Tell Me A Lie

One ordinary girl meets a not such ordinary boy...


1. Getting kicked out

~Elise's POV~

I've blew it now, totally blew it. This job is the only one I've ever had, a job assigned by my parents. Sighing, I walk out into the vacuous street slugishly. My parents are going to be so mad when they find out. I'm going to be kicked out, I thought to myself. I let the cold, rushing wind rub against my bare skin and waft through my tangled black hair. In what seemed seconds I was standing outside my house, frost-bound from head to toe. Slowly I open my front gate, earning a creak to pierce thorugh my ears. My hand leaves the gate and is now reaching for the handle of my front door; I gently open it and step inside. I shake my body from head to toe, trying my best to warm myself up. Inside I can hear loud laughter coming from the living room. As I remove my coat I see my mom walking past the kitchen door; I take this as an opportunity and make my own way into the kitchen. "Oh hey sweetie, how was your day?" my mom asked seeing me trod into the kitchen. I sit down and say, "Mom. I've got news for you and father, I think you's might want to sit down." My mother stared at my pale face curiously, but not without hint of being suspicious. "David, come through to the kitchen and sit. Elise needs to talks us," my mother Julie shouts through to the living room. I could hear the laughter suddenly stop to a jolt and my dad's heavy footsteps coming through to the kitchen. "Okay so what's the news? Have you been promoted already?" my father asks my promptly sitting down on a stool, his beer belly hanging over his jeans. "Quite the opposite really," I breath nervously, "I've been fired." I fiddled with my fingers, awaiting my parents' reponse. "Fired? Already? I can't believe you Elise, I simply can't. We assign a well payed job for you and you blow it on the third day," my father's angers seeth's through his teeth. He paces back and fourth continously. "We'v had enough Elise, we want you out by tomorrow morning!" my mother yells in my face. What?

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