Life as a superstar

Meera is a regular girl with a hidden talent, singing. When she is put together in a band by THE Simon and becomes famous. She never expected to have over a million boys drool over her including the heart throb of One Direction, well things are going to get SPICY!!!

*note One Direction isn' t in it till later in the book*


8. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!


Harry’s POV

It’s been two days and she hasn't called me I wonder if she has a boyfriend, or lost the number. Great, I’ll never see that beautiful face ever again.

Sam’s POV

I was reading Vampire Dairies, when Meera burst into the room and hugged me.

“We got it! We got it! They put us into a band!!! And we’re called the ‘Wunder Gurlz’ she said in under five seconds and ran back into the room. I went to update twitter. When looking for my phone in my purse, I found a piece of paper that read: Call me at 905-143-0201 –Harry.

*A/N the last digits of the number is Harry’s birthday and the second last means I Love You*

He was hitting on every girl EXCEPT me, so why would he give me his number?  I thought. I dialed the number anyways.

“Hello?” A voice said on the other side

“Um hi is this Harry?” I asked politely as possible.


Harry’s POV

“Um hi is this Harry?” a voice I didn't recognize from the other line.

“Yeah....” I trailed off

“Oh um you left your number in my purse and I'm sorry I didn't get back to you” she said. I nearly choked on my food.

“Oh uh yeah I remember” I said

“So.....” she trailed off. And it hit me that I had to have a reason on giving her my number.

“Um do you want to uh come over to my flat? We could hang out or something.” I asked.

“Oh um Okay when is a good time?” She asked.

“Uh how about Five?” I asked while looking at my watch. Now it was Three thirty so I had a few hours to fix the place up.

"Ill pick you up okay?"  sked

“Oh okay see you then” she said and hung up.

Sam’s POV

I'm going to meet HARRY STYLES in TWO HOURS without anyone else!!! Yay! I've got to go and get ready!!

Harry’s POV

Fuck this shit! I’m an idiot! Why did I ask her to come over? She probably thinks I'm some creepy person. I could have brought her on a date and made it all romantic, but NOOOO! I got nervous and asked her to come to my house! Why am I so stupid?


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