that homeless girl..(one direction fanfic)

what happens when One Direction cant help but get involved with a runaway called Taylor?

A unexpected romance sparks but can they handle all the mayhem that comes included with Taylor or does everything just fall into a big mess like Taylor's life?


15. Chapter15..

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I was in a deep sleep when a loud ringing noise disrupted me.
I shit myself.
I thought I was dreaming but it was too accurate to be a dream.
I got up out of bed and opened my bedroom door.

the ringing noise stopped but I carried on walking to the kitchen where there was a strong burning smell.

"fucking hell.." I heard Louis say.
"why didn't she check on them..?" Harry moaned.

the pizzas.

"uh..are they ruined?" I asked as I kind of shuffled in to the smoke.

they both turned around.

"stupid question?" Harry raised an eyebrow..I only managed to see him do that through the smoky kitchen.
"god, you're being so annoying Harry, what's wrong with you!?" I snapped
"with me!? nothing is wrong with me" he replied
"bull..if you're going to be like that you can get lost..I don't want to speak to you" I replied before turning on my heel and heading back to my room.

"how can you call me annoying!?" he asked following me.
"you are!" I exclaimed
"you're ungrateful, that's what you are" he replied
"what?" I turned around.
"I said you're ungrateful! I do all this for you, a house, food and dedicate half my life running around after you yet all I get in return is mood swings and're doing my head in" he said almost shouting.

I shook my head, and fought back the tears, I really thought Harry didn't mind me at all but now he just got everything off his chest, basically saying he hated my existence.

"oh so you finally got everything off your hate me, you actually hate me" I said before pressing my lips together.
Harry frowned but said nothing.

"well then.." I said before closing my bedroom door on him.
normally because he was Harry, he would run after me and tell me he was sorry and apologise..but this time he didn't, he just left me to fall asleep covered in my own tears.

I woke up around 2am, and found myself thinking about how I would get round this and how I could end up homeless again if I left, I knew it was a big risk but why would I stay somewhere, when I clearly wasn't's not ideal.
I genuinely thought Harry liked me as a friend but now looking back I did kind of seem ungrateful..just ashamed to admit it.
Harry had done everything for me recently yet I just threw it back in his face, he must think I'm such a bitch.

I knew I had to make things right..just because it was the right thing to do, I knew if it wasn't for Harry I'd be screwed. I planned to apologise first thing in the morning.

I tried to stop thinking and get back to sleep but I heard some shuffling about outside my door.
being the brave kid I was, I tiptoed to the door and being safe I grabbed the nearest weapon I could find, my hair brush..I had a images of it a robber or something..or maybe a fan girl or worse..

I mentally counted myself down from 3 and opened the door swiftly threatening whoever was there with my brush.

Harry let out a 'woaah'

"Harry!" I squealed
"what the hell?" he asked directing the hair brush.
"oh..I thought you were..nevermind ..what you doing?" I said putting the hairbrush down.
"nothing" he mumbled before carrying on to search through a drawer outside my bedroom.
"looks like nothing too.." I rolled my eyes..I knew I had to apologise but at least when he was being civil with me.
"just go back to bed taylor" he demanded
"no.." I refused
"look, I don't really want to talk to you right now..I'm busy so please, just go away" he replied
"no" I said again
Harry sighed.
"you're a pain in the backside" he shook his head.
Harry tutted before he rifled through some papers.
"what are you looking for?" I repeated.
"just finding my US driving license" he replied.
"why?" I asked stupidly.
"cos..We're leaving for US tomorrow" he replied bluntly.
"what?" I gulped
"I would have told you sooner but you were in a mood so.." he stated.
"for the last time! I wasn't-" I began before I stopped myself..I knew I had to be fair to Harry. "I'm sorry" I sniffed.
"what?" he asked stopping what he was doing.
"I said..I'm sorry, look I understand why you hate me, I'm ungrateful and everything I just wish we never met because I have caused you so much trouble and-"
"you wish we never met?" he asked looking saddened.
"no..of course I wish we met, Harry you are the most important person In my life right make me feel like I am here for a reason, like I'm not worthless or's just if we didn't meet, you wouldn't have had to look after an ungrateful cow like me" I said, as a tear rolled down my cheek.
"oh T..don't cry" he said tucking my hair behind my ears.
"it's just..I'm sorry Harry, can we just be friends?" I sniffed wiping my face on my sleeve.
"Taylor..we were never not friends" he smiled.
I smiled back.
"how long are you going for?" I gulped
"a few week, maybe a month or two" he shrugged looking slightly sad as he began searching for his licence.
"what..what shall I do?" I asked.
"stay here..I want you to, do you understand me?" Harry asked getting all serious.
"I will" I nodded
"yeah, I promise" I nodded
"I just don't want you to leave..I'll give you some money to keep the house up and running and stuff so that won't be a problem" he added
"ok.." I mumbled
"'ll be fine and remember you have Leon your new friend now..he will look after you too right?" he questioned
"maybe..but I don't know" I shrugged
"he will..and Chloe, ill tell her drop by too" he reassured
"Harry..I'll be fine, it's just I don't know what I'll do without you" I looked to the floor.
Harry lifted my chin up.
"look at will be fine, I'll ring you everyday id you want to make sure you're ok..ok?" he said still holding up my chin.
"Harry" I half laughed

he paused and swallowed before looking at my lips and back up to my eyes..I knew where this was going.
he leaned in closer and our noses came in contact with each other before our lips collapsed on to each others, unable to resist each other anymore, we kissed passionately until we were breathless.

Harry had me almost pinned up against a wall, with his hands holding himself up against the wall.
he pulled away from my lips, looking into my eyes and stepping back, as he got his breath back.

I itched my arm awkwardly.
I didn't know where this left us.
"I'm sorry-" he began
"don't be.." I replied shaking my head.
"T.."he began
"Harry..I know you love Chloe.."
"I..I..erm, lets just.." he stuttered
"forget it..?" I asked, raising my eyebrows.
he looked up at my eyes again.
"I'm sorry taylor.." he mumbled
"is fine, honestly" I half smiled.
"look I'm just going back to bed now" I interrupted him just to get away from the awkwardness, turning around to walk away.
"uhm, night" he mumbled
"night" I replied before closing my door behind me.

I slapped my hands against my face and flung myself back on to my bed.
what even just happened?
It was just entirely awkward.
I wish that never happened.
well I'm glad it did cos it was an amazing kiss and yeaah, I don't know there was a kind of spark but..we're friends nothing more! Not to mention that Harry is dating Chloe.
I couldn't believe it..what was he thinking? what the hell was I thinking..oh my god.


I continued looking for my driving license just to take my mind off what had just happened.
What was I doing? I loved Chloe, I did. I just don't know why it happened. It had almost happened that time before but it didn't and I persuaded myself not to do it or think about Taylor in 'that' way but I couldn't control's just, I didn't understand.

Once I found my licence I headed off to bed, not necessarily to sleep.


"get up Harry!" Liam shouted as he stripped the bed quilt off me.
I groaned and tried to warm myself by screwing up my body.
"Harry..we're leaving for the airport in 15minutes" Liam informed.
I groaned once more before sitting up in bed.
that's when I remembered my early morning fumble with Taylor.
I gulped and braced myself for the day ahead.
I sloped out of bed and got dressed.
I picked up my suitcase and rolled it along to near the front door.

"Don't miss me too much Niall- oh hi" Taylor said as she kind of bumped into me as she walked out of the kitchen.
"hey.." I half smiled
"look about last night.." she began quietly.
"les just forget about it ok?" I asked
"right" she nodded
"okay then" I nodded back.

there was then hesitation.

"'ll be gone for quite a while I guess?" she asked
"yeah..I guess" I nodded
"well..I'll miss you Harry" she bit her lip.
"I'll miss you too T.." I agreed.

I paused before pulling her in to a big hug..we embraced the moment until Zayn interrupted us.

"enough..touching, I've just woke up" he joked.
Little did he know we did more than hugging last night..this caused us to pull away uncomfortably.

I coughed awkwardly.

"look I'll miss you guys so much..don't have too much fun without me, will you?" Taylor asked
"As if" Niall smiled
"Uh are coming to wave us off at the airport right?" Louis asked
"I would but I'm working" Taylor shrugged
"shame on you T" Liam smirked
"sorry" she grinned
"bye guys..I'll see you in a couple of months I guess" she said before she waved goodbye.

I couldn't believe I was leaving her here by herself..I truly hoped she wouldn't get in to any trouble while We were gone.

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