that homeless girl..(one direction fanfic)

what happens when One Direction cant help but get involved with a runaway called Taylor?

A unexpected romance sparks but can they handle all the mayhem that comes included with Taylor or does everything just fall into a big mess like Taylor's life?


21. Chapter21..

I have exams soon so I may not update next Sunday...but that's not a certainty:)

wow, I felt stupid.
Louis had come home and explained the whole situation with Taylor pretending to be Niall's girlfriend so Greg didn't think he was gay...taylor was just helping him out.

it was kind of funny in a way...and Louis seemed to agree, he was in fits of laughter.

that's when I scanned the room, I had been such a bitch.
I had ruined all of Taylor's deco...I felt so bad.
Taylor was currently in her room.

I managed to put everything back up, into it's original place.

It did look beautiful, I wish I had took more interest in it rather than tearing it all down, she must have worked hard to get it to look like this.

I braced myself before knocking on her door and entering.

"hi" she mumbled as she perched on the edge of her bed.
"I'm sorry.." I began, sitting next to her.

she paused before she started laughing uncontrollably

"what?" I said giving half a laugh.

"you.." she laughed
"what?" I quizzed
"you were so mad!" she said still laughing.
"I guess I was.." I agreed.

"jealousy is a bitch eh?" she smirked after she had stopped laughing
"what? I wasn't jealous!" I lied
"yeah yeah! you so were!" she smirked even more.
"I wasn't! honestly!" I said, truing to convince her.
"you're such a liar!" she laughed, giving me a nudge.
"oh really?" I smirked, before tickling her in her sides..I knew this was a girls biggest weakness.

"Harry stop!" she giggled
"make me" I laughed
"Harry.." she begged

that's when Louis ran in.
at this point I was sat on top of her, tickling her.

"oh god, I thought you were having sex" Louis smirked.
"what? why would you run in?" Taylor quizzed.
"it's just my natural instinct...isn't it Harry?" Louis questioned.
"yep...he's done it twice before"
I nodded.
"well...I guess I now know not what to do" taylor pouted

aw damn.

"guess I put my foot in it...sorry Harry" Louis half laughed before walking out again.

"uh Harry..can you get off me please" she said awkwardly as the moment had gone.
"oh yeah sorry" I said, moving off her.

"Harry.." Taylor began with that questioning look.
"let's go eat" she grinned.


"oh god, I'm stuffed." she said as she ate her last chip.

She had ate a lot..a hell of a lot for a girl. We had been in Nandos a while and she had completely devulged into every last crumb.
she made me laugh.

"I think we should go out partying tonight...we may as well" she grinned
"what?" I asked
"funky Buddha" she smiled

She must have heard Liam talking about it...he's always down there now with Andy and stuff.

"yeah okaay" I grinned.

Taylor's face dropped.

"shit shit shit, hide me" she said ducking, under the table.
"taylor, what are you doing?" I questioned
"Niall and his brother" she mumbled.

I swerved around but wishing I didn't cos Greg saw me straight away.

"oh shit" I mumbled

"Harry!" Greg bellowed
taylor slapped me from under the table.
"ouch!" I yelped.
"what's up?" he asked
"nothing much yknow.." I nodded
"Harry?" Niall questioned coming out from the loo.
"oh hi Niall" I stuttered
Niall gave me a confused look.
"why don't we join Harry?" Greg asked.
"No!...I mean.. I'm going now" I said
"you can stay a while longer Harry" Niall stated
"no Niall, I can't.." I said through gritted teeth.

"ACHOOO!" came from under the table.

"what the-" Greg said looking under the table.

"ooh look I found my fork!" taylor said as she came back up, banging her head on the way.
"ow" she said rubbing her head.

"Niall..isn't that your bird?" Greg asked
"erm...yes" Niall nodded
"I thought you said she was seeing her mum?" Greg asked raising an eyebrow.
"uh yeah...I did...why aren't you with your mum Taylor?" Niall questioned taylor, with a face that said 'wtf?'

taylor looked dumbfounded.

"I..erm, Harry is taking me.. aren't you Harry?" taylor nodded convincingly.
"uh yeah yeah" I nodded
"right.." Greg said but he wasn't too sure.
"look I really have to get going yknow.." taylor began, sliding out of the booth.
"oh well it's been nice meeting you" Greg half smiled
"you too..." taylor smiled
"bye babe.." Niall said awkwardly.
"uh yeah bye honey" taylor replied before squeezing her eyes and kissing him on lips.

jealousy took over but I knew it was just an act, I kept my cool.

Taylor quickly made her exit, me following her.

"found my fork?" I questioned, raising my eyebrow.
"it was a close call..I panicked ok?" she said getting in the car.
I laughed.


"Harry I'm ready are you!?" she shouted from the front room.
"almost!" I shouted back as I slapped some Bleu de Chanel on.

I gave a little pout in the mirror, wearing my plain white tee with black/grey chinos, I looked pretty good if I did say so myself.

I shoved my phone, car keys, wallet and protection, for safety measures in my pocket.

"okay I'm don-" I said walking in to the living room and looking, lost for words, boy did she scrub up well!

She was wearing a simple burgundy dress, that hugged her figure nicely, it reached the middle of her thighs, it got my palms sweating, not to mention those strappy black heels, wow.

( the dress: )

"you took your time" she smirked as I finally took my eyes from checking her out to look her in the eyes.
"uh..yeah. uh sorry" I gulped as my mouth was dry, as I concentrated on keep my member down.
"no worries, you're done's okay" she smiled.
"uh, yeah...erm..." I began, struggling to get my words out.
"stop dawdling Harry... call a taxi?" she questioned.
"taxi? I'm driving?" I said holding up my keys.

She snatched the keys off of me.

"not tonight styles.." she smirked
"how come..?"
"by the time we're done, you'll be in no fit state to drive" she winked, throwing my keys on the couch.


"1,2,3.." taylor shouted over the music, before downing another shot. She was definitely a light weight.
It took more to get me like she was.
I knew what I was doing, she didn't.

"WOO, let's dance Harry!" she said grabbing my hand, stumbling onto the dance floor.

she went crazy, while I felt a little tipsy. I started to dance along with her.

She got real close to me, like dancing up against me, she had that mischievous look in her eyes, she grabbed the hem of my tshirt and pulled it up almost over my head.

she started laughing uncontrollably as I pulled my top down.

"abs! hahaaa!" she laughed some more.
"you're drunk" I smirked
"shhh" she said, raising her finger to my lips, still laughing.
"let's go home!" I shouted over the music.
"noo! the party has just started" she grinned before walking off into the crowd of dancers.
I grabbed her arm and pulled her back.
"where are you going?!" I shouted
"for a wee" she said before wondering off.

I let out a small 'ha' before going back to the bar.

"Harry?" a voice shouted from the other side of the bar.
I swerved my head.
"Liam?" I questioned
He came closer to me.

"what you doing here?" he asked
"just came for a drink" I nodded
"ah..who you with?"
"Taylor.." I said pointing to the toilets.
"oh..come sit round with us" he offered pointing to some of his friends.
"erm-" I began before I was cut off.
"Liam!!" a voice shouted from behind me.
It was Taylor, I wondered how she had managed to find me in her state.
"oh hi darling" Liam smiled as taylor squeezed him.

Liam gave me a 'how much as she had to drink?' look.

I just smirked, still same old Liam.

"come on let's dance" she slurred as she pulled him to the dance floor.

'help' Liam mouthed.
I laughed a little before socialising with Liam's friends.

I spoke to them for a while, before wondering what Liam and Taylor were up to.

I wandered on to the dance floor, searching the place for them, I finally spotted them.
I headed over but just as I got there, taylor planted her lips straight on to Liam's lips.
I stopped.
Liam went along with it at first but then stopped and pulled away, shaking his head and said something to her, she was still laughing, she didnt give a fuck.
still bladdered.

Liam spotted me.

he pointed me out to Taylor.
Taylor's eyes lit up before she practically stumbled towards me.

"whoops" she laughed as she fell into me.
"Taylor, stop it" I frowned
"spoil sport...I'm thirsty come on" she said guiding me to the bar, she wasn't even 18 yet.

"no, we're going home" I said dragging her the other way.
"Harry" she moaned
"I'm tired" she said as her eyes slowly started closing gradually.

I let out a sigh before picking her up bridal style, she was quite heavy too as she was drunk and slopped a little in my arms, unable to hold her weight up, me doing all the work.
I carried her out of the nightclub as she was snuggled into my jacket, as her head laid on my shoulder.

"Harry, do you love me?" she asked as I took her to the car.
"of course I do pumpkin" I replied, I knew she was drunk and wasn't being serious but neither was I.
"aw I love you're my favourite person yknow" she said patting my chest.
"am I?" I quizzed as I tried to make y way through the people outside.

"Harry, Harry..over here!" some paps shouted as they flashed me.

oh great news story, I thought.
Me carrying A half asleep drunk girl.

"yep..I think you're amazing" she slurred.
"I am" I nodded.
"I don't feel so good" she moaned before throwing up on the floor.

paps were still everywhere.

"oh taylor for Fucksake" I rolled my eyes as I put her down and held her hair.

after she had stopped being sick, I walked her to a taxi.

"we make a great team...I had lots of fun tonight" she slurred
"of course you did."
"let's go home Harry..." she said even though we were already half way home in the taxi.

"Harry...turn the lights on" she said entering our flat.
I switched on the lights and pulled off her shoes for her.
I slipped mine off and walked after taylor.

"let's go to bed Harry" she half winked at me.
"you're a little drunk" I stated
"I'm not...I can handle my drink, I know what I want..I want you in my bed" she said diving on to her bed.
"you need to sleep" I raised an eyebrow, pulling open the quilts for her.
"I don't..come on, come in.." she smiled patting the bed.
"give over..get into bed T" I instructed.
"I don't want to sleep Harry I want you" she continued, coming closer to my face.
"no, taylor.." I said sternly.
she continued to wrap her arms round me, giving me the worst sloppy kiss ever.
I backed off.

"oh Harry you're boring" she moaned as she slipped in to bed, chuckling to herself as she did so.
I laughed at her drunk state of mind.

"goodnight taylor.." I said switching off the light, but she was already fast asleep.

I went off to bed, worrying about the tabloids and stuff in the next few days.
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