that homeless girl..(one direction fanfic)

what happens when One Direction cant help but get involved with a runaway called Taylor?

A unexpected romance sparks but can they handle all the mayhem that comes included with Taylor or does everything just fall into a big mess like Taylor's life?


11. Chapter11..

Seen as though this is on 500 reads, considering that i wrote this and people are actually reading it omg.. heres A little bit of a longer chapter:)


"Taylor, are you ready?" I asked at the other side of her bedroom door.
"almost" she replied.
"what's going on?" came a voice from behind me.
I swerved around and my eyes met a half dressed Harry who was also half asleep.

"nothing" I quickly replied.

I was always bad at lying to Harry for some reason, but I knew I had to keep this from him, for Taylor's sake.

He eyes me up and down suspiciously before I grinned enthusiastically.

"right.." he mumbled before stretching and returning to his bedroom.

Phew, he definitely knew I was on to something.
I leaned against Taylor's door and waited awhile longer.

"I'm done.." Taylor said as she opened the door with no warning, making me almost fall on top of her.

"ow.." she said as she rubbed her head after I elbowed her accidentally.
"sorry" I replied as I returned to my normal position.
"it's ok..uhm are you ready?" she asked
"I was ready ages ago love.." I smirked
"oh..right well I guess we should go then." she replied
"mhm" I nodded
"where you two going?" Harry asked as he came out with only a towel on this time.
"nowhere interesting" I replied as Taylor shuffled her feet awkwardly
"so that means somewhere interesting, right?" Harry raised an eyebrow.
"no, look we're in a hurry..bye Harry" I said quickly before grabbing Taylor's wrist and heading out the door, blocking out Harry's exclaim of 'wait!' instantly.

"that was ever so slightly close" Taylor said as she bit her lip.
"yeah..he knew we were up to something" 
"yep.." Taylor nodded
"hey you guys.." an Irish voice shouted from down the corridor.
"here we go again.." I mumbled before turning around and putting on a smile.

"hey where you going?" Niall asked
"we are" Taylor began
"to the buy some food" I finished.
"yeah, food" Taylor agreed
"food?" Niall asked
"yeah, we are hungry" I nodded
"but Harry went shopping with me yesterday" Niall asked confused
"did he?.." I asked
"yeah..he got lots of food" Niall frowned- confused.
"oh.." I said, I didn't know how to end this to be honest.
"ehm..I am a vegan" Taylor blurted out.
"really?!" Niall gasped
I have Taylor a confused look but she went along with it.
"yeah, Harry didn't know..he got nothing for my taste" Taylor added
"oh..right, I see" Niall said but he still didn't look too sure.
"look we have to go.." I said rushing things along.
"okay then..I'll see you later" Niall said before looking us up and down suspiciously and walking off.

"a vegan? seriously?" I asked as we got out of Nialls hearing distance
"yeah, obviously I'm not but it get us out of a sticky situation.." she shrugged.
"I suppose" I half laughed.


"well, we're here T" I said as we pulled up outside the rehab place.
She said nothing but just looked upon the building.
"T?" I repeated
"maybe we should have made an appointment or something" she gulped.
"I did, I knew we wouldn't be allowed straight it went to the liberty of sorting it out for you" I half smiled
"oh.." she said
"look Taylor, If you're not ready we don't have to do this" I said as I looked upon her chewing her lip anxiously.
"no..I need to see her" she nodded to herself.
"okay.." I replied before opening my door.

She got out of the car and stood facing the building like it was an entrance to hell or something.

"ready?" I asked
she slowly nodded before we made our way into the building and to the reception desk.

"hello, can I help?" the woman at the desk asked
"uhm yeah, We're here to see Lisa Fisher." I replied, but eyes were upon Taylor who was eyeing up the room, get posture had seemed to change into a more screwed up rather than free and tall.

"okay. It's down the hall and to the right..if you'd like to wait a few minutes for an assistant, just incase there are any incidents" she said before typing viscously into the computer.

"incidents..what does she mean?" Taylor asked as we stood by the water machine.
"uhm it's probably just for safety you know" I replied, not wanting to scare her.

This place also gave me the creeps, all I wanted to do was get out of here but I knew that it was for Taylor's sake, I couldn't let her down. I just had to imagine how she was feeling. 

"right she's  ready for you.." the woman said peering over her desk.

"okay, thanks" I replied
"Louis I'm scared.." she said as she came to a halt in the corridor.
"it's okay I'm here with you.." I said rubbing her shoulder.
"But.." she began
"come on..I know you really want to do this." I replied
She nodded slightly before walking.
As we got closer to the door I felt her hand intwine with mine..I knew she was scared so I didn't react, I just gave her hand a reassuring squeeze.

The assistant opened the door for us, her room wasn't entirely huge but it was well done up, she had a lot of entertainment and was nice.

Lisa didn't come into sight until we fully walked in.
Lisa wasn't how I imagined her, I imagined her to be a bit of a scruff and stuff but she wasn't.
She was dressed in a green jumper and some flared jeans with some ballet shoes. Her hair was short an neat.
Lisa looked up and her eyes widened at Taylor.

"Mum.." Taylor managed to gasp
"Taylor, honey" Lisa said as she almost ran into Taylor's arms.

A happy reunion, exactly what I hoped for.

I stood back and watched on there conversation which was full of happy tears.

They spoke for a while before I noticed Lisa changed slightly, she didn't seem as happy and pleased as when Taylor had just walked in.

"mum, this is Louis.. My friend" Taylor finally said directing me.
"hello" I smiled as I held my hand out for her to shake.
Lisa just looked me up and down and refused to shake my hand.
I slowly put my hand back down.
Taylor gave me a confused look.

"mum..?" she questioned
"so I've been in here and you've been out making new friends?" Lisa frowned
"what?" Taylor asked, taken aback.
"it's been okay for you hasn't it! Unlucky for me though..I get shoved in this dump while you have fun with your friends, eh!" Lisa shouted.
I turned to the assistant who stood more upright than before.
I could tell he was concerned, so was I..I looked at Taylor who looked as though she was about to cry..but not happy tears.

"no mum.." Taylor shook her head
"don't are the reason I'm in this hellhole" Lisa growled 
" mum" Taylor shook her head, causing tears to fall upon her cheek.
"get out!" Lisa demanded
"mum no..please" Taylor begged
"you're going to have to leave..residents order" the assistant said as he directed me, asking me to do his dirty work.

"Taylor come on.." I said as I grabbed her shoulder.
"no!" Taylor cried
"come's okay" I said as i pulled her into the corridor and pulling her into a hug.

"I'm sorry but I really have to ask you to leave..your presence is distressing the patient" the assistant said
"but I am her daughter!" Taylor exclaimed
"I'm sorry but can you please keep your voice down ma'am" he replied
"come Taylor..let's go" I said as I grabbed her hand and walked her to the car.

The tension in the car home could have been cut with a knife.
I didn't know what to say in this situation, I hadn't been in a situation like this before.

I kept glancing at her, she was gnawing on her lip and her eyes were full of water. I knew now that I should not have handled this on my own.

 I put my arm around her shoulder as we walked up to our flat.

"hey!..hey what's up T?" Liam asked as we passed him in the corridor.
Taylor didn't speak.
"not now Liam" I replied for her
"what's happened Louis" Liam asked in a very serious matter.
"Liam leave it."
"no.." Liam frowned
Taylor sniffed before shrugging her way out of my arm and walked towards our flat.

I bit my lip as Liam stood in front of me waiting for an explanation.
I explained everything to him as I could not deal with this on my own.
I needed his help. 
Taylor's life was getting way out of hand.

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