that homeless girl..(one direction fanfic)

what happens when One Direction cant help but get involved with a runaway called Taylor?

A unexpected romance sparks but can they handle all the mayhem that comes included with Taylor or does everything just fall into a big mess like Taylor's life?


13. Chapter13..

gets to 800 reads by tomorrow then ill update tomorrow

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I knew I shouldn't have agreed to go driving into the middle of would have been so much easier to have just gone for a milkshake.

I left Taylor to walk off in a strop for a bit before giving in and following her.
I locked up my car before speed walking after her.
I didn't want to leave precious car here but I had no other choice.

"Taylor.." I sighed
"go away Harry" she replied
"cos you're being annoying"
"how?" I asked
"you just are.." she replied
as she stopped.
I tutted
"come on let's just go back to the car" I suggested
"oh..and what, sleep in the car?" she said sarcastically.
"well it's better than out here, it's middle of winter.."
"yeah much better" I heard her mumble before she made her way back to the car.
"wait.." I said grabbing her shoulder
"what?" she snapped turning towards me.
"can't we just stop arguing?" I pleaded
she nodded.
I put my arm around her shoulder casually before we walked back to the car in silence.

"Harry.." taylor began
"yeah?" I asked
"uh, never mind" she said but she really sounded like she was going to say something quite important.
"uh, ok" I mumbled

It hit 8o'clock and we still hadn't thought of a plan.

"what if we're stuck here for ages" taylor questioned
"we won't be.."I reassured
"ok mr know it all"
"yep" I nodded
"look!" taylor almost shouted
"a girl..across the road" she pointed

sign of hope, before I thought about what I was going to say I got out of the car a headed toward her.

she saw me heading her way, normally anyone would carry on walking be she just widened her eyes and stood still.

"uhm hi, I'm kind of lost.. do you know where this is?" I asked
"you''re Harry styles" she gasped.

oh yeah, lovely reminder.

"oh yeah..hi.." I replied
"hi hi..oh my god I can't believe your on my uncles street!" she beamed
"so you know where this is?" I asked
"yeah, you're in Chertsey"
"oh.." I asked looking puzzled.
" live in the centre right?" she asked
"yeah.." I nodded
"well you're about 50minutes away" she shrugged
"oh thanks.." I smiled
"anything for you styles, can I have a picture please?" she asked
"sure.." I smiled before taking a picture with her.
"thankyou!" she grinned
"very welcome beautiful" I smiled
she left a very happy girl at that point.

I headed back to the car to break the news to taylor.

"we're in Chertsey" I revealed
"but that's like ages away isn't it?" she asked
"yeah, like an hour away" I nodded
"so what shall we do?"she half frowned
"I don't know.."
"you have no petrol left whatsoever?" she asked
"well no" I sighed

the car was silent for a moment.

"Harry!" Taylor shouted
"what?!" I asked
"Thorpe Park! we passed Thorpe park like down the road" she grinned
"oh yeahh!" I smiled
"we can stay in the car, then go there tomorrow and well basically your fans will find out you're there an Paul will know because of twitter" she nodded
" about we get a taxi from Thorpe park to home tonight?" I suggested
"but what about your car?" she pouted
"I'll just get Paul to get it for me tomorrow" I shrugged
"okay" she agreed.

I locked my car up and hoped for the best, I really hope it didn't get trashed or broken into.

It was quite dark now so the temperature had dropped also.
we walked in what we thought the right direction was.

"it's freezing.." Taylor shivered
"well you should have wore a coat" I smirked
"I am!" she said pointing to her blazer
"that's a blazer" I stated
"well I didn't think I'd be wandering around London at 8:15 at night.." she argued
I sighed before pulling off my thick winter coat.

"no Harry..don't be stupid" she said pushing away my coat.
"take it..I'm ok"
"no.." taylor refused
"taylor..just wear it, you look like you're going to freeze"
"Harry..put it back on cos I won't take it so" she said stubbornly
"you're a pain" I said as I put my coat back on.
" much longer?" she moaned
"how the hell should I know.." I shrugged
taylor tutted.
we were silent for a few moments as we walked a few more foot.

"I just had a thought.." taylor began as she came to a stop.
"what?" I asked
"how are we supposed to ring the taxi?" she said
we both paused for a moment.
I looked at taylor and we burst out laughing.

"omg, we're so stupid" she giggled as she face palmed
"yes you are" I laughed
"hey.." she said as she hit my arm before running.
"ouch.." I said as i rubbed my arm before chasing after her.
"I'm sorry I'm sorry" she laughed as I caught up to her.
"it's too late for apologies now.."I smirked
"noooo" she giggled as I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder.
"put me down!!" she squealed as she struggled.

"oi Harry!! over here!" shouted a voice.
I swerved around, taylor still on my shoulder and a flash beamed in my face.

Taylor slid off my shoulder once she realised the paps had followed us.

"hey, stop!" I shouted
"sorry mate but these pics are going to get me my wage" he replied looking at his camera.

I looked at taylor who was looking slightly nervous underneath the brightly shone street light.

I sighed knowing he wouldn't remove the pictures so I wasn't going to persuade him.

"wait..can you do me a favour then? seen as though you got some great snaps of us.." I asked
"it depends what it is" he said raising an eyebrow.
"my car has run out of petrol..can you drive us to the centre of London, I'll pay you like £20" I replied
"well..I suppose" he agreed
"thankyou" I smiled
Taylor didn't say anything but she did follow me to his car.


"cheers mate, hope you get some decent money for those pictures" I said sarcastically once he dropped us off.
"I hope I do too" he laughed
"bye" I said before shutting the door behind us.

"are you okay?" I asked taylor as we walked towards our settlement
"yeah..why?" she mumbled
"you just seem distant after he snapped us"
"no" taylor denied, shaking her head.
"well at least we're not sleeping in a car tonight?" I half laughed
"Harry, what is Chloe going to say about those pictures..?" she said ignoring what I just said.
"what? those pictures that guy took?" I asked
"yeah..I mean we looked like we were..well It just looked inappropriate" she said gnawing her lip.
"inappropriate?" I questioned.

it was just harmless fun, nothing intentional at all.

"yeah.." she replied
"Chloe won't mind..she knows we're just good friends"
"mm, Ok"
"Taylor..don't worry about it"
"but you guys have only been going out a few week" she argued
"I promise..she won't even bat an eyelid"
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