Oh So Lucky

What happens when you win tickets for your sister to see the hottest boy band in the world?


6. Chapter 6

HARRY'S POV- Wow I couldn't believe our luck. We could spend two hours with these gorgeous girls. There was one that stood out to me in particular. The one that had thrown the water at Julia. I didn't even know her name. She'd gone back to the sink to put the glass back so I walked up behind her.

CYDNEY'S POV- I felt two hands on my waist that twisted me round really fast. "Hey I'm Harry," came a deep voice from beneath a mass of curls. I couldn't believe that Harry Styles was talking to me! He'd moved his hands now to the side of the sink, trapping me inside them. He looked at me waiting to reply as I turned bright red. "Oh ermm I'm Cydney," I shot out. "Nice to meet you Cydney," Harry said smoothly as he took my hand and raised it to his lips. I just giggled but tried to play it coolly so I moved away from the sink, still holding his hand, and went back to the others. Liam was still sat next to Julia, and by the looks of it he was still holding her hand too. They were laughing at something that Louis had said. I looked for Lindsey and she was stood in the corner of the room with Niall. Wow, we hadn't done so badly for ourselves, I thought. "So who wants to play a game?" Harry winked as everyone walked over.

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