Life as a superstar

Meera is a regular girl with a hidden talent, singing. When she is put together in a band by THE Simon and becomes famous. She never expected to have over a million boys drool over her including the heart throb of One Direction, well things are going to get SPICY!!!

*note One Direction isn' t in it till later in the book*


4. The Big Skating Trip

Dylans POV


“Why me? It ALWAYS me” I muttered as I walked up to the SERT room.

“Hello there what can I do for you?” asked Madame Goslin.

“Well I know some girls who are really good at singing and they want to like, um... well they want to join a band and I was wondering if any of the girls in the choir would like to join.”

“Well Dylan I happen to know three girls who aren’t but are still god at singing.”

“Really? That’s great” I exclaimed

“When can we meet them?” I asked

“You’ll meet Emma Tomorrow”


“Yes the skating trip.”





Meera’s POV

On our way to the arena Jess and I talked about TONS of stuff and I learned a lot about her. For instance, she loves to play guitar and shop. She’s had one boyfriend before but he cheated on her.

“Son of a bitch” I murmured.

“What?” She asked

“Someone as pretty as you doesn’t deserve to EVER feel that way.”

“Thanks “we were getting off and walking to the change rooms

“And I think Dylan likes you.”


Jessie’s POV

“And I think Dylan likes you.” Best. Day. EVER. Thoughts was she lying or for real? I looked at her and she looked serious.


“Yeah Sam told me that he was listening to you that day when we came over, she said that he looked in a trance.” I blushed at that comment.

“That doesn’t mean that he likes me.” I pointed out

“Well the last time he EVER looked at a girl like that was when he saw Megan Fox his celebrity crush so......” She trailed off.

“So what?”

“Do you like him?” She said excitedly.

“Yeah I Guess.”

“YESSSSSSS!”She Screamed. Thankfully No one was there so we didn’t get odd looks.

“Okay let’s go skate” I said and wobbled away (the skates were weird on my feet). I started skating around when I heard familiar voices coming from the side rails (It’s a hockey arena). Meera and Dylan

“So do you like Jess?” asked Meera

“Yeah she’s stunning; she’s a great singer and Nice.” Said Dylan blushing. I couldn’t help but blush. It’s true! Dylan likes me. Dylan Fucking Maggot likes me :).


*A/N school started so not as free as I was used to so may not be able to make one soon but we’ll see*


Dylan’s POV

There I said it. At least I told it to Meera and not someone else, I can trust Meera. She’s practically my sister. Our moms were best friends in high school and we grew up together. Then when kindergarten started, we met Sam. We’ve been the three musketeers since then.

My thoughts were interrupted by a shrill voice

‘DYLAN ! I didn’t know you’d be here!” great Veronica is here. Shes known for getting in EVERY boys pants, Unfortunately She has crush on me since the first grade. She hated the fact that she couldn’t date me.

“Hi Veronica” said Meera

“Hey Guuuuurlllll” Veronica said “any ways you two are invited my party next Saturday”

“Great” I repliedwhen she left I said to Meera

“That’s ONE thing I'm not going to.” I said to her

“Why?” she asked. She lives under a rock to the whole ‘party’ concept

 “Someone ALWAYS loses their V-Card there, so I'm not going” I replied.

“Want to come to the 1D signing?” She asked. “Jessie will be there” she added teasingly.

“Shut up, and sure.” I replied annoyed. I'm not going to hear the end of this.



Jessie’s POV

I was skating around the rink till I saw a girl she was doing a spin in a sort of squat position and she was spinning VERY fast. She came out of the spin and did some sort of jump. She looked like she was spinning in mid air it was cool! I skated up to her and to my surprise it was Emma my next door neighbor. We became friends on the spot when I moved here.

“Hey Em!” I said.

“Hey there bestie.” she replied. Wait beastie? Like best friend? Cool I’ve got four best friends here after a week. Wow I must be a fast friend maker or maybe I'm just lucky. anyways  me and Emma chatted till it was time to stop and we loaded the bus again./ I sat with Dylan ay the back of the bus cause Meera practically pounced on Emma with questions and Sam went home early.

“So......  um.... Jessie........... I was wondering something...... he said

“What?” I asked

“Um do you have a boyfriend?” he asked. Felt the blood rushing to my cheeks.

“No but I do like a someone...” I said quietly to him

“Oh” I heard the disappointment in his voice. I looked down to my feet and mumbled quietly

“I like you” I felt his eyes looking at me so I looked up.

“I like you too Jess..... a lot.” He lifted my chin up and I met his gaze we centimetres apart and our lips met. No words would explain how I felt, we were kissing till someone interrupted us.

“Uh guys hate to break it to ya but ‘the romance ride dans la school bus’ is over” she said awkwardly. Dylan groaned

“Okay if you guys want to stay that’s fine with me” she said with her hands up in surrender.

“We’re getting off” Dylan Grumbled. Me and Dylan intertwined fingers and Meera looked at us like WE were the weird ones. 

“Something tells me that something MORE than just kissing happened in the back of the bus there” Meera said teasingly

“Shut Up Me-Me” Dylan said while his cheeks turned tomato red.

“Any ways coming to the signing Saturday?" She asked 

"Yeah" I replied

"GREAT!!"She turned to walk away but stopped and said

"Oh, and bring Em!” Meera ran off right after that.Singing "Friday"by Rebecca Black.

"I always wondered HOW did I get that crazy girl as a friend"I told Dylan

"Hey!!! I'm the weird on out of them!!!" he added jokingly.

I pecked Dylan on the lips and went to my locker. I Can't wait till the signing!


Veronica’s POV

I can’t believe she did that! That Jessie girl just kissed MY man right in front of me! Her little relationship with MY Dylan is going to be OVER!!!



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