Life as a superstar

Meera is a regular girl with a hidden talent, singing. When she is put together in a band by THE Simon and becomes famous. She never expected to have over a million boys drool over her including the heart throb of One Direction, well things are going to get SPICY!!!

*note One Direction isn' t in it till later in the book*


9. Rated R


Sam’s POV

I decided not to tell the girls since they were too busy with their new single. (Yes they were already starting a single on the day they got hired). Dylan on the other hand was “helping” me get ready. Picking a sweater with a skirt and that sort of bad first date clothes. I finally decided on a dress from AEROPOSTALE with ballet flats. I put on light make-up. When I checked the clock it read 5:00 I flopped onto the couch and waited for him to come. By 7:00 I decided to give up and I went to my room. I sat down and started to tear up.

"It was a joke. I'm a joke. He doesn't care. He doesn't like me." I Thought

 I heard a ring on the door bell.

“It’s open!” I yelled knowing it was Meera. I laid back down on my bed and just sighed. I started to cry.


Harry’s POV

I was so stupid; I forgot to pick her up! I was so busy cleaning that I lost track of time. When I checked the clock it read 6:50! I quickly changed and hopped into the car. I really did not care for the speed limit; I just needed to get to her. I ran to the elevator and jogged to her room. I rang on the door bell and heard a voice of an angel.

"It's open" She said. I walked in and heard a muffled sob. I walked to the source, her bedroom. I walked in and saw her laying on her bed crying. I ran to her side and scooped her up.

"Shhhh it's okay. I'm super sorry." I said while she cried in my arms.

"I-- Just T-thought that you didn't c-care."She said into my shirt. I kissed her head and she froze.


Sam's POV

I Froze. I didn't mean to, I just did.

"Sorry" He muttered.

"It's Okay” I said. I walked out of the bed room and flopped on the couch. Harry followed close behind.

"So..." I said

"So what?" Harry repeated.

"What do you want to do?"

"Well do you still want to come to my house?"

"Sure, but do you think there will be enough time?"

"No, but would you prefer if you stay over?"

"Harry, I don't know...."

"PLEEEEEEEESEEEEEEE"Harry begged while on his knees.

"Fine just let me get some PJ's" I said while running to my room. I grabbed my fuzzy purple pajamas bottoms and a purple tank top. I shoved everything into a duffel bag and ran out the door. I quickly locked the door and ran to catch up with Harry. We intertwined fingers and walked over to Harry's Audi R-8.

"Nice car” I said

"Thanks” He replied. We sped towards a huge building and hopped out. We ran to the lobby we reached there panting. Harry led me to the elevator and we raced each other to the door. Harry was losing so I pretended to fall and he caught up to me.

"You okay?" He asked.

"Yeah." He lifted me up bridal style and carried me to the room. He placed me on the couch and went to his room to change. I got up and went on a hunt for the bathroom. When I finally found it, I changed and went back to the couch to see a shirtless Harry sitting there with a huge bowl of caramel popcorn. I sat down beside him and grabbed a handful of popcorn.

“What movie are we watching?”I asked.

“Nightmare on Elm Street” He replied.

“HARRY!!!” I complained

“What?” He asked

“It’s Rated R”













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