Oh So Lucky

What happens when you win tickets for your sister to see the hottest boy band in the world?


9. Chapter 9

LINDSEY'S POV- We played truth or dare for about an hour before we eventually got bored of it. We started taking loads of silly pictures and videos, to keep for the memory. I noticed that Niall kept staring at me the whole time and I was starting to enjoy it. I started teasing and flirting with him, and I knew it was annoying him. I laughed as he was taking a picture and I jumped on his back.

He immediately grabbed my legs, flipped me over and pushed me onto the couch. The momentum from it made him fall on top of me. We landed in a hysterical knot, and I couldn't stop laughing. His face was inches away from mine. I stared into his blue eyes and they started to glitter. He moved closer until I could feel the breath on my face. No-one else was watching, as they were all taking pictures. I grinned and moved my face in, closing my eyes. I could just feel his lips touch mine when someone banged the door open and shouted

"Come on guys! Fifteen minutes until showtime!" Niall jumped up quickly as I sighed.

"What seats are you girls in?" Liam asked with his arm around Julia's shoulders. She was turning bright red.

"Errm no idea," I laughed.

"Don't worry we'll find you," Niall said to me with a wink. We went into the venue and got to our seats, which were right in the middle of the front row. We waited until the lights dimmed and heard the beginning of "Na Na Na..."



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