Tell Me A Lie

One ordinary girl meets a not such ordinary boy...


2. Meeting Not Such an Ordinary Boy

~Elise POV~

I finally packed the rest of my clothes, letting the tears cascade down my face. A million thoughts swam in and out my mind. How could they do this to me? Do they still love me? Once I had zipped up my suitcase I snatched my ancient, inoperative phone and called my best friend, Lucy.
"Hello?" came the voice from the other end of the phone.
"Hi Lu it's me," I breathed raggedly down the phone.
"El what's wrong?" Her voice full of concern.
"I need a place to stay would that be alright?" My voice cracked, and all the hope I had left.
"Oh Elise....I'm sorry, you know I can't let you. My mom doesn't mind you over for the night, but for a while...." Her voice trailed off; all the hope in my stomach, now deflated.
"That's okay I understand. I'm sure I'll find somewhere else. I'll speak to you later," I spoke.
"Okay, bye. I really am sorry."
I pressed the dull red hang up button and ran a hand through my tattered hair. I'm homeless, was now the only thing that was swimming through my mind. Finally, accepting the fact of being homeless; I hoisted my bag on to my shoulders and left my house for good, leaving all my cherished memories behind. The weather was not much better than what it was 1 hour ago. I scraped my feet along the ground searching somewhere, anywhere to go and sleep. Minutes passed and still I hadn't found anywhere to go. My feet couldn't hold my body weight, my legs were about to collapse if I didn't find somewhere to sit or lie down. About a minute later, I walked passed the park gates and found rickety, old bench to lie on. I used my backpack as a pillow and lay down for the night.

As I opened my eyes, I could see the bright, yellow sun beaming down it's light down onto the park. I sat up stretched and rubbed my now sore neck. Looking around, I noticed that no one seemed to notice me or even look at me, I sighed and tucked my knees to my chest. This would be my home from who knows how long now; a park bench. Suddenly feeling parched, I searched through my bag for water. My stomach plummeted as I realised I didn't pack any. Instead of finding water, my hands came across small, cold round shapes in the side pocket of my bag. I eased my hand out the side of my bag, revealing 3 £1 coins lying in the palm of my hands. My eyes lot up slightly, and all my hope had rose a little bit. I placed my feet on the ground and stood, slowly moving into a walk towards the shopping centre that lay around the corner. The sky today looked more hopeful. I walked at slow pace, letting the warm sun hit my bare skin. As I walked I saw a lot of happy couples and couples all smiling. Water started foaming in the front of my eyes, but I held a strong barrier there and continued walking. Eventually I reached a small, secluded cafe; walking in I could smell a strong scent of coffee. I stood at the counter looking at the many choices written on the billboard, attached to the slanted wall. "Hello dear, how can I help?" asked a middle-aged woman as she stood behind the counter. "Could I have the Jasmine orange tea please? I asked. "One orange tea, that would be £2.99 please flower?" She looked at me a warm smile on her face; but I could see her eyes were full of sympathy. I handed over my money and took a seat at table at the corner of the room. My eyes wandered around the cafe, the smell of coffee and many other refreshing hot beverages intoxicating my nostrils.

"One jasmine orange tea," a voice shouted. I walked over and picked up the glass and sat back down at my table sipping my drink. I heard the door open and my eyes darted to see who it was. I feared that it might be my mom, as she normally visits a cafe to pick up a hot beverage before she goes to her work. But instead a was a boy about 5'9 high with tanned, skin and black hair boy that could be recognised as, Zayn Malik from One Direction. I myself was a fan of the band but not such a big fan and my 1D crush happened to be Zayn. I took deep breathes and continued drinking my own tea. Out the corner of my eye I saw Zayn moving towards the counter waiting for the que to go down; I couldn't help but notice him shooting quick glances at me. I quickly put my head down and let my dyed red hair fall in front of my eyes. Why would Zayn want to look at me? I thought. There's many other girls out there to glance at but he chooses me, the girl who is homeless and looks like she has been dragged through a hedge backwards. "Could I have a caffe misto please?" I hear his soothing voice ask the shop assistant. The person behind the counter asks him for money and tells him to have a seat, that his order will be called out when it is ready. As I take another gulp of my tea, I could see a shadow cast over me, the bright light no longer shining down on me. I looked up and my mouth drops open a bit. "H-hi," I stutter, barely able to form words. "Hello, are you alright?" Zayn asks looking down at my bag. I quickly grab it and shove it under the table, embarrassed at what he saw. "Y-yeah I'm f-fine," I breathing now all ragged. He chuckled a bit. "Don't be embarrassed. You're homeless aren't you?" He predicts. I nod, not trusting my voice in case I start to cry in front of him. He gets and takes my hand. I stare at it blankly, not exactly sure at what to do. He picks up my bag and hooks it onto his shoulders. "C'mon," he smiled at me. I got up to my feet and followed him as he walked out of the cafe, still holding tightly onto my hand.
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