Oh So Lucky

What happens when you win tickets for your sister to see the hottest boy band in the world?


7. Chapter 7

LINDSEY'S POV- Harry had that mischievous look in eye that meant he had a plan. I started to feel quite nervous. "Now then, we have to play truth or dare, it's meet and greet tradition," Harry said. "But n........" Liam started to Harry just shushed him. He turned to Cydney who was sat next to him and asked "Truth or dare?" She looked quite nervous, weighing up her options. "Truth," she replied eventually.

"Have you got a boyfriend?" Harry asked quickly, obviously wanting to ask her this for some time now. "No I haven't," she grinned.

He smiled back at her and said "your turn." Cydney looked around the room before her eyes landed on me. She looked evil. "Lindsey, truth or dare?" she asked.

"Dare," I said. I never chose truth, I don't want everyone to know about my life and I have never backed out of a dare before and she knows it. "Hmmmm," Cydney started, thinking of something hard. "I dare you to kiss Niall!" she said finally.

"What?!" I shouted, scowling at her. "I've only just met him, I can't do that," I started blabbing. Truth is, I really wanted to kiss him but he might not even like me, or he might think I was a bit weird. But I couldn't pass down this dare, it wasn't like me. I turned to face Niall who had the biggest grin on his face I'd ever seen.

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