Oh So Lucky

What happens when you win tickets for your sister to see the hottest boy band in the world?


15. Chapter 15

LINDSEY'S POV- "So can I finally get that kiss?" Niall asked cheekily. I looked into his eyes and pretended to think about it. I'd wanted to kiss him since the first time I laid eyes on him. "Hmmm.. Well.." I started. But Niall pulled my face closer to his and kissed me lightly. We started laughing and pulled away. "Cheeky," I said and kissed him again. He grabbed me around my waist and I turned to look at the others. Julia was in Liam's arms and Cydney and Harry were loved up next to us. I had to admit, I was oh so lucky to win then tickets!


That was the last part. Thanks for all the support throughout this fanfic. Please check out my other one That One Night. Love you all :) Sarah

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