Life as a superstar

Meera is a regular girl with a hidden talent, singing. When she is put together in a band by THE Simon and becomes famous. She never expected to have over a million boys drool over her including the heart throb of One Direction, well things are going to get SPICY!!!

*note One Direction isn' t in it till later in the book*


7. Wunder Gurlz


Meera's POV

I went home to my house to see my parents.

"Um hi mum, hi dad" I said cheerfully.

"Meera, your 18 turning 19 in a couple months you need to move out" My dad said sternly. I looked at him shocked they said I have to stay till I get married, now their kicking me out?

"What about money?"I asked whilst frowning. My sister on the other hand was smiling evilly.

"Now don't worry we'd pay for the rest of the year but the problem is..." he trailed off.

"What?" I asked.

"The apartment is in London" He said. Handing me the plane ticket. My sister's smile was wiped off at that comment.

"Okay, when do I leave?" I asked

"Well your exams finished already so I guess now." My mom said. I went up stairs to pack when Sam texted me.

Sam- Hey guesses what? Jess, Dylan, Emma, you, and I are going to London!!

Meera- I know! So excited I'm leaving now!

With that I packed up the rest of my stuff, met the rest of the gang there, and boarded the plane to London. After the tiring plane ride, we drove to our new apartment. Turns out we are on the same floor. After saying good bye to everyone, I went to my room, which had two bedrooms, a balcony, a living room (with a flat screen), a kitchen, and two bathrooms. I flopped on to the bed and fell asleep.


I awoke to the sound of pots clattering in the kitchen. I ran to the kitchen to see Clare.

"Uh hey again. Not to be rude but why are you in my kitchen?"I asked 

"This is your room? Oh damn I'm in the wrong apartment sorry." she said.

"What brings you to London Clare?"I asked.

"Well some famous record label is holding auditions this afternoon for a new sensation, and well I had to come tryout” She said.

"Oh cool maybe I'll tryout with some friends" I said

"Well it nice to meet you again Meera” She said while walking out the door."If you need me just text. Okay?"

"Okay. Bye!" I said. I closed the door and went to over to Jessie's room.


Jessie's POV

I awoke to see Dylan asleep. He had one arm wrapped around my waist and the other around my back. I tried to escape from his iron grip but I just ended up waking him up instead.

"Morning Jess" he said in his morning voice.

"Hey" I said while pecking his nose. I got up and went to take a shower. When I was finished I fixed myself up and got ready. I went to the kitchen to see Emma and Sam cooking food, while Meera and Dylan sitting there waiting hungrily.

"Guys I got an idea" Meera said grabbing a plate of food. 

"Uh oh" Emma said. Meera ignored her comment and continued. 

"There's an audition for a record label this afternoon and I was thinking if you guys want to you can come."

"Cool I'm in it's worth a try" Emma said enthusiastically.

"Same" I replied.

"Nah I'm not singing but I'll come along for support” Sam said

"Agreed Sam" Dylan said he said with a mouth full of food.

"Okay let's eat, then get ready. But remember if one of us makes it we won't get mad or angry? Okay?" Meera said.

"Agreed" We chorused.We finished eating, cleaned the dishes and went to practice.


*The audition*

I was on; I brought my guitar to a room with THE SIMON and some other people sitting by a table.

"Hello there, what's your name?" Simon asked

"Jessie and today I’m going to sing for you 'Mean' by Taylor Swift" I said confidently.

"Okay good luck Jessie" A lady said that was also sitting by the table. I sang my song and the actually clapped! 

"Jessie that was amazing you’re a yes for me" Said the Lady.

"Yes" Said the other person 'judging' me. Now for Simon.

"From what I see you don't have the confidence you need for this maybe next time" He said.

"Okay" I said and walked out of the room. Now it was Meera's turn. Emma got all yeses and Meera got one yes but from Simon. We were walking home disappointed, till someone came out and called our names. We were sent back into the room and there stood the judges and two other girls.

"Girls, I know that we said a new sensation meaning a solo act. After thinking it through, we've decided to put you girls into a band." said the Lady.

"And I will be your manger. My name is Christina" This very tough looking guy led us to a room for us to hang out for till they called us. We were sitting there till Meera broke the silence.


Meera's POV

“What do you name” I asked a girl who was sitting next to Clare.

“I’m Adrianna but you can call me Aid." She said she was taller than me, brown hair that had blond highlights, and she had green eyes.

"Tell us something about you" I asked

"I'm a gumaholic which means I'm addicted to gum" She said.

"Okay your turn" I said pointing to Clare.

"I'm Clare and I love horses"

"I'm Jessie and I love my boyfriend"

“I’m Emma and I love to Figure Skate"

"And I'm Meera and I LOVE ONE DIRECTION"! I yelled

"Now that we've established that what should our band be named?" asked Clare

"How about .... The dark angels." Clare suggested "Nah too heavy metal"Replied Emma "Little Mix?" Asked Adrianna "Nah too .... Small?"

"I know How about 'The Wunder Gurlz'" I asked

"That's brilliant" Adrianna said

"Don't you mean brilLIAM?" I asked.

"Whatever" She said.

"So our name of the band is......"Jessie said

"THE WUNDER GURLZ!" We yelled. 

It was official. My life never became the same after that!


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