Dressed all Drab

A Teenagers Life...


4. Hoping

I made my way in through the door of the Pharmacy, clutching my bag, and clearing my mind.

For once, I felt calm-sea about working.

Usually, I would be stressing about it, having too walk in and out of the back, but today, I felt calm.

"Hey boss!" I called, dumping my bag behind the counter.

I heard a muffeled 'Hello!' , and I began to work.

Standing behind the counter wasn't really 'Work', but it earned me money, so I was cool with it.

I saw a familiar face walk into the shop, but sadly, it wasn't Shane.

"Felicity. We need to talk".

I shook my head.

"No, we don''t 'need' to talk. I don't want to talk. Anyway, I'm working. Bye, Callie"

"You can't force me".

She was correct.

I couldn't make her leave unless it was harrassment, or she was stealing something.

"Okay, yeah, I can't force you, but I can ignore you".

I tapped the desk with my finger nails, and watched outside of the shop.

Time ticked by, but Callie didn't leave.

"I'm going to speak anyway. Felicity, I am extremely sorry about KC. It was all his idea. I'm not kidding. I have the text he sent me"

"Shut up, Callie! You can't just blame it on KC! You accepted! Your a cow, face it".

Callie narrowed her eyes.

"A cow is somebody who is spiteful, and un-forgiving. Remind you of anyone?".

Then she spun round, and exited.

I rolled my eyes.

One of the things I'd learnt about Callie was that she always had to be right. A cow was not someone who didn't forgive. A cow was someone who was acting like a, well, cow.

My Manager began to yell to me.

"Felicity, are you scaring off customers? Are you telling them lies?"

"Sir, why would you think that? It was just my cow of a mate, trying to cause another argument"

"Felicity, you could at least try and be nice. She'll proberly go and tell half the town some lie, and no-body will come!"

"Sir, she won't! and if she does, she'll have me to deal with!".

This kind of argument went on for about 20 minutes, and finally, sir let me have my break.


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