Tell Me A Lie

One ordinary girl meets a not such ordinary boy...


3. Meeting the Rest of the Boys

~Elise's POV~

I let my head rest on the window of Zayn's car, I let the noises all around me drown out of my hearing. My heart was still thudding lightly at the thought of being in the same car as Zayn Malik, 1/5 of One Direction; I was pretty sure he could hear to. "So I never did catch your name," Zayn broke the silence. I yawned and adjusted my seat belt. "It's Elise, Elise Foster. And lucky for you I'm not a con who's trying to getting you to trust me, so I can steal your possessions," I mumbled. I heard him chuckle, but nothing else after that as I soon fell asleep not a second later.

I woke up to someone shaking me. My eyes fluttered open, letting Zayn's smile appear into my sight. "We're here Eli," he smiled warmly. I stretched and swung my dead legs out of the car, standing up I gaped in awe at the building that lay in front of us. "Wow," I breathed. Zayn chuckled again and reached into the backseat for my bag. "It's alright I've got it," I fussed trying to persuade him. "It's alright El," Zayn shushed me. I stepped back, not bothering to get in the way anymore. Zayn shut the door and we walked side-by-side up to the front door.

As we reached it, Zayn patted his pockets. He frowned and sighed; he pressed the doorbell, earning a little tinkling sound. We heard footsteps coming closer to the door, and muffled shouting. I stood silently while the door opened. "Yeah, yeah, whatever Haz," Louis shouted over his shoulder. His face turned towards us and a grin was sketched on it. "Zayn you're back eventually; we were worried sick you left early this morning," he spoke in a tumbled rush. I stood their patiently as they both hugged, to be honest I felt kind of awkward.

They pulled away and Louis looked at me, a look on his face I couldn't quite guess what it meant though. "Zayn I thought we talked abo-"Louis started. "It's alright, she's not a hysterical fan, in fact..." Zayn trailed off looking at me nervously. I nodded and give him the thumbs up. "Lou, she's homeless. I found her sitting at the cafe and she looked a wreck, and I would feel guilty just leaving her; knowing that she would be sleeping rough on the streets. Something bad could happen, you know how London is," Zayn explained. I smiled warmly and mouthed a 'thank you' to him, he nodded in return.

Louis looked at me, sorrow and guilt filling his face. "It's okay no need to apologise," I spoke softly, knowing exactly what he was going to say. He smiled his goofy smile and put his arm out towards the door. "Well in that case come in m'lady and please do feel at home; oh and don't forget to have a splash of our splendid tea," he said in a fake posh accent and bowing. I couldn't help but to laugh, Zayn joined in too.

We all walked in and I could hear loud laughter pouring from the living room. "That's the rest of the boys in there," Louis pointed out, his head gesturing towards the door. I smiled and looked around the interior of the wonderful house I was in. I turned round to Loui and wonder appeared onto my face. "If it's not too much to ask, would it be alright if I met the other boys now so they don't think I'm an hysterical fan?" I asked kindly. "Course love, you would've met them soon enough anyway," Zayn agreed.

As I we entered the living room, all the boys turned around and faced us. "Guys I'd like you to meet Elis Foster, I know what you are going to say. The thing was I found her in a cafe and. Long story short, she's homeless," Zayn explained the same story again. All the boys nodded and waved and said their 'hi's'. "Hi you can call me El, Eli or even Fur if you like," I smiled looking around lonely at the sofa.

Zayn noticed and patted the spot next to him. As I sit down Niall questions, "Fur?" I chuckle lightly. "You know, the Fur Elise, my name's Elise," I insisted. "Nice to meet you...Furrrr," Harry dragged out the 'r'. We all laughed and continued consoling with each other.
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