that homeless girl..(one direction fanfic)

what happens when One Direction cant help but get involved with a runaway called Taylor?

A unexpected romance sparks but can they handle all the mayhem that comes included with Taylor or does everything just fall into a big mess like Taylor's life?


18. Chapter18..

Ok an upload twice in 3days, I kind of owe to the people who follow this story, and things start to pick up a little but yeah....enjoy kids.


"that was rubbish" Leon half laughed as we made our way to the foyer.
"shut up its like my favourite film" I argued giving him a little nudge.
He mocked me but made my voice more higher pitched.
"that was not very heterosexual of you Leon" I raised an eyebrow
"are you calling me gay?" he asked
"there's nothing wrong with being gay rights and all" I teased
"I'm not gay" I demanded
"oh right oh right, keep your knickers on" I teased even more.
"oh shut up, I'm not gay" he rolled his eyes
"maybe you should stop being so defensive over it or people won't believe you" I smirked
"if I was gay I wouldn't be attracted to you..and I definitely would not kiss you" he stated
"wha-?" I started before I was cut off by his lips upon mine.
I was taken aback but I went along with it, I mean he was a great kisser and all no doubt about that but I don't know it felt weird and uncomfortable, maybe due to the surroundings or something, with the feeling that everyone was looking.

He pulled away, taking his hands from my back, mine from his.
I opened my eyes and fluttered them somewhat taking it all in.

"see I'm certainly not gay.." he proved himself right with a tint of smirk on his face.
"no..ehm no you're not are you.." I mumbled.
He grabbed my hand and walked us to his little car.

My lips felt all refreshed, I mean the last kiss I was with Harry four weeks ago, It was a good feeling and my cheeks were constantly blushing.

The car journey was fairly quiet, I kept secretly glancing at leon who had a big smirk across his face.
It made me smirk.
He pulled up outside my settlement.

"so uhm, I guess I'll see you work" I started, unbuckling my seatbelt.
"yeah, you will.." Leon nodded
"I had a nice time tonight" I admitted
"well I'll see you later then?" I smiled as I opened the door.
"wait" he said leaning over to stop my shutting the door.
"yes?" I asked
He said nothing but just kissed me again, this time it was a longer more passionate kiss that made me want more, but that was unlikely to happen, bearing in mind the handbrake and what have you was in the way.

Leon broke the kiss and stared into my eyes for a few moments.

"be my girlfriend?" he said after gulping.
"I..I erm.." I began
Leon didn't break the eyecontact or distance apart from us both.
"yeah, ye okay" I smiled
"I was hoping you'd say that" he smirked before pecking my lips.
"bye, Leon" I smiled before shutting the car door on him.
He drove off and I just couldn't stop myself from smiling, this had been the best day ever.

I practically skipped up to Harry's, my grin still shining.
I was convinced nothing could dampen my mood until I came across face like thunder, Harry Styles.

"I'm back" I smiled
"and?" he mumbled, not looking up from his phone.
"god what's up with you?" i asked as my smile turned into a frown.
"sounds like nothing too" I scoffed
"shut up Taylor" he snarled
"I said shut up!" he almost shouted as he got up and stormed out of the living room.
"Harry..?" I asked as i followed him.
"go away taylor, I mean it" he said firmly.

I hesitated, what would I do?
I took a breath before carrying on.

"Harry, what's the matter?" I asked as I put my hand on his shoulder.
He said nothing but shrugged me off.
"Harry!" I urged.
"no, that's enough" he firmly shouted.
"Harry.." I said once again.
"what don't you understand about enough!" he asked
"look, the movie wasn't that good Harry" I lied to see if I could work out why he was upset.
"I know it was shit" he mumbled
"what?" I questioned
"me and Chloe went.." he admitted
"oh...i didn't think it was that bad"
"it wasn't"
"so your not in a mood because of the film?" I questioned
"'s just a film" he snapped
"me and Chloe broke up ok?" he revealed
"what? why?" I asked, taken aback.
"cos we did ok! can you please just leave me alone now?" 
"but Harry.." I said rubbing his back.
"please taylor, I want to be alone" he pleaded.

I did as he wished and left his bedroom, I felt bad on him, especially as I had such a good night, I felt some what mood had officially been dampened.


"so..ill see you tomorrow then?" Leon said before kissing me.
"yeah.." I said in between kiss.
"get off each other and tidy up Leon, that's what I pay you for" Mrs Summers moaned.
"sorry mum.." Leon groaned
"bye" I smirked, grabbing my bag and heading home.

I knew Louis was heading home today from manchester as he had been to see Eleanor but I didn't know where the hell Harry was.
I got home and strangely the door was open like the door was fully open, I thought it was just a mistake but then I realised it had been forced open.

I panicked, I quietly walked in to see if I could see what had been stolen.
I walked in but it was normal, nothing in sight had been taken.

Then I wondered if it could have just been a fan stealing Harry's underwear or something. 

"so here you are" said a voice before there was a slam of the door.
"Uncle Eric" I gasped
"you are in big trouble" he snarled with his fists clenched as he came closer to me.
"please uncle..I..I'm sorry" I said as I backed away.
"you're sorry?! Do you know your aunt was devastated when you ran away, you upset her which upsets me" he growled still coming closer.
I gulped as I looked towards his fists and back up to his face.

I was so scared, he scared me silly. I was petrified, I hadn't seen him for ages and now he made me realised why I had run away.

"please don't hurt me" I cried
"don't hurt me? You've hurt your aunt and now you don't want to get hurt yourself, you're as selfish as your mother" he laughed spitefully.
"don't bring my mum into this!" I shouted, I wanted to come across as a threat but I was a little mouse up to him so it came out as a plead.

He laughed again before anger filled up in his eyes like it did not so long ago when he used to hurt me.

He raised his hand and slapped me across the face.

I screamed.
I ran, I ran for my life for a safe place. I ran to the only room with a lock, the bathroom.
I ran in and heard the booming running footsteps that followed me.
I locked the door and pushed against the door with my back to be as secure as ever.
I pulled my phone out of my pocket and trembled as I tapped Leon's number into my phone.
I rang and rang but he didn't answer, I rang a fifth time before changing to Harry.

"I will barge this motherfucking door down Taylor!" Eric shouted as he bagan kicking the door.

"hello?" Harry casually said
"Harry Harry please come home" I begged through my sobs.
"taylor calm down, what's going on?" he asked with panic in his voice.
"I'm scared Harry please hurry"
"Taylor? What's happening?" 

I had no time to tell him, Eric had barged in.

I didn't have time to hang up the phone.

"please don't hurt me" I screamed as I curled up near the bath.
"get your filthy trash back home now" he bellowed
"Uncle, I'm happy here, please" I said still curled up.
"I don't give a fuck you will make your aunt happy, you cow" he said before grabbing my hair.
I screamed in pain, he pulled me to the kitchen and practically threw me across the room with putting all his force into pulling my hair.

"sit there" he said picking me back up with my hair and throwing me down on a kitchen stool.
"now you listen to me, you will do what I say?" 
I shook with fear but I nodded as tears fell down my cheek.
"you will no longer stay with your celebrity fucktard friends you will stay with me."
"but I don't want to" I cried
"dont want?" he questioned as he came towards me and placed his hands firmly on my cheeks, hurting me.
"listen to me darling technically i an your guardian, I'm the boss" he snarled with his fag ash breath almost knocking me out.
I shook my head.
I took this opportunity to try get away. I bit one of his arms so he yelped with pain making him let go of my face so I ducked away from him and ran, ran out the flat and down the stairs, tears streaming down my face..I heard him shouting abuse after me, chasing me.

I ran faster but the tears made things blurry making me trip, as i missed a step, falling over, hitting t knees on the marble floor.
He grabbed me, picking me up gently off the floor.
"please I'm sorry don't hurt me" I cried harder, squeezing my eyes shut.
"Taylor, Taylor it's me, Harry" 

I looked up to make sure it was him, i sighed a breathe of relief, I grabbed hold of his blazer as my tears soaked into it.
"it's okay babe, I'm here" he said rubbing my back.


"Harry fucking Styles eh?" a man appeared.
Taylor tensed and backed off.
"who the hell are you?" I asked
"my uncle" taylor mumbled.
Enough was said, she had told me a lot about him in the past and I hated him even though I didn't know him.

"Harry?" Paul asked as he and Steve entered, one directions security guards, i had called them at Starbucks when I got the phone call from taylor, for back up.

"oh too soft to fight your own battles?" Eric boomed
"did he hurt you..?" I asked taylor, ignoring Eric.
"erm.." she said as tears spilled even more.
"Taylor its okay.." I encouraged
"she deserved it!" Eric stated ever so simply.
Taylor looked extremely sorry for herself.
"you make me sick" I angered
Eric laughed

I stormed up to him and before It was too late for Paul to hold me back, I punched Eric square in the face.

"Harry!" taylor cried more than ever.
"calm the fuck down!" Steve grunted as he pulled me back
"That all you got mate..haa" Eric wound me up as he wiped his bust lip.
I struggled out of steves arms but he was too strong, I just wanted to beat the shit out of him.

Taylor was hysterical, at this point.

"what's going on?" said a voice from up the stairs.
"Niall go back upstairs!" Paul ordered
"but-" Niall began
"Niall go back upstairs!" Paul ordered again.
Niall paused.
"Taylor..?" Niall questioned
"Niall!" Paul shouted
Niall ignored him and sped down the stairs and pulled taylor in to a hug.

Taylor wrapped her arms around him.
Niall looked as sorrowful as ever.
My knuckles were hurting.
Paul was fuming.
Eric strutted off, not a care in the world.

"get upstairs the lot of you!" Paul instructed.

I stormed up the stairs, angrier than ever, I rarely got angry but when i did, it took my a while to calm down. knowing this guy hit a woman, especially Taylor, it pissed me off terribly much.

"What the hell do you think you were playing at!?" Paul shouted in my face as I scowled, concentrating on the floor.
"well!?" he asked
"what you wanted me to just stand there!?" I argued
"well I didn't expect you to smack him" Paul huffed.
"you smacked him?" Niall gasped
"shut up you" Paul said pointing to him.

Niall was taken aback but went back to comforting Taylor who was cuddled up to him on the sofa, her eyes were sore and red, and her face at the left side was starting to bruise terribly.

"you better start hoping that guy hasn't reported you" Paul said as he paced back and forth.
"I can't get done I was looking out for Taylor" I stated as I stood up and scowled.
"well in the eyes of the law, 'looking out for Taylor' sometimes doesn't cut it!" Paul said before pushing me back down in my seat.

I started to worry at that point, maybe things went too far, I should have kept my cool, i could be in deep shit, our fans could hate us because of me. I started to panic.

"but, but..taylor, I was sticking up for you" I quivered as I chewed on my lip.

Taylor looked up at me and nodded slightly.

"Harry what were you thinking?" Paul shook his head.

At this point the doorbell rang.

"wait there.." Paul ordered.
I sniffed and did as I was told.

A few moments later a middle aged woman rushed in.

"Aunt Moira?" Taylor questioned before running into her arms.
"its okay hunny" Moira rocked taylor as she stroked her hair.
"I'm sorry" Taylor mumbled
"don't be sorry baby, it's okay, I'm okay" she said
"but uncle Eric.." taylor gulped
"Eric told me everything...he is at home, he has come over here to make me beg for you to not to press charges" she announced.
"oh.." taylor said, backing off.

I stood up about to object but Paul pushed me back down.

"look, I know that curly haired boy hit him but he's much older and he hit you I know what hes like he said he'll keep away as long as you forget this ever happened..please Taylor, I need him" Moira begged
Taylor nodded.
"oh T..listen, I promise I'll make sure we never come near you again, I can't thankyou enough" Moira grinned.
"don't you care about me" taylor sniffed.
"I do but Eric is my husband...he comes first" Moira stated
"I think you should" Niall said standing up.
Moira glared at him.
"go" Taylor agreed
"just go..I don't want to see you again" taylor said before pressing her lips together.

Moira paused before leaving in a hurry.

"that was lucky.." Paul said
"mm" I nodded

Taylor swiftly left the room.

"that girl will get you in deep shit Harry" Paul whispered
"I don't care, she's my friend" I scoffed
"friend or not, your music comes first, this is the last straw Harry, I mean it" Paul warned.
"whatever" I mumbled
"I've finished the door Paul" Steve gruffed.
"great. now behave, I'll see you at that Christmas do on Friday" he said before he left with his right hand man Steve by his side.

"wow.." Niall said once they had left.
"don't.." I said putting my hands on my head.
"no I mean, I would have done the exact same..." Niall said
"you would?" I half frowned as I looks up, surprised.
"yes!" Niall nodded
"so you don't hate me?" I asked
"do I balls, you were brave" Niall stated
"but..I could have possibly ruined our career" 
"yeah but you didn't, get over it..maybe you should see to Taylor" Niall said.
"shall I wait here?" he asked
"nah it's okay, I think we will be fine" I sighed
"oh okay.." he said before leaving.

I slipped into Taylor's room and closed the door behind me.

"Taylor.." I gulped.
She was just sat on the with her knees up to her chin.

"yeah?" she asked
"are you okay?" I asked
"I've been better, how about you?" 
"I'm top notch" I half laughed
"you know the worst thing?" she asked
"what?" I questioned.
"it was just a little knock in my life, something i can deal with, but I put your career in danger, that's not right" she said focusing on me.
"Taylor I don't car-" I started, rubbing her leg but she cut me off.
"no Harry, I can't do this" she said pushing my hand off her leg and sliding off her bed.
"what?" I asked confused.
"I'm moving out.." she said opening her drawer.
"no..what? No" I demanded.
"yes Harry..I nearly lost you your music career, your dream, I can't be the reason for that" she said carrying on.
"stop" I said shutting her drawers.
"Harry!" she shouted 
"no.." I urged her.
"Harry please don't make this harder than it already is.." she begged
"Taylor please..wait a few days, just please don't leave me"
"Harry.." she sighed
"please?" I begged
"come on Harry we have to be realistic, this isn't working" she said as a tear rolled down her cheek.
"it is, it is! I want you to stay.." 
"Harry please just don't do this" she sniffed.
"Taylor, don't leave..I..I love you" I blurted out.

I didn't know why I just really wanted her to stay and it made sense to say those three words and it seemed to work. She stopped moving her clothes and turned to me.

"wha-what?" she questioned, I knew she heard what I said.
"I said..I you" I mumbled.
She laughed a little.
I frowned a little.
"wait are you serious?" she half spluttered.
"yes, why not.."
"I erm ..I thought you were joking" Taylor smirked a little.
"no..well I know it sounds stupid but it's true I do" I said holding her hand
"Harry stop being so cringey, you're just in broke up with Chloe yesterday, stop kidding yourself, I saw how upset you were" she stated
"T, I wasn't upset because of that" I half laughed
"I don't understand..." she said, looking puzzled.

There was a pause.

"I saw you and Leon kissing in the cinema lobby" I revealed.
"what?" she said as her face dropped.
"don't you understand, I don't want Chloe, I want you" I said letting it all out.
"but.." she began

"Taylor!?" a voice shouted before the door burst open.
Taylor moved her hand away from mine as fast as you could say Leon.

"Leon?" Taylor said as she walked towards him.
"Are you okay? I only just got your missed calls?" he asked
"I'm okay..Harry came its okay" she told him.
"oh.." he said looking at me.
"yeah, you should have come quicker" I said plainly.

I was feeling worse now, Taylor had completely ignored how I was pouring my heart out about how much I loved her and yet she still found Leon more interesting, maybe me telling her was too late, man I felt embarrassed.

"what happened babe?" Leon asked
"babe?" I questioned
"yeah, didn't taylor tell you..we're together now" 

That's when I felt a big dick.

"erm leon, go wait in the living room, I'll be there in a tick" taylor said as Leon  followed her instructions.

"leave it.." I sighed

She hesitated before leaving the room.

I ran my fingers through my hair.
Today was just as worse as it was yesterday.

I went to my room and sat and went on twitter a little while.

I tweeted a few fans to cheer me up.

My phone started to buzz.

Louis: I will be back tomorrow instead, El has a free night from uni:D

I replied: have a nice time, don't rush back..

I got up from my bed and headed to the kitchen.

I was about to make some dinner when Taylor entered.

"Leon's gone.." she announced
"oh..right" I shrugged, without even looking at her, my back towards her.
She grabbed my hand and turned me around.

"Leon has gone..we broke up" she revealed.

My heart did somersaults.

"oh..I'm sorry" I lied as I hid my smirk through my remorse.
"why are you sorry? What you said made me think, I know this is crazy but I love you too" she said before grinning.

My heart flipped even more.

"I know I'm such a hassle but today has made me realise that I can count on you with anything..and I understand if you don't want to be with me because I'm so much trouble and-" she said but I cut her off with a kiss.

A kiss which sent sparks flying, a long deep kiss, much like the one we had before I went to America.
I moved from her lips and pursued to kiss her neck, making a little groan slip from her mouth.

"Harry..stop" she said but I carried on.
"Harry.." she giggled, pushing me away.

"T.." I moaned
"can we just take things..slow?" she asked
"how slow?" I teased, kissing her lips.
she smirked pushing me away and leaving the room.

She left me wanting more..I've never felt this way before, I just knew it felt was right..yknow?

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