that homeless girl..(one direction fanfic)

what happens when One Direction cant help but get involved with a runaway called Taylor?

A unexpected romance sparks but can they handle all the mayhem that comes included with Taylor or does everything just fall into a big mess like Taylor's life?


2. Chapter2..


"so what did she say?" Liam asked as I slipped back into the car.

"not much.." I replied truthfully.

"did she take the money?" Louis asked.

I nodded.
"she'll probably spend it on drugs.." Zayn mumbled from underneath his jumper.
"I doubt it, but she was kind of...weird" I admitted as I turned back to her.
She was now standing up and placing her rucksack on her back, she seemed pretty shy and nervous, she probably felt the whole word was judging her. She walked off in her wrecked red high tops and headed down the street, with her head down, avoiding eyecontact with everyone apart from the pavement.
That certain vulnerability about her made her some what cute.

"what do you mean..?" Liam asked
"she didn't speak.." I replied
"at all?" Louis raised an eyebrow
"well she said thanks.." I replied
"oh..well at least she has manners.."Louis shrugged
"mhm..shut up now Paul is here" I replied pointing to Niall and Paul's return with food grasped in Nialls hands.
"foods here.." Niall grinned as he got in the car.

I munched on my chicken nuggets but couldn't take my mind away from the girl, I hoped she spent the money wisely.


The following after my encounter with Harry Styles, i spent the remains of my £20 at greggs.
A sausage roll always went down a treat. I sat on the bench but as I sat down people started to move as if I had a bad smell coming from me, this just got my paranoid but there was absolutely nothing I could do.
Once again I was absolutely penniless.

"go get a bath you skank.." a chav said as he drove past on his BMX with his 'posse'.
I stood up and walked off, this wasn't like me, I would have stood up for myself.
I didn't think it was possible to be this low and feel so upset..maybe now I'd understand why my mum felt it was right to agree to goto rehab, I often wondered how she was doing, she didn't know I was out on the streets, she thought I was safe.

I sat down on a wall by the park, it was getting dark now, the worst part of the day, it was autumn, I just dreaded the winter season, I'd freeze to death.
I was sat for about half an hour observing the world when a man probably in his early 20s approached me, I tensed up and got scared, nobody was around to hear my screams, who knows what he would do.
He sat beside me.
I shuffled over a bit.

"ahright?" he said in his deep London accent.
I nodded.
"dont worry babe, I won't hurt you..what you doing out here on a night like this?" he said rubbing his hands together.
I shrugged.
"come home with me if you like?" he suggested

Remember what mum used to say, Don't speak to strangers, don't accept nothing from them.

"no thanks.." I replied
"I won't hurt you.." he said again
"I know it's just I'm fine here.." i mumbled
"look girl, I see you're a runaway and stuff.." he began
"oh yeah? How'd you guess?" I asked
"I didn't, I've been following you around..I know you're desperate."
"I'm not..and you've been following me?.."I frowned
"yeah..and I see that you need me as much as I need you"
"oh yeah? How'd you figure that out?" I pouted
"I have plans for you..big plans which involve money and a roof over your head.." 

I knew it probably was a bad idea but I was desperate.

"I'm listening.." I encouraged

I knew I should have said no, I knew what I was about to agree to was a criminal offence but I actually had no other choice..I agreed to the deal Nathan had offered.. I shook his hand  and he took me under his wing and vowed to look after me.

*1 month later*

"Nath what are you doing tonight?" I asked as he rumbled through his half broke drawers.
"going out"
"to do what?" I asked
"fucking stop with the twenty questions ok!" he said banging his hand on the drawers.
I tensed.
I was scared of Nathan, he hadn't hurt me but he was rough and got angry really easily, I had seen him get into fights and everything within the past month, but he told me he loved me so I stuck by him and did my job.

"babe I'm sorry..look I'm just stressed, you do your job today and I'll do mine, to ring the money in yeah?" he nodded as he held my face, not in a soft gentle way but in a rough way, he was hurting me almost.
I gulped and nodded.

I had a better life than I did a month ago, even if it did have terrible consequences..Nathan's flat was not the cleanest of place, I even found a cockroach in the kitchen cupboard the other day, but it was warmer than outside and I had food and a small amount of clothes so I couldn't complain.

I missed my old wardrobe full of fashionable expensive clothes and shoes back at my Aunts but there was no way I was going back.

Nathan bought me clothes all the time, but I tended not to wear them much because..well I think they're like stolen.
I didnt think Nathan was a bad person, he just did what he did to stay under a roof.

"Oh and babe, I don't want you to come back tonight, I have people round and stuff you know, buisness" he nodded
I was about to ask why but I didn't want him to get angry again.
I hated when i wasn't allowed to go home, It happened like once a week, I wanted to know what he got up to but he never said, I just had to lay my head down on the streets again, it was only for one night so I didn't mind.

I grabbed my leather jacket and put it on.
I headed out to do my job, to sell drugs. I know this was my living now but I was ashamed at what I did and I begged Nath to let me find a proper job but he said that I was under his roof because I agreed to do the job he'd given me not another job but if I wanted to get another job he said I would be out of his house quicker than he could say love..peer pressure much?

Sorry there isn't much one direction in this chapter but there will be in the upcoming chapters:)

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