that homeless girl..(one direction fanfic)

what happens when One Direction cant help but get involved with a runaway called Taylor?

A unexpected romance sparks but can they handle all the mayhem that comes included with Taylor or does everything just fall into a big mess like Taylor's life?


16. Chapter16..

ok, I'm just going to skip a few week so I don't bore you ok? cool.
but woo new chapter


"Niall, fuck off!" Louis said, pushing Niall out of the way.
"hey!" Niall frowned before pushing him back.
They ended up squabbling in the middle of the airport.
I just wanted to get home, America was good it's just home is where the heart is right?

I had rung Taylor a few times actually and she did seem ok..well I hoped she was coping bearing in mind she was only 17.
None of us had told her we were coming back..we just wanted to surprise her I guess.

We all boarded on to the plane for a fairly long journey home..sigh.


"Come round to ours later if you like..we'll get a pizza and a DVD" Louis offered the others as we parted in the corridor of our complex.

I mentally sighed, I was so jet lagged and as much as I love them, spending so much time with boys does have a big effect to be honest..but try saying no to Niall's baby's impossible.



*Earlier the same day*

I was totally bed bound.
I had caught a bug off Mrs Summers- Leon's mum.
My throat was sore, making my voice croaky, and I had the sniffles.
I decided to take the day off work.

I forced myself up out of bed, wrapping my duvet around me, shuffling to the house phone.
I dialled Leon's number and waited for an answer as I made my way over to turn the heating up, I was frozen.

I hadn't took advantage of the heating or the gas or the money Harry and Louis gave me..I felt greedy so I just scrimped an scraped on my minimum wage most of the time, they had been gone for almost 4 week!
I didn't know how much longer I could last, I wondered when they would be back. I wondered if they would be back for Christmas.

Leon finally answered after several attempts.

"Hi T.." he began
"I'm ill" I croaked, cutting things short.
"oh are you okay? do you want me to come round?" he panicked
"no, no it's just I dont think I'll be able to come into work" I explained
"oh that's mum will probably get my dad in" he laughed
"oh thanks..tell her I'm sorry and I will be back in after the weekend" I sniffled.
"oh she won't care..look it's my day off college today, I'll come round" he suggested
"Leon don't worry, I'll be fine, honestly, I wouldn't want you to catch anything" I replied
"it's fine, I ain't bothered..look ill bring your favourite DVD round"
"Leon.." I rolled my eyes but I did truly want him to come round, he makes me happy, bless him..he was so good to me.

Over the past weeks he had been helping me out an stuff, plus he had taught me how to bake a cake and cook spag bol and tuna pasta bake! I was pretty good if I do say so myself.
He was my newest best friend.
Sometimes I thought I liked him more than just a friend but I couldn't ruin our was too good.

"I know you can't say no to a bit of Finding Nemo.." he teased.
"I am partial to a bit of Pixar" I smirked to myself.
"sorted.." he replied.
"aw you're amazing Leon..oh and can you pick me up some strepsils on your way you" I encouraged
"no problem..I'll be over in 15..bye" he said before hanging up.

bless him.
I placed the phone back on it's stand and wandered to the kitchen.
I switched on the kettle and managed to make myself a hot chocolate.

I sat on a stool, huddled in my duvet while I sipped my drink.
I honestly felt like death..but I was looking forward to a DVD fest today..It beat doing work anyday.

It wasn't long before the doorbell rang. I sloped off to answer it and it was Leon, he had brought two carrier bags over.

"I brought dinner..microwave meals for two" he winked
"aw you're a babe.." I smiled
"ok I'll put them on the top..oh and here's your strepsils.." he said holding them up.
"aw what would I do without you eh?" I replied.
"And I got monsters inc too"
"love it.."
"right..go settle yourself on the sofa and I'll be there in two ticks.."
"nah, I want to watch it in bed.." I croaked before walking to my bedroom.
"fine..fair enough" he replied
"don't be ages!" I moaned as I threw my duvet back over my mattress and slid into bed.

I covered myself up while Leon switched the DVD on.

"budge up" he said as he opened up the left side of the duvet letting some cold air in.
I squished up a little and he slid in, pressing the play button.


"pass me a tissue please.." I sniffled as I lifted my head up from Leon's chest.
By the time monsters inc had started we were cuddled up together, sharing body heat of course..I was feeling better already..ha.

"Leon.." I began
"yeah?" he questioned
"can we watch something different?" I asked
he tutted.
"can we not just watch the end of this?" he asked
"aw fine.." I moaned

I decided to let my eyes close, the film was boring me..I had seen it so many times and wasn't in the mood for a kids movie I guess.

I was about to drift off when the bedroom door opened.
As I nearly jumped out of my skin as the door hit the drawers.

"Louis?" I gasped, sitting up as my vision came back to me.
"we're home" he said with little enthusiasm as he studied the position I was sat in with Leon..he had a similar expression on his face as Harry who was standing a few steps behind him.
I decided to ignore their expressions, and just question their existence here in London.

"What are you doing back?" I asked
"what? you don't want us back?" Louis raised an eyebrow
"no..I just can't believe you're back!" I smiled
"you don't seem too excited" Harry stated.
I hesitated.
"she's ill" Leon butted in.

Harry frowned a little.

" that why you're in bed together or..?" harry asked.

Louis let out a laugh before stopping himself realising the tension as it built before his very eyes.

"uhm.." Leon began.

I felt the pressure he was under by harry and decided to but in, totally over reacting so the whole bed thing was forgotten.

"I've missed you guys so much!" I grinned as much as I could, getting up out of bed to pull Louis and Harry both in to a hug.
Louis gave me a strong squeeze while Harry was reluctant to react.

"aw hunny, what's the matter with you then?" Louis asked
"just a chesty cough..nothing serious" I half smiled
"aww" louis exaggerated.
"did you have a good time then?" I asked
"loved was amazing!!" Louis bragged.
"goood, hope you didn't miss me too much?" I joked
"don't worry we didn't" Harry butted in.
I rolled my eyes.
"uhm..I think I'm going to go, I'll let you guys catch up" Leon said as he got out of my bed and put his jacket on.
"oh..okay, I'll see you later then" I said as I pulled him in for a hug. "and thanks for today're amazing" I smiled
"no problem.." he winked as he left.

"spill the beans then?" Louis smirked
"huh?" I questioned
"you and lover boy" he continued to smirk.
"Nothing is going on..we're just great friends" I smiled
"looked like it as well" Harry mumbled
"yeah" I nodded
"yeah" Harry nodded
"so.." I urged him to continue, I knew he would have something to say.
"so ..nothing.." he shrugged
"right then.." I replied
"anyway.." Louis butted in.
"where are the others, I'm dying to see them" I grinned
"they're coming round later for pizza and stuff" Louis beamed
"smashing.." I smiled.
Louis smiled.
"so...did you get me a present" I joked
"erm.. " Louis hesitated
"joke Louis.." I smiled
"oh.." he said before laughing and rolling his suitcase into his bedroom.
"here.." Harry said holding something out in his hand.

I looked down into his hand and it was a little box.

"Harry..I was joking" I almost refused.
"take it" he encouraged pushing further towards me.
I looked at him before back at the little box which had 'Tiffany & co' written on it.
I gave a little sigh before taking the box.
I opened the box and it was a necklace.
A silver horseshoe necklace.

( a cute picture of the necklace aw.. )

"horse shoes represent good luck" Harry stated
"'s beautiful" I gasped through my sore throat.
Harry half smiled and nodded.
I grabbed him and pulled him into a cuddle, breathing in his cologne that I had so deeply missed.
I don't know why but I began to cry.
I'm such a doofus.

"Taylor..why are you crying?" Harry asked, pulling me to face view.
"I've just missed you guys so much" I sniffed
"oh T..I've missed you loads too" he smiled, giving me a kiss on the forehead.
I pulled him back in for a hug once more, I held him tight and didn't let go until like 15 seconds later.

"Harry.." Louis interrupted.
"uh yah?" he questioned
"phone" he said handing him over the phone.
Harry left my side and went into Louis room to speak.

I closed the box and slipped it in my jogging bottoms pocket.

"who was it?"
"Management about some dinner party ball we have to attend tonight..apparently it's important" Louis sighed.
"that's've just got back" I pouted
"you're telling me" Louis agreed
"mm" I mumbled
"Zayn will be annoyed. that boy wishes he could sleep all the time..I'll doubt he'll even make it through the day" Louis half laughed to himself
"so I guess another night alone for me then tonight.." I sighed
"I wish that was my case..I hate dinner party balls they're to high maintenance for me.." Louis moaned
"I can imagine.." I half laughed to myself imagining how much Louis is out of place standing next to high profile mature adults.
"hey!" He frowned with a tone of amusement in his voice.
"what?" I smirked innocently.
he squared his eyes at me before heading down the corridor to the kitchen probably.

I opened the box back up and admired the necklace.
it looked very expensive..I wondered how much he had bought it for?
I hated the fact that he had bought me this even though I probably owed him like £10000 already.

I wasn't ungrateful..I loved it.
it was the most precious gift I had ever been given.

"ok bye then" Harry huffed down the phone as he came back in contact with me.
"dinner party ball?" I smirked
"it's a joke.." he shook his head
"don't worry'll be fine" I smirked
"Christmas isn't until like two weeks, why is it so early?" he questioned
"hm.." I shrugged.
"we'll have to catch up tomorrow or something..we have to head over to the Lou's house..she said she would style us" he sighed
"okay, look thanks again for the's beautiful" I smiled
"i knew you'd love it" he smiled

I gave him one last hug before going back to bed. I decided to sleep my cold off.

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