Life as a superstar

Meera is a regular girl with a hidden talent, singing. When she is put together in a band by THE Simon and becomes famous. She never expected to have over a million boys drool over her including the heart throb of One Direction, well things are going to get SPICY!!!

*note One Direction isn' t in it till later in the book*


2. Jessica


Meera’s POV:

“Let’s dance in style lets for a while........” sang my iPhone.

I groaned not because of the music, because today was school. Five days a week waking up EARLY. I looked at the clock only to see my sister Isha.

 “Its time to get up the morning” she sang.

 I rolled up out of bed because she’d replay the whole wake up song from a 1D Video (One direction Year in the making). I showered and got ready I decided to go with my ripped white jeans with a neon pink Hollister shirt and a denim jacket to finish it. I took a quick glance in the mirror and sighed.                          

*A.N/ I just put colors and clothes together I didn’t really think if they looked good I have no sense of style*

My Long black curly hair was in its usual ponytail; my coffee brown eyes were lined with black eyeliner and my Coach glasses. On my lips was a light pink lip gloss. I was ugly but I was pretty in some places.  I went downstairs to the kitchen, grabbed some Frosted Flakes and made cereal for myself.  When I was finished I yelled to Isha to hurry up and we both walked to my white Chevy Cruze.

“Why is it that u get a fancy car and I don’t” she whined.

“Cause you don’t have your driver license yet” I growled (as you see I’m not a morning person). Five minutes later we arrived. I parked right next to a yellow Porsche  knowing it was my bestie Sam’s car. I climbed out, waved good bye to Isha, walked to my locker and got all my books out for my first class of the day which was science. When I got there I saw Sam. She was a bit shorter than me, Glasses Short blond Hair and ice blue eyes. She was GORGEOUS!

“Hey took u long enough I was waiting forever for you” she complained.

“Well sorry for being on time and for having you early bird as a bestie” I replied.

We walked to Science we usually sat together but today Mr. Carnie our science teacher told me to sit next to the new girl.

“A new girl, a new friend” I thought to my self.

“Hey I’m Meera” I said to the new girl.

“Oh, Hi I’m Jessica” she replied I sat down beside her and the class started. And little did I know that Jessica and three other girls will change my live forever.


Sam’s POV


Jess, Sam and I all went to music class next we were actually surprised that we had all the same classes as her. When we got there Mrs. Skirving welcomed us

“Hello girls how has your morning been?” she asked.

“It been great” I replied

“Yeah in science I met Jessie who just moved here” Meera informed her.

“Well Hello there Jessica nice to meet you, may I ask you what instrument you play?”She asked

“Umm.... guitar” she replied softly and Meera gasped.

“Well Jessica we don't have any guitars, do you want to try a Tenor Saxophone?” asked Mrs.Skirving.

“Okay” Jessica Replied and Mrs. Skirving handed her the instrument and we all went to our separate ways. I went to the Baritone Section, Jess to the Saxophone and Meera to the Flute. And we all started to play.

Jessica ’s POV

I sat down in an empty chair next to a tall boy with dark brown hair and Green eyes.

“Hey I'm Daniel” he said “are you new?”

“Yes” I Replied.

“Oh well you can share my music if you’d like and if you need help tell me okay?”


We started playing and Daniel helped me. He was sweet and caring I hate to admit but I think I'm falling for him. After class Daniel asked if I wanted to sit with him at lunch I if coarse accepted. I met up with Meera for Math class which flew by cause all I could be thinking of was his green eyes. 

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