that homeless girl..(one direction fanfic)

what happens when One Direction cant help but get involved with a runaway called Taylor?

A unexpected romance sparks but can they handle all the mayhem that comes included with Taylor or does everything just fall into a big mess like Taylor's life?


1. Chapter1..

Sorry for any spelling mistakes etc that crop up throughout..

"fine, just go get some food then.." Louis sighed
"finally..god it wasn't that hard was it?" Niall chirped as he finally got his own way.
"I mean it, you better be quick..I'm meeting Eleanor soon"
"don't worry Louis we will have you back in time..don't stress your little head" Paul smirked as he carried on driving to the nearest McDonald's.
"make sure you do.."Louis folded his arms.
"can I have some nuggets?" I asked Paul.
"sure you can Harry.." he smiled through the mirror.
"ey look there's McDonald's there, look Paul there!" Niall said almost shouting.

Zayn gave Niall a little nudge as he was trying to get some shut eye, but this didn't seem to bother Niall.

"there's no drive thru.." Paul stated
"so what, we can go in" Niall grinned
"no no..were not going through that again.." Paul replied.

I thought back to the last time we got McDonald's and we sat in and word got out that we were in there and basically we got trampled on..Liam lost his shoe again which was quite funny.

"but Paul..just park up here we don't have to eat in, us two can go order" Niall begged
Paul hesitated.
"yeah come on Paul, that way it won't take as long" Louis agreed
"fine" he said as he drove to the side of the pavement and parked up.

"I won't be long, no messing about and no getting out of the car.." Paul warned as him and Niall got out of the car.

"that photoshoot was so tiring.." Liam yawned
"I think zayn agrees" Louis smirked pointing to Louis who was slouched in his seat and was taking a nap.
"let's draw on him" I said loud enough for him to wake up.
"get lost" he said as he hid his face with his jumper.
"oh look.." Liam pointed out of the window.

I turned my head to where Liam was pointing..he had spotted a girl sat on the floor with her rucksack beside her, she didn't look very clean and she had a cup in front of her, using her eyes pleading for money from passers by.. although I had gathered she was a runaway, it didn't effect her looks.
she had longish wavy brown hair and really long eyelashes.
I was close enough to her to tell that she had one of those faces that I automatically liked.
She was wearing some skinny jeans, a Tshirt with a hooded jacket and some red converse.

"looks like a runaway.." Louis said
"can't help but feel sorry for her can you?" Liam replied
"maybe we should give her some
money?" I suggested 
"Paul won't let us probably.." Liam replied
"Paul isn't here" I pointed out.
"Harry.." Liam raised his eyebrows
"she's only across the road.." I shrugged
"fine..but you can go"  Liam pouted as he reached in his pockets and pulled out a ten pound note.
"give her this.." he nodded
"and this.." Louis said as he handed over a fiver.

I looked towards Zayn but he was out of it..I doubt he even heard the conversation.
I grabbed another fiver from my pocket to make it £20 and made Louis be my look out for Paul.

I opened the door and made my way over to approach the girl.


3 weeks an 1 day.
that's how long I've been homeless for.

Me being homeless wasn't a choice it was more of a forced action, you see I had been living with my Aunt and Uncle for about 3 month before now and truth is, it was hell. I must have been slapped about 50 times for doing almost nothing.

I was forced to live with them since my mum got taken into rehab for being a bit depressed.
I wasnt the reason for this, it was endless failed relationships that got her in that state, I loved my mum and I tried to help her but she wouldn't eat and would constantly do nothing but sit alone in her room.
I tried to bring money into the house but I had school work to keep up with and it wasn't a routine I could handle.
My aunt soon took my mum to rehab while I was at school.
My aunt told me she would look after me but I insisted I could look after myself, after all I was 16 but she wouldn't take no as an answer..little did I know that Uncle Pete was abusive towards her and then obviously I ended up getting the back of his hand across my face.

I often shut myself out from him by locking myself in my room but it just wasn't enough, If he found out I was hiding he would hurt me again.

I had had enough and I couldn't take no more. When my aunt and uncle were out food shopping, I packed my rucksack with a few toiletries, a raincoat, some snacks that I found in the cupboard and reached on top of the top cupboard where my aunt kept £20 for emergencies, I saw this as an emergency so I took it and added it to my £10 that I had already saved and headed into the city of London on the next train.
The money would get me through a week or so I thought, I didn't really think about what I'd do if I ran out until I actually spent my last pound a week later on a prawn sandwich in the co-op.

By this time I was dirty and I needed money desperately, I didn't know where I'd get it from and I certainly couldn't find a job in this state, I hadn't been to school since then and I didn't have a home to go to.
I slept rough most days in alleyways, jumping at every stray noise.

I didn't ever think anything like this would happen to me, I was going to be a professional photographer, I had my life planned out and it was all ruined at the drop of a hat.

Right now I was sat at the side of a busy side walk, begging people for money with my paper cup.
People didn't often give me money, maybe the odd twenty pence but other than that I just got glares or disgusted looks headed at me from all directions.

I tightened the messy bun that sat upon my head and begged some more.
People were just avoiding me, it was no use. I was about to head off in to another area when a very familiar face approached me.
I just avoided eyecontact.  Maybe this was a dare from his fellow bandmates.
The guy approaching me was the heart throb that was Harry Styles.
I loved One Direction and I loved their  music when I was back home with mum, I always dreamt of meeting them but this was different, I certainly didnt want to meet him now, not while I looked like this. 
He unfortunately didn't read my mind and carried on walking towards me, damn.

"hey.." he began
I looked up and made sure he was directing me.
He was definitely speaking to me.
I didn't know what to say, I had been socially ruined as I had nobody to speak to ever unless I was begging for money.
I just gulped.
He kept getting in people's way so he sat down beside me.
I shuffled away a bit just incase this was some kind of a set up.

"it's okay..I'm not a freak" he half laughed.
I just looked towards the floor.
"do you speak or..?" he asked
This was my chance.
I nodded my head.
" do communicate.." he stated.
I nodded again.
"so.." he began.
I just sat there awkwardly.
This was a big deal for me, I should be screaming in his face or something, this was Harry bloody styles, yet I treasure this moment by saying nothing, good one T.

"I can't stay long" he said as he grabbed my hand and shoved a few notes in it.
I just looked towards the notes and back to his face.
"I won't take that money back, you here?" he smirked
I smiled and nodded.
"ey, a smile..that's more like it" he grinned.
"look I have to get back..take care won't you?" he said.
I nodded.
"bye then" he said as he got up and wiped all the grit off his pants.
He started to walk off.

"thank you.." I spoke.
He stopped and turned around he just nodded and smiled and continued back to the blacked out car.

I can't believe that just happened and how bad I handled that situation.
Girls would have died to be in thy position, well technically not the homeless bit, but the Harry styles bit, yet I just totally took him for granted.
Well At least I was £20 richer.
So there is a god.

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