that homeless girl..(one direction fanfic)

what happens when One Direction cant help but get involved with a runaway called Taylor?

A unexpected romance sparks but can they handle all the mayhem that comes included with Taylor or does everything just fall into a big mess like Taylor's life?


14. Chapter14..

"HARRY EDWARD STYLES! I'm going to kill you!!" I heard a familiar voice shout.
I sat up straight in bed.
Chloe barged through my bedroom door and threw a newspaper down on my bed.
I glanced down and me and taylor had made front page news.

"well?" Chloe pouted placing a manicured hand on her hip.
"well what?" I questioned swinging my legs out of bed, I had just woke up and wasn't obviously in the mood.
"what's going on?" Louis asked running into my room, in his batman Pjs.
"nothing.." I mumbled
"nothing?! you're cheating on me!" Chloe screeched
"what?" Louis frowned
"false" I simply said as I pulled on my jeans.
"well, how do you explain this?" Chloe asked almost crying.
I sighed.
"Chloe, we were having a laugh I swear..I wouldn't cheat on you babe" I said as I went to give her a hug.
"no! I want you to be honest with me" she said pushing me away.
"I am!!" I insisted.
"is everything ok?" taylor asked as she stood in the doorway in her vest top and pyjama shorts.

"No..nothing is ok..because you're a slut" Chloe snapped.
"wh-" taylor began
"that's uncalled for chlo" I raised an eyebrow.
"not its not! she is a bitch!"
"Chloe..I swear we're just friends!" I insisted
"look me in the eyes and promise me there is nothing going on between you two" she cried.

I gulped before glancing at Taylor..she was gnawing anxiously on her lip, just staring at me.

Louis gave me a nod of encouragement.

I held Chloe's hand and looked her in the eyes.

"Chloe, I promise I only have eyes for you and nobody else..not taylor not nobody..I promise babe" I gulped before giving her a kiss on the cheek.

it was true..honestly.

"ok" Chloe nodded.

"I'm off for breakfast.." Louis butted in before walking off.
"same" taylor mumbled before sloping off.

"what are you doing today then" Chloe sniffed
"I have a meeting with management.." I sighed
"oh..well I'll see you tonight then" she smiled
"yeah..ok" I smiled before giving her a kiss.

"bye" she said grabbing her bag and walking out.

I picked up the newspaper that she had thrown on to my bed to throw into the bin.
I looked at the pictures.
Taylor was laughing her head off and I looked just as happy.
I guess she was cute..I'm glad I had made friends with her, yeah she had been a lot of work but it was a good outcome because she was funny and up for a laugh.


"bye then.." I said before Louis and Harry left to attend a meeting.
I switched on the TV and watched some morning tv.

I still had Harry's promise to Chloe running through my mind..I didn't like Harry as such but I don't know, it just kind of knocked me. I know he loved Chloe and stuff but when he said he had no feelings for just niggled at me inside.
After that he hadnt spoke to me properly or anything. it was rude.

I turned off the TV once daybreak got boring.
I slipped on my slippers and went to go get the post from downstairs.

I picked up the post and scanned through them.
normally none were for me but today there was a particularly large one addressed to me, adding a spice of excitement into my life.

I tore up the envelope and opened up the letter. My GCSE copy had arrived so I could finally get myself a temporary job.
there was nothing I wanted more than a job, I just wanted to pay Harry back and get backon track really and now I had my GCSEs I could find a job.

I did a little jig before reading through them.
I only sent off for them the other day, I wasn't them expecting to come yet..maybe in a few weeks but not now.

I did leave school early but I only had a few weeks left anyway so I had already done my GCSE's so there wasn't much point in staying, I only had a few friends but they wouldn't miss me.

anyway, I hadn't read them yet because obviously hadn't been at home when they arrived so I was eager to know what I had got.

RE: A*

I was happy with A in photography, weehhaay!
I did a twirl in the middle of the room and felt the need to celebrate.
I ran to the fridge and scoffed Louis galaxy bar.
I knew he would kill me but I was a on a high and nothing would kick me down now.

I jumped across the sofas and ran to my room.
I quickly changed into some dark blue denim jeans and a black top and grabbed my cream woollen cardigan and threw it on.
I grabbed my rucksack and threw it on my shoulder, slipping my new ankle shoes on in the process.

I locked the front door behind me.
I didn't know where I was going, I just knew I needed to get out in the fresh air.
I hadn't even brushed my hair, I just ran my fingers through it and buffed it up a little.

I knew I had to replace lou's chocolate bar so I went straight to the co-op in the centre.
I passed a small cafe on the way there, it looked cute and really inviting.
I noticed a sign in the window.
'Help Wanted'
I entered the cafe and walked up to the counter.
I looked around, it was full of mostly old people.

"two seconds, chill mum" said a voice which came from the back of the counter, what I guessed as being the kitchen before the door opened and a boy barged through it with two plates in his hands.

He was wearing a black tee with an apron and black chinos, making it obvious to me that he worked there, he had brown hair and a quiff, making him extremely attractive..he was hot.

"two secs babe" he smiled as he caught my eye and went off to serve the people waiting for there food.

I tapped my fingers rapidly on the counter while reading the menu to cure my boredom.

"hi.." he smiled as he returned to behind the counter.
"hi.." I smiled back
"can I help you?" he asked
"uh yeah..that notice in the window..?" I asked
"oh yeah, the help wanted one?" he asked
"yeah" I nodded
"right and you want to be hired here?" he asked
" it still available?" I wondered
"yeah..I'll get my mum" he smiled before he shouted his mum.

it wasn't long before a small lady came round through the door.
she had glasses and a bob hairdo with a really dull brown hair colour.

"hello?" she almost questioned me.
"uh hi, I was just wondering if you were interested in hiring me to work at your cafe" I half smiled
"well can you clean?" she asked
"yep" I said, trying to convince myself also.
"can you cook?" she asked again
"erm..honestly, not really but I can learn" I convinced, biting my lip.
"I'm sorry but I dont have the time nor patience to teach you.." she replied
"oh.." I sighed
"wait..I can teach you" the boy said.
his mother looked at him suddenly.
"come on mum, we need the help" he shrugged
she hesitated.
"fine" she nodded "don't let me down, you can start cleaning for now if you like" she said throwing me an apron.
"thank you!" I grinned
"no messing me about, understand?" she asked
I nodded eagerly.
"good, now the mop is over there"
"ok" I smiled.
I'd never been so happy to clean up after people.

I worked my skinny arse off all day, talking to Leon at every chance I got. that was his name, he was so nice to me and he had a lovely personality.
he was really easy going and smart an funny and I could carry this list on all day but I didn't want to get myself attached too early if I'm honest.

"finally" he sighed as leon changed the sign to 'closed'.
I mentally had a scream of delight in my head, I hated cleaning if I'm honest but a job was a job..I was in no position to complain.

"I'll teach you now then?" he asked
"yeah" I nodded
"well I could teach you here but..maybe we should buy some ingredients and cook at my house or something because mum will be locking up soon" he replied
"oh okay.." I nodded
"ok ill go tell my mum" he smiled
I put my apron away and he returned.
"we can't go to mine, my mum said she has her sister coming round" he rolled his eyes.
"oh.." I mumbled
"so maybe another day?" he asked
"come to mine? we can cook at mine" I smiled
"oh..won't harry and louis mind?" he asked bearing in mind what I told him earlier.
"nah, they probably won't even be back" I half laughed.
"okay then" he smiled
he said goodbye to his mum before we headed to the co-op.

"so what are we going to cook?" I asked.
"well because I want to be a chef, I make my own pizzas and cakes and stuff for my mums cafe so..I say we make a pizza" he grinned
"a chef? that's aspirational" I smiled
"yeah, this will give me some practice too..I'm having experience at my mums cafe at the mo" he smiled
"cool and pizza, I say we make get the ingredients and I'll go get Louis some chocolate.." I grinned before running to the sweet isle.
I returned to find Leon and he had a trolley full of food.
I was really looking forward to cooking, I wish I had took some interest into it earlier to be honest, Harry cooks and he is really good at it, I wish I was too.

"come on, I'm done" he said reaching the checkout.
we checked out and made out way to his car. His car was a red, really old, dull car that was probably made in 1970's or something, nothing like Harry's car, at least he could drive.

"you're going to fail so bad at this" he smirked as we went upstairs to Harry and Louis' large apartment.
"gee thanks for having faith in me" I rolled my eyes, smirking.
"I do, it's just pizzas are complex" he nodded
"complex, big word for a big boy?" I teased
"yep.." he nodded
"smarty pants" I giggled before walking through the front door.

"just come in" I said gesturing him to come in.
He walked in, carrying all the bags in his hands..very hench.

"Harry?" Louis called
"Taylor" I corrected.
"oh.." he replied as his voice came closer before he came round the corner.
"you don't sound too happy to see me" I raised an eyebrow.
"no it's just Harry's bringing back the popcorn, we were going to watch spiderman with Niall..whos this?" he asked directing Leon.
"Leon..he's my new friend and colleague I guess" I grinned
"ohright?" Leon nodded
"great thanks..nice to meet you" Leon half smiled.
"yeah you too mate..colleague?" Louis asked me
"yeah, I have a job in a cafe down the road" I grinned
"aw that's great" he said giving me a pat on the shoulder.
"I know..Leon is going to teach me how to cook" I smiled
"that's great..just don't mess my kitchen.. Harry will go crazy" Louis smirked
"I will" I grinned cheekily
"it's not me you'll be answering will be haz, pure warning there bud" he winked before returning to the living room.

"kitchen it is" I smiled to Leon as we headed to the kitchen.


"now what?" I asked as Leon shoved both pizzas into the oven.
"we wait until they're cooked"
"ok..but you're jel of my pizza though?" I smirked
"nope.." he shook his head slightly
"I think soo..I'll be a pro in no time" I smiled
"what? like me?" he smirked
"yeahh, like you.." I grinned
"come here.." he said grabbing a damp cloth.
"what?" I questioned.
"just come here.." he demanded cheekily.
I hesitated before edging closer to him.

"you have flour on your nose" he smirked.
He wiped the damp cloth against my nose. I giggled.

"urm.." said a voice from nowhere.
I swerved around quickly and it was Harry stood in the doorway of the kitchen.
Leon was just wiping my face, nothing not innocent..I had flour on my nose..what was he supposed to do? Even still I felt my cheeks flush red at Harry's awkward turtle face.

nobody said anything for a few moments until Leon saved the day.

"ohright mate?" he said holding out his hand for Harry to shake.
Harry moved his eyes to look at him and hesitated and then shook his hand.
"I'm good..are you going to introduce us Taylor?" Harry rushed
"uh yeah..Harry this is Leon, my friend" I half smiled uncomfortably.
"..and colleague" Leon added
"you have a job?" Harry asked, shocked.
"yes actually I do" I nodded
"right, you'll have to tell me all about that later then won't you?" he questioned.
"yeah" I nodded
"so..what you doing?" Harry asked
"cooking pizzas" I smiled
"nice..any particular reason for this?" Harry half frowned
"he's teaching me how to cook, is that a problem?" I wondered
"no..not at all" Harry shook his head.
"good" I pouted.
"right well we need to talk later"
"why?" I asked as I dumped a rolling pin in the sink.
"just cos.." he said before turning away.

"i wonder what's got into him.." I mumbled
"maybe he's us" Leon replied
"hm, I dunno..he's a stress head" I half laughed through gritted teeth.

Harry really got on my tits sometimes.

"Iyaa" said her screeching voice as Chloe entered the kitchen.
"hi" Leon said, he was taken a back.
"I'm Chloe.." she pouted
"nice to meet you Chloe, I'm Leon" he said holding his ham oh for her to shake but instead she grabbed it and pulled him closer and kissed both his cheeks..slut.

"uh" Leon managed to mumble.
"you should watch some TV with us?" Chloe offered.
"no..I mean, I really have to go now" he replied before turning to me.
"My mum just text me, sorry" Leon half smiled.
I smiled back before biting my lip.

I knew for sure his mum didn't text him, it's just Chloe.. she scared the living daylights out of him.

"bye..I'll see you tomorrow..8'oclock?" I asked
"yep..and you can keep my pizza, call it a welcome gift, just be sure to take a picture for me" he grinned
"don't worry I won't miss the chance of seeing you brag about how well your pizza looks" I smirked
"rude" he smirked back.
"bye Leon.." I waved
"bye.." he smiled before heading out the front door.

I was so pissed off at Chloe and Harry, they were generally quite rude in front of Leon, they had practically scared him off, I was making a new friend and they just had to ruin it for me.

I moped off to my bedroom and turned on the TV and switched on the music channel, I turned it up quite loud..I sunk into my bed and over thought my controversial day.

"Taylor, turn it down forgodsake!" Chloe opened my door and switched of the telly.
"oh shut up" I said, rolling my eyes.
"what?" she half frowned
"leave her Chloe, she's just in one of those moods" Harry said appearing behind her.
one of those moods?
before I had time to defend myself Harry shut the door on me.

I wanted to tell him about my job and gcses and everything but he was just being annoying so..fuck him.

I hid my head in my pillow and just..drifted off.

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