that homeless girl..(one direction fanfic)

what happens when One Direction cant help but get involved with a runaway called Taylor?

A unexpected romance sparks but can they handle all the mayhem that comes included with Taylor or does everything just fall into a big mess like Taylor's life?


20. Chapter20..

WOOOO 20chapters!!
This is a fairly long chapter just because I need to spread the chapters out a little more cos I think I'm only going to write like 30-35 chapters so yeah woo..if I get like let's say 20 likes on this or 30 comments I will upload Wednesday instead of Sunday...yes? hahaa:)..enjoy

"you're unreliable, I'm sorry but you're fired" mrs summers said as she folded her arms.

Oh god no, no way! This was just the last thing I needed.

Leon looked at me but said nothing, he hadn't spoken to me since our one day relationship.

"but please I need this job" I pleaded
"'re trust has been ruined" she frowned
"fine, but I want my wage for this month" I frowned back
"here" she said giving me my wage packet which she had already made up.

I snatched it off her and walked out.

I practically stomped all the way home this had put me in a foul mood.

I slammed the front door and kicked off my shoes, so they hit the wall.

"oi.." Louis shouted
"oh don't you start.."
"who's rattled your cage?"
"I've just lost my job!" I frowned
"oh..does someone need a hug from uncle Louis?" he said a baby voice.
"get bent" I mumbled before heading to my room.

I let out a sigh and shut my door.
I finally had my own spac-

"T.." a voice said from behind me.
I swerved around and harry was stood by the window.
"what?" I snapped
"you and Leon.." he began
"there is no me and leon.." I muttered
"there was and It frustrated me" he said
"it just made me mad that you liked him more than you liked me" he said as he looked to the floor.
"remind me again why this is relevant?" I asked looking puzzled
" wanted to hear my side of the story.." he revealed
"Harry, to be quite frank I don't care anymore" I said
"Taylor don't be like that.." he pleaded
"Harry I don't want to be with you" I said bluntly
"but you said you loved me.." he questioned

I hesitated.
I needed to do the right thing.

"yeah well I lied.." I shrugged
"no you didn''re lying now" he stated
"no I'm not" I frowned
"you are you always act like you don't care but I know that you really do care and that you want us to be together as much as I do" he said
"that's not true" I lied
"stop playing hard to get" he smirked
"this isn't a game..." I frowned
"Taylor I know.."
"don't be fucking ridiculous! You broke up with Chloe several hours ago and even when you did, you still couldn't keep your hands off her!" I pouted
"Taylor...Chloe means nothing to me, do you not understand, she means nothing! That's why when she came up here today, I told her its completely over because I accidentally fell In love with you" he announced
"you what?" I gulped
"T..I love you, I just don't know why but when I'm around you I feel happy and I know this sounds corny but you make me feel like complete" he asked
"Harry..." I began
" you remember when I bought that horseshoe necklace for you? I spent ages picking that out for you, I wanted to get it right! And to make you believe what I am saying even more, what I got you cost 10times more than what I got Chloe...and I got Liam to buy me Chloe's present because I didn't have time but I had time for you because you're special to me, a little piece of me has always found you special..your vunerability, your attitude, your smile, everything about you makes me like you's weird..but just I want you to believe me because it's true" He let it all out while I just stood there looking like a melon.

I didn't know what to say, he just dropped this all on me and what he said was so nice to me and nobody had ever said anything like that to me before...and he probably knew me better than I knew myself which is special. He said I was special to him which is cute but I didn't know what to do with myself...did I give him what he wanted or do I give it some time?

"ok ok I believe you" I said
"you do?" he grinned
"'s just I don't know.." I said
"Don't know what?"he asked
"If we can be more than friends, you must understand.." I asked
"why?.." He sighed
"I'm sorry" I said, looking down.
he sighed before opening the door.
"Harry...this won't affect us being friends will it?" I asked
"no, why should it?" He shrugged, acting like he didn't care.
"Good.." I half smiled.
He half smiled back before shutting me in my bedroom alone, leaving me wondering if I had made the right choice.


I let out a sigh of dismay as I shut Taylor's bedroom door.

I thought what I said to her would be enough to make her like me.
It wasn't, which was weird, I thought we could have had something good, I really did. What am I talking about?
Of course she liked me, she wouldn't have said she loved me yesterday otherwise, would she?

"Harry, wheres th-..what's up with your face?" Louis asked as he peeped round the corner of our one floor apartment.

"nothing..." I shrugged
"Yeah...we both know that I know when you're lying so come on.." Louis raised an eyebrow, putting a hand on his hip.
"honestly..I'm fine, I was just thinking about something" I said putting on a fake smile.
"ok.." Louis said but I could tell he wasn't convinced.

I empathised my smile a little more before passing him to goto the kitchen.

I scrolled through twitter.

Taylor_xo: do you get that feeling when you want to change how you feel but you don't know how to?

4hours ago.

I tapped a few words out making an indirect.

Harry_Styles: you can't change your feelings no matter how hard you try.

I got a few fans tweeting me back saying how I was trying to be deeeep like zaynyboy. I smirked a little before locking my phone.

I took a bite out of a juicy red apple when someone knocked at the door.

I left it, thinking Louis would get it.

They knocked again.

"Louis, the door!" I shouted to him.

No reply.

I let out a sigh and I slammed my hand on the breakfast bar, pushing myself up.

"Is..erm T..I mean Taylor in?" Leon asked as soon as I opened the door.

What the hell did he want?
She's broken up with him, it's over..why is he here?

"Uh yeah.." I nodded slightly, as I cautiously chewed the bit of apple that was inside my mouth.

"can I talk to her?" he asked
"I dunno, can you?" I asked raising an eyebrow.
"Well I should hope so..I want to sort things out" he shrugged.

Fuck that, if I couldn't have her, he certainly couldn't...I would stop this from happening, but very sneakily.

"sure, come in" I said opening the door a little wider for him to pass.

"right, thanks" he said as he swiftly made his way to her room, shortly followed by me- tag along.

"Leon?" taylor half gasped as she looked up from her magazine.
"uh hi...can we talk?" Leon asked her.
"erm..okay, for just a few minutes, I agreed to go Christmas shopping with Niall at half past.
"Niall?" Leon asked
"yes, Niall my friend" she stated matter of factly.
"ok.." he nodded

it fell silent for a moment..both of them decided to be looking at me, to which I carried on chomping my apple.

"uh..Harry, did you want something?" taylor finally asked
"not particularly.. no" I shrugged
"oh.." she mumbled
"what she wanted to say was please go know so we can talk?" Leon said raising his eyebrows.
"oh right..yeah" I nodded before slowly making my exit.

I wanted to listen in but I've seen that happen in films and they always get I passed and carried on eating my apple in the kitchen.

I sat down, my phone bleeped just on que.

Chloe: meet me??x

I rolled my eyes, when would she get the picture? it was completely and utterly over and I truly did want a chance with Taylor..much much more than a fling.

I hesitated on what to reply before settling on a short reply.

'no, sorry'

not even a 'x'.. I was playing hard ball.

I sent it off before reading twitter again.

people were starting to ask questions about Chloe.

@niallsbitch: I can't believe you and Chloe broke up! whyyyy?

@harrysmells: why did you and Chloe break up, you were good together.


I sighed a little before writing a basic tweet.

'Harry_Styles: Chloe is one of the nicest people I have met, it's been great while it lasted but it just wasn't meant to be .xx

"What's Leon doing here? I thought they broke up?" Louis half whispered to me as he entered the kitchen, grabbing the carton of orange juice and taking a gulp.
"so did I" I agreed
"I think he's going now..Taylor looks upset" Louis added
"does she? how come?" I asked
"how the hell should I know, I left them hugging by the front door...besides she looks better upset than angry.." he snorted

I half nodded before I walked to the front door.

"I love you!" taylor sniffed into Leon's jacket just before he left.

she shut the front door and hesitated.

"so you're back together?" I asked, making her jump, she held onto her heart, obvious over reaction.

"no, we can't be together" she stated
"why not?" I half frowned
"cos..he's got a new job, on a cruise ship, he's passed as a chef and has got a top job so he came to say goodbye" she gulped
"oh..I'm sorry" I said, consoling her.
"don't be..I'm sure ill see him again, it's just he's the closest friend I had" she said biting her lip.
"excuse me.." I raised an eyebrow
"apart from you of course Harry" she half smiled
"that's what I thought" I snorted

Although I was consoling her, my mind had other ideas, with Leon gone it meant I might have had a better chance with Taylor..maybe.

The front door burst open nearly knocking Taylor flat on her face.

"Niall! be careful" I said catching Taylor as she fell into me.

"uh sorry, Taylor..are we going?" Niall asked
"oh yeah..right" she nodded before rushing off to her bedroom.



"I've finally got everything" Niall grinned as he scoffed his chips as I juggled all the bags..proper gentleman.

"glad I could help" I said sarcastically.
"Harry will love the present you got him" Niall grinned.
"I hope so, it cost me most of my savings from my job" I scoffed
"He will.." Niall nodded, throwing his rubbish in a nearby bin.
"oh look Niall.." I said nodding towards the Claire's, seeing a life size model of Niall.
"wow that's crazy man" he said as he half skipped over.
I followed him.
"take a picture..!" he insisted
I rolled my eyes before taking a picture on my iPhone I had bought with some of my wage a few week ago.

"thats twitter worthy Niall" I smirked before uploading it.

@Taylor_xo: which is the real niall horan?

I locked my phone before carrying on to the exit.


"I'm soo tired" I moaned as i threw myself back onto the couch in between Harry and Louis.

"Niall have you busy?" Harry asked
"he's fast" I nodded
"he's hyperactive" Louis corrected
"did you buy anything nice?" Harry asked.
"maybe" I smirked
"right okay then.." Harry looked puzzled but carried on watching the TV.

I looked around the living room, it was totally bleak, I mean, no Christmas spirit at all.

"do you have deco?" I asked
"what?" Louis asked, confused
"a tree? lights?" I stated
"oh..Christmas" Louis said.
"what!?" I gasped

This was my first Christmas without my mum, My mum and I used to do the house up so it was over the top festive, I loved it! especially as a kid.
Christmas was always a special time for me and mum, it was always just me and mum, but that's how I liked it.
We woke up and opened our presents from under the tree, then mum would cook breakfast for us before we went to church for an hour and then we had Christmas dinner just the two of us. it was my favourite time of the year.

"it's just a few poxy lights Taylor" Louis rolled his eyes.
"how can you say that?" I argued as I sat up and turned to him.
"because It's true" he smirked
"you are so boring" I laughed
"I am not, it's just they're so much effort" Louis admitted
"I'm doing it up for you tomorrow..Harry will help me" I grinned
"I can't..I visiting my mum" Harry replied.
"..don't even look at me" Louis warned
"why??" I whined
"I'm going to Manchester to see el" he smiled
"Niall will come" I said but as more of a question.
"he probably will.." Harry nodded, still not looking up from his phone.
"mhm, and stop sending indirects to me Harry" I smirked.

I saw his tweet about feelings early and it was totally obvious that it was about me. It made me laugh!

"uh what?" harry frowned innocently.
"you know exactly what I mean" I smirked.
he was about to argue back before I cocked my eyebrows at him.
he smirked back.

I rolled my eyes before getting up off the couch and taking a shower before bed.

I quickly checked twitter...

@Harry_Styles: hey look, it's me sending you an indirect again.

I snorted a little.

Taylor_xo: @Harry_Styles stop indirecting me you slut

I switched off my phone before going to sleep.


"My turn to put the star on top" Niall grinned as we finished off decorating his flat.

we had spent all day picking out deco and decorating Niall's and Harry and Louis flat's.

Niall was so sweet for helping me, I guess he's more into Christmas than Louis and Haz.

"I'm meeting my brother tomorrow" Niall announced once he had put the star on the top of the tree.
"ah, cool" I smiled
"'s not" he sighed
"why not?" I wondered
"I told him a lie not so long ago.." Niall explained.
"oh god, do I even want to know?" I asked.
"I told him I had a girlfriend.." he said biting the inside of his cheek.
"why exactly would you do that?" I asked.
"because I haven't had a proper relationship like ever" Niall explained
"and..? there's nothing wrong with that?" I shrugged as I swept up the tinsel off Niall's laminate flooring.
"Greg..he thinks I'm gay" Niall mumbled.
"gay!?" I chocked
"yes, gay" Niall huffed
"..uh you're not are you? cos I have noth-" I began
"what! no! how can you even question that!? I'm as straight as a pencil" he revealed

Thank god, I thought he was going to come out of the closet, not that I ever thought he was gay its just the way that conversation was going and I had never had to deal with that before.

"oh just tell him?" I asked
"no because then he will think I'm gay! and I'm trying to get a cover up or something" Niall scoffed
"I'm sure if you explain-" I reassured him.
"no! if I explained I'd have to explain how I get nervous around girls I like and I never have enough courage to be myself and just ask them out..besides being this famous, I have trust's not ideal Taylor" he stated as he slumped into his leather arm chair.

"okay okay! calm down, maybe just call him and tell him your girlfriend can't make it?" I suggested
"I need proof.." he said stubbornly.
I hesitated.
"..are you hinting at me?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.
"if I was what would you say?" he raised an eyebrow back at me.
"Niall!" I exclaimed
"does that mean you will be my girlfriend..just for tomorrow?" he grinned with that smile I could never ever say no to, he's too innocent, however I tried to sway away from his puppy dog face.

"No Niall! what about the paps..we're sure to be seen together" I argued
"we won't, I'll make sure.. please!" he asked
"'s too risky" I pouted.
"but Taylor!" he moaned
"but nothing, it's not happening" I frowned.

he sighed dramatically before putting his head in his hands.

I looked over to him..I couldn't stand to see him a little sad, he's just a liddol baby in my eyes.

"ok..Niall, i refuse to join you but that doesn't mean we can't take pictures of us together does it?" I asked rhetorically.
"what?" he questioned
"you said you needed proof, right? well we can take some 'lovey dovey' pictures on your phone and you can show Greg?" I grinned

Niall hesitated.

"that's not a bad idea" he said with his thick Irish accent.
"'ll be fine" I half smiled.

he grabbed his phone and he took some pictures of us being couple like.

after several of them, we looked through them and we just looked like really good friends.

"this is rubbish" Niall moaned throwing his phone to the opposite couch.
"hey!" I frowned as I went to grab the phone.

I switched on the camera and hesitated.

there was only one obvious idea I could think of to make it truly believable.

"okay Niall, this is completely by far the most innocent thing ever" I announced.

"wha-?" he began before I cut him off with my lips crashing upon his.

I pressed the shutter button on his phone.

the sound confirmed the picture had been taken.

"wow okay" Niall said, taken aback.

we looked at the picture.

"that looks believable" I nodded
"it does..I reckon we'd make a great couple T" he smirked
"don't be getting any ideas sunshine" I laughed
"worth a try" he winked before setting the picture as his front screen.
I shook my head lightly at him.

"done" he grinned
"good, now stop panicking" I ordered.
"I will, thanks're a good friend" he smiled giving me one of his hugs.
"you're welcome" I breathed out, struggling as he squeezed me.
"Do you know what?" Niall began
"what?" I questioned
"I'm starving" he admitted

no surprise there then.



"Liam, stop being annoying" Paul frowned
"I'm not being annoying" Liam smirked as he continued to jab Zayn with a pencil.

what had got into that kid?
he had never normally been like must be because he's got his kidney back.

"let's get sort some schedules out for early next year" Paul said as all of our crew sat down at a long table.

We all began discussing live performances and stuff to promote our new album a little more here in the UK..we all agreed we would head for Australia in March time.

We discussed some other stuff too.

After, we all messed about in the lobby while we waited for Paul to drive us home..he was always last to finalise schedules and stuff.

"Oo, Harry.." Louis smirked before pushing me off the chair.
"Louis!" I frowned
Louis ignored me and gestured towards Niall who was texting.
Louis had that mischievous look on his face, but I got to Niall first.

I loved winding Niall up, he always so easily got into a strop.

I snatched the phone from his hands and checked what he was on.

"AHA! I knew you were coming so I clicked off what I was doing before you snatched it off me" Niall laughed
I pouted before pressing the button at the bottom of his iPhone.

I was about to guess his password, but instead I studied the lock screen image.

It was Niall kissing a girl.

A girl!?

I never knew Niall had a girlfriend.

"Hey guys look at this!" I smirked as I passed the phone around.

Niall looked puzzled.

"ooo, who's the girl Niall" Louis smirked.

Niall's face flushed a deep shade of red.

the phone was then passed around to Liam, as Niall tried to snatch it off him.

Liam teased him..lifting the phone up so Niall couldn't reach.

"Zayn, catch!" Liam said as he threw the phone to Zayn who caught the phone.

Zayn studied a little while longer than us lot.

I couldn't help but laugh at the embarrassment in Niall's eyes and face, bless him.

"hey, wait a minute..that's Taylor!" Zayn laughed.

I stopped laughing and My face dropped in synchronisation with my heart.

"Oi just give it back!" Niall frowned

"let me see that" I said snatching the phone out of Zayn's hand.

I studied the girl and Zayn was right, it was indeed Taylor.

I felt my fist clench a little.

Niall snatched the phone out of my hand and put it in his pocket.

"ey up, Harry's jealous" Louis laughed
"am not" I snarled, biting the inside of my lip.

I frowned at Niall, I couldn't believe this.

I clenched my fists even more before storming towards the door.

"and where are you going?" Liam asked
"none of your business" I growled before slamming the door.
"Harry wait!" I heard Niall shout after me but I didn't respond.

My eyes started to sting a little as i walked home in the rain..why would Taylor do that to me?
Since when did her and Niall have something going on, I thought they were just friends?
the more and more I thought about it, it made together, spending time together.
Why didn't I notice? Why the hell didn't Taylor say anything? and Why the fuck didn't I see it sooner.
I was such an idiot!

I slammed my front door shut.
I was dripping wet from head to toe.

I walked into the living room to be over come with over the top Christmas deco.

a tree, lights, tinsel everywhere.

"you're a little wet" Taylor smirked
"I know" I frowned
"told you I'd make things Christmassy" she smiled
"I hate it" I growled before pulling down some tinsel that hung on the fireplace.
"Harry!! it took me and Niall ages to do it up, stop it!" she ordered as I pulled more and more things down to the floor.
"What are you doing!! Harry!!" she shouted, pulling my arm away.

I headed for the tree..

"don't you fucking dare!" she snarled
"or what!" I shouted
"you're being ungrateful! me and Niall spent forever doing this place up for you and you do this!?" she said through gritted teeth.
"oh yeah, no wonder it took you probably got up to other stuff in between, didn't you!" I growled
"what?" she frowned
"you and Niall, at it behind our backs! you kick my emotions to the ground and then you start messing around with Niall.." I pouted
"what the fuck are you talking about?" she asked looking puzzled.
"I've seen the picture on Niall's phone, kissing..there's no denying it..that girl is definitely you!" I stated

Taylor paused for thought.

"you've got it all wrong" she said shaking her head.
"shut up" I ordered
"don't tell me to shut up!" she warned.
"I can do what the hell I like! it's my house...why don't you go move in with Niall? eh?" I asked, patronising her.

she paused once more.

"maybe I will, but you will regret this because you've got it all wrong" she stated as she headed for her bedroom.
"explain then!" I raised an eyebrow.
"I don't have to explain to're not my dad" she fired back.
"you're unbelievable" I snarled.
"how exactly?" she asked
"you know I like you! how could you get with my bestfriend?" I asked, getting calmer.

I was freezing in these clothes too.
it was the worst situation.

"there is nothing going on with me and Niall!" she shouted
"how do you explain the picture then!?" I asked
"ask's his story to tell" she shrugged
"no I'm asking you!"
"and I'm asking you to ask Niall!" she said as she packed her bags.
"just stop!" I ordered as I shut her drawer.

she sighed a little before turning to look at me..she grabbed my hand.

"Harry, me and Niall are not dating and there is certainly nothing going on, and if I really meant something to you, you would believe me" she said looking into my eyes.

I paused.

"Harry" she questioned.

I looked to her.

I nodded slightly.

she tilted her head a little for more insight on my reply.

"I believe you.."I nodded

she sighed a breathe of relief.

"good.." she half smiled.

I didn't know what the explanation could be but I believed her...I just did.

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