that homeless girl..(one direction fanfic)

what happens when One Direction cant help but get involved with a runaway called Taylor?

A unexpected romance sparks but can they handle all the mayhem that comes included with Taylor or does everything just fall into a big mess like Taylor's life?


12. Chapter12..


"have you spoke to her yet?" louis asked as he came through the front door.
"how? She still hasn't come out of her room" I replied

Louis had explained everything to me last night.
I was so annoyed he hadn't told me where they were going.
I knew they were up to something yesterday when they left proper early.
Ever since she sloped in yesterday I knew something was up, she didn't even speak to me.

"oh.." Louis replied
"well.." I sighed
"looks like you'll have to cancel with that photographer then" Louis said as he pulled out some orange juice from the fridge.
"no..I won't do that, she wants that job, I've got to make her see sense" I said before heading to her room.

"Taylor.." I said as I knocked on her door.
no answer.
"Taylor" I repeated
"i will just walk in" I said
there was nothing.
"I if your naked that's not my problem" I said.
I sighed before walking in.

There was just a lump under the quilt.

"T.." I began as I perched on the edge of the bed.
"go away" she murmured.
" have that photography thing today" I reminded her
"I'm not going." she replies but she didnt sound so sure.
"yeah you are, I know you want it soo bad" I said as i stood up and pulled the quilt off her.
"Harry, stop it!" she said as she pulled the quilt back but I was too strong for her, I was sure I heard a giggle from her but I couldn't be sure.
I picked up the quilt and threw it across the room.

Taylor frowned, I didn't think she was being serious before she sat back down and burst into tears.

"Taylor..I'm sorry, look have it back" I said as I picked up the duvet.
"Harry, it's not about the bloody life it's messed up" she sniffed
"it's not" I replied but I didn't sound very convincing.
"don't lie mum hates me, I have no proper home, I've lost my boyfriend and I just have nobody"she sobbed
"that's not true! You're mum doesn't hate you, she's just having rough time, she'll get through it..and this is your home now and you didn't need Nathan and don't even say you have nobody because you have me, that counts for someone right?" I asked as I wiped her tears away.
"yeah but.."
"but what..?" I asked
"you don't really care for me, I'm jut a lodger really" she said pressing her lips together.
"I don't care for you? Taylor, your boyfriend bust my lip because I care about you. I just want you to have a normal life, you deserve it" I replied really cheesily.
"Harry, that's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me" she half smiled through her dampened cheeks.
"it's true..I care for you soo much T"
"Harry.." she blushed
"honestly.." I said before she gazed up into my eyes and smiled.
That's when the urge took over me.
I glanced towards her lips and back towards her eyes.
She bit down on her lip before moving in towards me as I mirrored her action.
We got so close, I felt her breath on my lips before we were rudely interrupted.

"Harry..uhm.." Louis said barging in, pulling us apart suddenly. I shot up off the bed immediately while Taylor sat there look very sheepish.
"erm yeah..that photographer person is on the phone" Louis smirked.
He knew, he saw..I would not hear the end of this.

"oh..right" I said as I snatched the phone off him.

"hello?" I asked
"Harry I don't want to rush you but I am going to..that girl you wanted me to see, she has to come now or else I can't see her for another two weeks so" Ella said
"oh sec" I said as I put my hand over the speaker.
"'re going right?" I asked
She paused before nodding
"right ok give us like 30minutes" I asked
"I don't have time for 30minutes..15 minutes at the most please" she ordered.
"ok, see you then at the studio in 15"I said before she hung up on me.
She was quite the busy kind of person.

"15!?" Taylor gasped as she rumbled through her draw.
"I'll give you 7minutes, tops" I said before walking out of her room.

I walked into the living room and sat down across from Louis and scrolled through twitter.
Louis started humming a very familiar song.. ' Harry and Taylor sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g'
"stop." I said before he could hum anymore.
"what?" he shrugged while smirking.
"done!" Taylor said as she ran in.
"great, let's go"
"good luck T" Louis said before we left.


"so..?" I asked as she walked out of Ella's office.
"I don't know..she said she will be in touch" Taylor shrugged
"well I think your pictures are great, so does Niall remember, he loved them" I said as we walked out of the studio.
"yeah..I just really really hope that I do get this job." she sighed
"you will, I know it" I reassured
"you're too nice to me Harry, you know..I would be like dead or something without you" she half giggled
"nah..I'm just looking out for you" I smiled
"oh yeah?"
"yeah, there's something different about you..I don't know.." I said honestly.
"maybe its because I come with so many problems" she smirked
"probably" I half laughed

I thought it would have been terribly awkward after the kissing incident..well we didn't kiss but we were close, we may as well have kissed but I don't know, I felt I was taking advantage of her..I honestly didnt think I had these kind of feelings for her but my heart told me different..I didn't know what it was but I had certain feelings when I was around her and I'd never felt like this before but it felt really good.
I wanted to know if she felt a similar kind of feeling but I couldn't ask her like out right, I had to do it subtly, maybe through gestures and stuff..I knew she must like me a little, after all she wasn't going to refuse my kiss, I just had to take into consideration that she was younger than me and she had been through a hell of a lot.


I should have been worried about the job interview but that was one of the last things on my mind.
I should have been thinking about my mum too but I wasn't.
I did want the job, and i did worry about my mum but I simply couldn't take my mind off Harry. He almost kissed me..we almost kissed.
I couldn't take my mind away from that moment, it was just strange.
I thought nothing more of Harry than just a friend or maybe a flat mate or something like that but now..I couldn't stop thinking about him.

"stop thinking! Dont worry you'll get the job" harry said as we got into the car.

ha, he thought I was thinking about the job.. he thought wrong.

"yeah..maybe" I mumbled
"I'm bored..let's do something" Harry suggested.
"like what?" I asked
"like..I don't know..something wild"
"wild? I didn't really have you down as a wild child Harry"
"you obviously don't know me as well as you thought then"
"obviously not" I smirked
"let's go for a milkshake" he sai as he drove.
"oh real wild" I replied sarcastically
"okay, let's have a suggestion from you smart ass"
"let's drive..just somewhere you don't even know of.." I raised an eyebrow
"hm.." Harry replied
"scared?" I smirked
"no..let's do it, I'll just ring Paul and.."
"Harry" I raised both my eyebrows in seriousness.
"fine..let's just do it" he shrugged
"let's.." I agreed


"I can't believe you" Harry sighed as he slammed the car door.
I laughed mentally.
We had been driving for miles on end, I had never done anything like that before, not without a map or a sat was great to just get out in the middle of nowhere.

"Why?"I asked so innocently.
"We're lost..I knew I should have told Paul"
"Ring him?" I suggested
"Phone is dead" he replied, like I should have known.
"Well..sorrrreey" I rolled my eyes
"Oh and it's about to get know I have a photoshoot tomorrow"
"so, I have to be there" Harry replied
"we can just drive back"
"I have hardly no petrol left, and I don't see any stations round here but if you see any please point them out" he said so sassily.
"Okay okay, keep your pants on" I smirked
"they're firmly on" he pouted
"God. Don't tell me you don't own a map" I asked
"I don't own a map" Harry replied
"seriously?" I gasped
"I don't..I use the sat nav on my smart phone" he said emphasising on 'smart'.
"not very smart" I frowned
Harry tutted.
I sighed before sitting back in his car.

I spied Harry pacing beside the car with looking around the strange looking neighbourhood.
it was a council estate, it looked quite rough to be honest.
We looked out of place, a flashy car in a scruffy estate.
it would be no wonder if it didn't get stolen while I was in it.
I was used to these places though so it wasn't a surprise..not at all.

It wasn't long before Harry got back in the car.

"so?" I asked
"okay, go knock on somebody's door and ask to use their phone" Harry ordered
"uh..why me?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.
"because.." Harry replied
"because what?" I shrugged
"cos I'm Harry Styles"
"so!?" I half frowned
"people will recognise could lead to all kinds of trouble" Harry nodded
I hesitated.
"fine" I mumbled before getting out.
"coward" I mumbled before shutting the door.
"hey" Harry shouted from inside the car.
I rolled my eyes and eyed up each house to see which looked the most 'friendly'.
I started walking to a decent looking house before I realised I didn't even have Paul's number.
I sighed and turned on my heel, back to the car.

"Harry, the number?" I said opening the car door.
"I need a number to call?" I replied
"oh my god..please tell me you know somebody's number" I said, hoping.
"oh great..that's fab" I replied sitting back in the passenger seat
"well I have people on speed dial" Harry shrugged
"once again..relying on technology" I shook my head disapprovingly.
"we'll it's not everyday I get influenced to drive somewhere new"
"oh shut up's your car therefore it's your problem" I pouted
"that doesn't make sense"
"it does to me" I replied
"yeah well you're annoying" Harry argued
"shut up Harry..I can't be bothered with you anymore" I replied before getting out of the car and storming off down the street.

he was boring me and besides I needed some fresh air.
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