that homeless girl..(one direction fanfic)

what happens when One Direction cant help but get involved with a runaway called Taylor?

A unexpected romance sparks but can they handle all the mayhem that comes included with Taylor or does everything just fall into a big mess like Taylor's life?


10. Chapter10..

Chapter 10 woo
A Huuuuuuuuge happy birthday to Niall!
woot woot.
This chapter is  incredibly short but I'm tired ok?
But still enjoy:)

If it gets to 500 reads by tomorrow or like 15 likes which is probably unlikely but hey ho..I will upload again tomorrow with a longer chapter of course:)
ok I shut up now..


"do you think we have left them long enough?" I asked Eleanor as i saw her bite her lip nervously as we walked back to the car.
"uhm...well it was for the best right" she said but I could tell she wasn't too sure.
"yeah..come on" I said as I sped up.

I really hoped locking Louis and Taylor in a car together would sort Louis out but I knew what Louis was like and I didn't really want to hope for the worst because I knew it would definitely be the worst.
We got to the car and both Louis and Taylor were talking..not arguing, but actually talking.
Louis had even moved into the back and was sitting next to her.
I unlocked the car and they both looked at me in unison.

"don't you ever pull that stunt again styles.." Louis said almost immediately.
"but my plan seemed to work.." I smirked
"our plan" Eleanor corrected
"oh really el? I guess I'll have to sort you out later.." he winked
Eleanor gave a cheeky grin.
"enough.." I said before it went any further.
"problem?" Louis raised an eyebrow
" are you two ok now?" I asked curiously as I started the engine
"yeah...we have set our differences aside..right?" Louis asked as he looked upon taylor who nodded in agreement.
"finally" I rolled my eyes

We all chatted until we got back home and headed up to the flat with the food in our hands.

"you better have got me something.." Niall shouted from down the corridor as he came from his flat.
"no..why would we?" I asked
"you're my friends" Niall stated
"no we're not.." Louis replied
"shut up Louis." Niall frowned 
"don't cry Niall" Louis teased
"shut up..Liam will take me for food" he said before turning on his heel to Liam's room.


*1 week later*

"Louis.." I began as I sat down on the couch across from him.
"yeah?" he asked, not bothering to look up from his phone.
"I think I'm ready..I want to see my mum" I gulped
He looked up from his phone and glanced at me.
"are you sure?" he asked
I nodded.
"ok. First thing tomorrow morning I'll drive you.." he instructed
"thanks..again. Would you mind if we didn't mention this to Harry..I wouldn't want him getting worried or anything silly.." I asked.

Harry was like a brother to me now.
He watched me like a could be intimidating at times but I knew he was just looking out for me.

"I won't say a word" Louis half smiled
"thanks.." I mumbled before pushing myself up out of my seat with my hands.
"I'm off to the shop, do you want anything?" I asked as I slipped on my new VANS.
"chocolate milkshake mix" he grinned before handing me a fiver. "keep the change"
"aw thanks" I smiled before leaving.

I came out of the co-op and rearranged the bags the shop woman gave me.

"oi.." someone shouted, I didn't know if they were directing me but I looked anyway.
I spotted who it was and hoped he wasnt directing me but that wouldn't be very likely.

"Taylor..babe.." he said

oh crap I thought to myself, hes going to get me.

"it's Nath, remember?" he asked as he grabbed my shoulder.
"go away" I replied, not even looking at him, I still had feelings for him but I didn't want to get back under his spell, Harry had made me see sense.

"babe.." he said again 
"no.." I snapped
"come home with me" he begged
"get lost."
"we can sort things out, I love you" I said ever so meaningfully
Those three words could have been enough to have forced me to go back to him but I knew deep down he would have used me again, I couldn't..I just couldn't.

I carried on walking.

"I'm sorry..can't we just talk?" Nathan tried again
"Nathan you've had your chances.." I sighed 
"please" he begged
"no" I repeated
"that's it, I try and try and try but I never get anywhere with you..I swear you'll regret this day" he said almost shouting.
People started to stare as I watched him walk off.
He got me a bit up tight about it actually.. Like I actually felt so scared.

I scurried along back to Harry's.

"Taylor!" Harry exclaimed as soon as I walked through the door.
"yeah?" I asked 
"remember that photographer girl, she wants to see you in two days!" he grinned
"you serious?" I gasped as I put the shopping on the floor.
"oh wow.." I said as I stood there with my mouth shaped like an 'O'
"so do I get like a hug or.." he asked opening his arms.
I practically jumped into his arms.
"oh my god I love you for this" I smiled as I pulled apart from him.
"of course you do" he grinned
I gave him another hug and admitted to myself that my life was just so messed up and crazy.
It went from good to bad before you could say 'Harry Edward Styles'.

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