that homeless girl..(one direction fanfic)

what happens when One Direction cant help but get involved with a runaway called Taylor?

A unexpected romance sparks but can they handle all the mayhem that comes included with Taylor or does everything just fall into a big mess like Taylor's life?


17. Chapter17..

right so I know I'm like 3weeks late with this chapter but I do have a fairly worthy explanation, you see I went to Louis charity football match the other week and no joke I was going shit crazy, I was so hyped and I touched Louis' face, yep I just legit wiped my hand down his cheek, stubble adhskajgaka. Anyway at the end of the match we wanted to see if they would come back out and stuff so we ran to the barriers and someone stole my iPod within this running and jumping..fucking cunts, who steals at a CHARITY football match? (I rang the stadium and nothing turned up so it must have been stolen)  it makes me so mad..anyway I upload from my iPod and well I had to wait a few week for a new third iPod in 6month..I know I should take more care but ohwell, life goes on. So yeah now I have my iPod back and I should be uploading more frequently maybe twice a week who knows?...unless it gets stolen again then I don't know what the hell will happen, harharhar..but do you know the worst thing? I got a few good pictures of Louis on the pitch and stuff but even worse, I fucking got a picture with daisy his little sister.. but I touched Louis' stubble so yaa..

Oh and the twitter accounts in this chapter an any future chapters and used in a meaningful in any way shape or form i just made them up, well apart from Harry's.

Anyway enough about me..enjoy lovelies xoxoxoox


I gradually woke up until I find myself glancing at my alarm clock, it read 00:47, I let out a sigh. I turned my pillow over to the cold side of the pillow and tried to get comfortable but my tummy grumbled, reminding me that I actually hadn't ate anything in a while.

I groaned to myself before pulling the quilt off of me and moving out of bed.
I slipped on Leon's hoodie he let me borrow like last week which I had actually just forgot to give back, it was the warmest thing I could find in reach, so the only option for me.

I opened my bedroom door and surprisingly, all the house was practically lit up like Blackpool illuminations, strange..why would the lights be on?
I trekked to the kitchen, my eyes half shut. I walked in, Harry was sat at the kitchen table, scrolling through his phone.

"why you here?" I asked, startling him a bit, he glanced up at me.
"this is my home" he replied
"no, I mean why aren't you at that party thing?" I asked as I opened the cupboard.
"oh right yeah, it wasn't even's actually next week" he rolled his eyes.
I laughed
"it's not funny, I could have been in bed" he moaned
"oh well..where's Louis?" I asked as I scanned the cupboard for something appetising to eat.
"he's gone to Eleanor's I think.." Harry said as he locked his phone.
"ah, I see..what about Chloe? Are you seeing her?" I asked
"erm, well I've been texting her, she's probably coming tomorrow" 
"oh you want any noodles?" I asked him
"no-actually yes" 
"okay.." I said as I set up the oven and stuff.

We spoke until the noodles were ready. After we'd finished and washed up we decided to watch a bit of telly while he went on his twitter on his mac.

"you should make a twitter.." he suggested
"I don't think I could..I'd never go on it, I'd probably get death threats"
"no, not if I tell them youre my bud" he smirked
"hm, well ok" I agreed

Harry set me up as 'Taylor_xo'
He put my name as 'I love Harry styles.'

"Harry.." I giggled
"what? You do" he shrugged before proceeding to activate my account.
"okay now a picture" he asked
"I don't have any nice ones really" I said screwing my face up.
"shut up, look we have a few on my phone" he said opening up his phone.

We flicked through his pictures, laughing at some goofy ones we took, then he stopped on one where we're at the studio and I'm gripping on to his arm, giving a proper cheesy grin with my nose screwed up and my eyes close and Harry's doing that smirk he does  which defines his dimples, watching me being a geek.

"that one" I grinned
"oh you look nice" he mocked
"I do..I particularly like the wrinkles on my nose" I smirked.
He then did a smirk that resembled the picture before clicking on upload.

"ok about a first tweet?" he asked
"hm ok..what shall I write?" I asked him.
"well..what's on your mind right now?" he wondered.

I thought and probably thought too hard, I mean he was asking me a question, but there was just one thing that sprang to mind..not that I would tweet it but- the kiss, like it was just abandoned, no mention, no nothing.

"Taylor?" Harry questioned
"uh.." I stuttered, my face flushing red at my thoughts.
"are you okay?" 
"yeah, just a fever yknow..I know what I will write" I said, snatching his mac off him.

Taylor_xo: I would like to thank my smelly friend, @Harry_Styles for setting me up a new twitter, lyl

It took Harry a few moments to read my tweet from his iPhone.

"oi!" he laughed before tapping away at his iPhone.

I searched my twitter timeline for a moment with all the famous verified people I followed, the only people I was truly interested in.
I did have twitter before but I forget what my name was, so it was irrelevant. I refreshed my timeline when I saw 2 new tweets.

Harry_Styles: Everybody follow my buddy @Taylor_xo , she likes noodles.

Harry_Styles: @Taylor_xo oh and I don't smell, you're the one who smells smelly, I can smell you from over on the other couch 

"that tweet is rude Harry" I smirked before cooking up a reply.
That's when my mentions and followers list blew up.

I scrolled through my mentions.

1Dforever: omg you are the girl who lives with Louis and Harry

1Directiomer: so you're in the same room?

ILiveFor1D: are you related to Harry? How come you live with them?

Harry4maise: HARRY AND MAISE FOREVER, fu whore

Charryshipper: flirting? What about Chloe?

So many tweets, too many to take in.

"so, How's your mentions?" Harry smirked
"ehm, yeah they're mad" I half laughed
"if anyone is mean to you, you ignore them, you hear?" Harry warned
"yes, I know what your fans are like" i smirked
"em excuse me, don't diss my babes" he raised an eyebrow
"erm excuse me, I was one of them a while ago you know" raising my eyebrow also.
"oh yeah..part of the directioners gang yes?" Harry asked
"yes Harry.." I nodded as I continued scrolling down my twitter page.

I wrote another tweet.

Taylor_xo: had some really tasty noodles, I'm a fab cook.. I actually am

Harry_Styles: I told you @Taylor_xo likes noodles

Taylor_xo: go to bed @Harry_Styles

I checked my followers and I already had 24k, mad.

I passed Harry his laptop back.

"I'm so tired but stupid timezones.." Harry moaned as he switched it off
"aw poor harry" I said pulling a sad face.
"I know" he replied pulling a similar face.

"I've been asleep all day but I want to get rid of these sniffles so I'm off to bed" I replied
"ok, actually same" he said standing and switching off the TV

I began to walk to my room.

"oh and I want my hoodie back" he joked.
"this? it's not yours" I said referring to the jumper.
"that's not Louis' is it?" Harry half frowned.
"no, it's Leon's" I half laughed
"oh..yeah Leon" he mumbled
"Dont you like him?" I asked as I stood outside the bathroom speaking to him as he went to wash.
"I dunno, it's just i dont want you getting hurt.." 
"he's not like that..he's nice" I replied
"yeah well.."
"well what?" I asked
"never mind.." he finished

I tutted before heading to bed.

I slipped into bed and almost instantly fell asleep.


*three days later*

"Harry give it back!" Chloe squealed
"come get it.." Harry teased her as I sat on the couch and watched on as Harry was wafting her phone around in the air.
"Harry, give.." she protested
"please?" he asked
"please??" she begged
"no.." he laughed before jumping off the sofa and running off.

I don't know what had got into him but he was being strange, like he wouldn't normally do that, maybe he was just showing off to Leon as I'd invited him round after work.

"her voice goes right through me.." Leon mumbled in my ear.
"you're telling me..Harry's brave" I half laughed.
"does she know how loud she is being or..?" Leon smirked
"no..she's a ditzy cow" I smirked
"I know..T, I've been meaning to ask you something.." Leon began

I looked into his eyes, my tummy started tying itself in knots, like his eyes were being serious and stuff, like he was going to ask me like something important.

"uhm.." he stuttered "are you working tomorrow?" he burst out.

Not that important, I swear he wanted to ask something else but I wasn't going to question it.


Chloe collapsed on the bed with fits of giggling, she started moving around a little bit, on my white sheets with her orange fake tan, I acted casual.

"so, where to tonight?" she asked siting up.
"huh?" I asked
"like where we going out?" she asked
"how about we get an Italian?" I suggested
"how about no, you always choose boring things" she rolled her eyes.
"stop being ungrateful.."
"I'm not!" she replied
I tutted.
"if your going to be like that, I'll go" she said getting up, I couldn't be arsed when she was being an utter drama queen..I let her go.
She grabbed her bag and walked out my bedroom door in her UGGs, she strutted back in.

"so I'll go get ready and then I'll be back in like 4 hours, but we're not having an Italian" she demanded
"okay, bye babe.." I mumbled

She left the building and I headed to the sofas and switched on my mac.

I was scrolling through twitter when Taylor came dashing in.

"guess what!" she grinned
"what?" I asked
"The last twilight saga premieres tonight and guess who got tickets?" she grinned even wider.
"oh not twilight.." I moaned
"Harry! These cost me lots of money..I wanted to say thankyou for all you have done for me and you see I love these movies so I thought you would" she said pulling a disappointed face.
"aw T..I don't want any thank yous, how many times?"
"shut up, you're coming.." she ordered
"I really would like to it's just Chloe and I are off out and stuff" I sighed
"aw...suit yourself then, you're just going to miss out on all the fun" she joked
"probably..look why don't you get a refund?" I asked
"no theres no need, i may as well ask Leon if he will come.." she smiled
"oh.." I replied, I didn't really want her to go with Leon, he seemed too nice.

He probably just wanted sex.

"are you okay with that?" she asked
"yeah..uh yeah yeah fine" I nodded unconvincingly.
"well yeah, I best ring him then.." she said as she darted off to the phone.

I sighed and wished I was going with her, I mean as much as Chloe meant the world to me, Taylor got me more..we were more alike, we had more fun.


"so..where are we going then haz?" Chloe asked as she clip clopped in wearing her heels and her tight leatherish dress.
"hm, I haven't decided" I shrugged as I did up my shirt.
"Harry..forgodsake" she rolled her eyes.

at that moment I got a text.

T: you're going to miss out on a lot of fun styles..x

I smirked to myself.

"who's that?" Chloe asked as she walked over.
"Louis.." I lied as I locked my phone.
"oh what did he want?" she wondered as she applied more of her bright red lipstick in front of the living rooms fairly large mirror.
"nothing really, he just sent me a joke"
"oh..right.." she nodded, pressing her lips together.
"hey erm..why dont we go to the cinema..I heard that a new twilight is out" I suggested.
"Harry are you serious? You don't like twilight" she pointed out
"'s better than an italian" I joked
"probably..ok then, let's go" she agreed.
"right.." I smiled

Maybe we would see Taylor, who knows.


"well this is crap.." Chloe whispered
"it's ok.." I shrugged
"shh" somebody moaned from the blackness.

We were half way through twilight saga and I was pretty miffed that I hadn't seen Taylor or Leon but saying the least the cinema was full, I was surprised we got tickets to be honest oh and it was dark as it was, so that made it hard to see too.

Once the film had finished the lights in the cinema rose.
I scanned the room to see if I could spot them, and I actually did.
They were laughing about something.
They were holding hands..she said they were just friends, ha.

"what now?" Chloe asked
"uhm I don't know" I replied but still looking upon Taylor and Leon who were making their way to the exit.
"who are you looki- hey wait that's taylor" Chloe half frowned
"oh yeah, so it is.." I acted surprised
Chloe hesitated.
"I knew you hated twilight!" she said giving me a little push
"uh..uhm" I struggled
"you just wanted to come here because of her" she pouted
"no Chloe, I did not know she was coming.."
"you liar! You've had your eye on her ever since you invited her to live with you.." she said as her eyes filled up a little.
"that's not true babe.." I said trying to pull her in for a hug, I wanted to calm her down, bearing in mind we were stood practically in the foyer where it was bustling with people who were over hearing our tiff.
"don't call me babe..I bet you call her babe too" she said almost shouting.
" I dont, Chloe stop shouting" I moaned
"dont you dare tell me to stop shouting! It's always been her, I'm second best and I shouldn't be I'm your girlfriend!" she shouted
"sh..people are looking" I urged her
"no I won't sh, I want the world to know that you are the worlds worst boyfriend and that..and that we're over!" she shouted as tears spilled down her cheeks.

I stood there mortified at what just happened while Chloe stormed off in her heels.
What just happened? 
Worlds worst boyfriend?
She was wrong, for sure ..girls would die to be my girlfriend, I couldn't be that bad ..and that kiss with taylor was forgotten, I could control myself I could..she was just mistaken. It turned into such a bad night.

I sighed as I moped off further towards the exit, I stopped in my tracks as i set my eyes up something worse that topped my bad night off to the max..Taylor and Leon. To the left of the front door, both oblivious to their surroundings, lost in a kiss.

That night turned into the worst night ever.
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