down if she was a little taller, she was at least a head smaller than me.

"Now I punch you" she murmured into my ear before she repeatedly punched my back.
"ow ow okay okay" I argued as I let her down.
"you're a swine" she said before pushing me onto my bed.
"you love me for it" I smirked.
"oh really?" she asked raising her eyebrows, slightly leaning over me.
"yep" I nodded.

she tilted her head sidewards, showing sarcasm within her facial expression.

she said nothing and left a pause.
after a moment her eyes left my gaze and were drawn to my lips for a quick glance before back up to my eyes.
this drove me crazy.
I pushed myself up to her face and kissed her.
She didn't pull back but continued as I showered her lips with kisses.
she parted her lips giving me clear access as she tugged on my top, eager for me to take it off. She pulled it over my head, giving us chance to catch our breath back before we went back to our kissing session.

I pulled back, breaking the kiss.

"taylor, are you sure you want this?" I asked.
she hesitated, looking down at the floor before looking back into my eyes..she gave a little nod.
"there's nothing I want more" she revealed, fluttering her eyes a little.
I grinned at her before she pulled her arms round my neck and pulled me closer ..things looked up for me as one thing escalated to another, leading us to the final base and it truly couldn't have been better.

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