that homeless girl..(one direction fanfic)

what happens when One Direction cant help but get involved with a runaway called Taylor?

A unexpected romance sparks but can they handle all the mayhem that comes included with Taylor or does everything just fall into a big mess like Taylor's life?


19. Chapter19..

*the next day*


I didn't know if I made the right decision, choosing Harry over Leon, but when he told me he loved me, it just got me thinking.. maybe it was in front of me all along, I mean I've been close to Harry for a while I just don't understand why I didn't see it before. It made sense that we finally considered dating each other, I think.

But then I woke up feeling that guilty 'have I made a mistake?' feeling.
I basically told Leon that I didn't feel I was ready and blah blah blah, but I said nothing about Harry, nothing at all. I felt bad for lying but sometimes the truth hurts more and well it was the nicest thing to do at the time.

The thing that worried me the most was that I couldn't help but think Harry may have done this out of pity I mean we almost kissed that time when I was sad about my mum and then yesterday I was slightly sad, it kind of does make sense but I don't really want to think like that, i really hoped what he said was true, I really did.

I closed my eyes and thought a little until my phone buzzed.

I opened up the message and to my surprise it was somebody called Ella...who the fu-?

Ella: I'm texting to tell you about your photography, we need words.

oh sweet Jesus, Harrys photography friend.. this could only be a good thing..I eagerly text her back.

'sure, when?'

'today would be nice. Come down to the studio within the next hour, bring your portfolio''


I grinned as I practically jumped out of bed, I scanned my wardrobe for something decent to wear, I settled on some grey skinny jeans, a black shirt my cream-brownish scarf and my camo jacket, I slipped on my red converse and did my make-up using some thick black eyeliner, below and above my eye before flicking on some black mascara. I clipped in some gold cross earrings and left my hair natural and wavy as I had no time to pop the straighteners out.
I pouted in the full length mirror studying my outfit, from my horseshoe necklace which i always wore to my red converse all just to make sure it looked right.

I scanned my bedroom for my portfolio but I couldn't find it anywhere.

I rushed to the living room and searched underneath all the magazines and stuff, nothing.

This was fab.

I rushed back to my bedroom to have another look, but clumsy me not looking where I was going ended up running into Harry as I turned the corner.
This wasn't just Harry, it was half naked Harry, just in his boxers.

I didn't know where to set my eyes, if I looked Into his eyes i generally thought it would be kinda awkward but if I looked at his toned abs which i just wanted to run my hands over so badly I would just get distracted.
I tried to concentrate on his nose but
Harry, however didn't seem to notice.

"morning babe" he said in his husky morning voice before he leaned in for a kiss, to this which i declined for a number of reasons.

1. I was in a rush
2. I wasn't entirely sure what was going on between us.
3. and Morning breath, euh.

"what's up?" Harry quizzed
"where's my portfolio?"
"come again?" he asked
"that book with all my photographs in?"
"Ella rung up, she wants to see me" I grinned

Harry had to be slow for a while, just while he remembered who Ella was.

"oh that's great!" Harry exclaimed
"yeaah I know but I need my book" I moaned.
" and Niall were looking at it remember, are you sure you didn't leave it at his?"

I thought a moment, It probably would make sense that i have left it behind, I hadn't seen it for a while.

"you're a life saver haz" I grinned
"when will you be back?" he asked
"I'll text you" I promised before speeding off to Nialls.

I practically barged into Nialls house, I mean I was in a rush and Niall was my friend, it's was a normal thing to do. What wasn't normal was that he was walking round wearing only his boxers too. What was this? Distract Taylor day?

"oh do come in.." Niall said sarcastically.
"I will, Niall have you seen my portfolio?" I asked
"your what?"
"that book with all my photos in.."
"oh yeah, it's under the sofa, I kept it safe for you" he winked before flicking through some mail.

I got on my knees and searched under the sofa, while i explained to niall why i needed it. I reached under and thought I felt my book but it was a pizza box with a slice of old pizza in it, I dread to think how long that had been there.

"mm pizza" Niall said before grabbing it and taking a bite.
I gave him a disgusted look.
"what? I was saving it for later, it's only been there like a week or two" he shrugged before taking another bite.

I raised an eyebrow before searching for my book, and after several abs and pizza slices later, I finally found it.

"Thanks Niall" I said giving him a smile.
"no problem, its great to see you happier than you were yesterday" he grinned
"aw thanks Nialler"
"it's true, I hope this photography thing works out for you, you deserve it" he smiled again.
This boy was cuter than ever.
I could not resist a hug off him.
"aw thanks Niall" I smiled as held on to his bare skin.
"good luck" he said before I rushed off, I checked my phone and it had already been 45 minutes.

I didn't even have a lift, I guess I was getting a taxi, but then work? I hadn't even rang in to tell mrs summers..Jesus.

I passed Chloe in the corridor as I rushed about.

She gave me the dirtiest look.

"what's your problem?" I asked
"ha, you and your fucking problems" she snarled
"what?" I asked
"ringing Harry up yesterday, you really spoiled the moment" she pouted
"the moment?" I asked
"yeah, just because you can't get any, doesn't mean you have to spoil mine and Harry's fun"
"you mean..Harry was with you when I rang him?" I asked as I went over it in my head.
"yes, I do mean Harry was with me when you rang...problem?" she questioned.
"no..none at all, where did you meet up?" I asked
"my bed" she smirked
"uhm.." I began before I swiftly barged past her.

I couldn't believe this...I knew I had a feeling something wasn't right, he said he loved me and this crap but early that day he was going hard like rabbits with fucking Chloe, how was I supposed to trust him let alone love him..what a joke, she's probably gone for a booty call now, while I'm at the studio. They were meant for each other. Although this pissed me off, I tried not to think about it, I had some business to attend to.

I got a taxi there and headed in with modest footsteps.

"name?" asked a woman at the desk
"Taylor Fisher" I replied, looking around at all the photography on the walls.
"no appointments for a Taylor Fisher sorry" she apologised
"uhm, there must be a mistake, Ella..she rang me up just an hour ago inviting me in, could you ask her?" I asked
"I'm afraid she's busy sor-" the uptight woman said before she got interrupted.
"Taylor darling" Ella began as she clipped over in her bright red stilettos.
I smiled at her but not too smiley just incase I came across a little weird.

Ella Jenkins, head of 'You're Beautiful' magazine.

She was wearing a red suit, very posh.

"do come to my office" she said as she gestured me to follow her.


"umm, yes" Ella said to herself
"oooh" she added as she turned to the last page of my portfolio.

She closed my book and made eyecontact with me make me squirm a little.


There was slight pause.

"you're definitely unique Tasha.." she said
"Taylor" I corrected
"hm, I'm not sure you're quite what we're looking for" she said biting the inside of her cheek.
"oh.." I began
"but I will give you a chance to prove yourself.." she offered
"of course, I'll try anything" I nodded eagerly.
"how about.. You work on our 'grunge' look" she suggested
"I'll give it a go.."
"no Tasha, you won't just give it a go, people would die for this offer I'm giving you, you will do your best and prove me wrong, understood" she demanded
I nodded enthusiastically.

"7th of January.." she said
"pardon?" I asked
"that's when I expect you to be here with your photographs.." she announced
"do I provide my own models"
"yes Tasha you do, not everything is handed out on a plate for you" she snapped.
" thankyou again Mrs Jenkins" I said before hurrying out of her office with my portfolio.

I bit my lip as I wrote 7th of January down on the back of my book.

I went outside the back entrance where things were less over crowded.

"oi.." shouted a voice.
I looked over my shoulder and saw Harry waving to me in his range rover.
This is when I remember what Chloe had said.

I turned my back on him stubbornly and carried on walking.

He then revved up and drove slowly by me.

"what's up?" he asked, winding his window down.
"nothing" I said plainly
"jump in" he offered

I hesitated before getting in.
I decided that he did infact get me this chance an just because of these bootycalls with Chloe had possibly stopped me and Harry being a 'thing' didn't mean we couldn't be friends.

"did it go well?" Harry asked, obviously feeling the tension a little.
"yeah, I have to go back on 7th of January to hand in a little project she gave to me" I revealed
"ah, I see..that's good then" Harry smiled.
"yep" I nodded
"so..what now?" he asked
"I need to see Leon" I said
"oh, why?" Harry half frowned
"because I need to sort my job out" I stated matter of factly.
"oh..I'll come in with you" Harry said
"why, I'll be two minutes?" I pouted
"I know it's just, well..maybe you need some like support" he began
"Support?" I questioned
"well yeah, aren't you telling him about us?" he asked as he drove nearer to the cafe.
"us? Ha" I scoffed
"what do you mean?" Harry asked with a puzzled look on his face.
"there is no us Harry." I blankly said
"but last night?" Harry questioned
"last night was a mistake" I replied
"so you lied? You didn't break up with Leon?" he scowled
"yes but I wish I didn't.." I stated
"I don't understand?"
"well I don't understand either how you have the guts to say that you love me several hours after you had been getting it on with Chloe" I almost shouted.

Harry's face dropped.

"hit a nerve have I?" I asked
"Taylor..." he began
"save it, I'm done with considering having a relationship with you..we are best off being friends" I said but inside it was tearing me apart.
"no, at least hear my side of the story"
"maybe later" I said as he parked up outside the cafe.
"Taylor.." he moaned
"bye Harry, you dont have to wait for me, i can walk home from here thanks" I said before shutting the door on him.

I walked into the cafe and explained myself to a not so happy mrs summers.

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