Virtual Reality

Hey. I'm Tabby. I'm 16.
I guess you could call me the average teenager.
Gossiper, loves guys, and addicted to the internet.
Too addicted.

Tabby spends her life on the computer, and she knows it. So when she comes across a new virtual world "Palm City", she doesn't hesitate to join. But this world seems more real than ever, and teens all over the world are going missing a couple days after the website is created. Is there something more to Palm City than just a website? Is virtuality becoming reality?


9. Without a care

Chapter 6- without a care

I slipped down the hall at 6am, into the kitcken, and poured myself some Cheerios, and watched as the milk danced inbetween the little hoops, then plunged a metal spoon into the bowl. I was just about to sit down at the table when I realised Gemma had already beaten me to it.

"Hey," she says bitterly, raising her eyebrows, waiting for me to comment on her stealing Kev from me. But I couldn't care less right now.

"Oh, hey Gemma," I say politely. "Have a nice sleep?" Okay, maybe I'm laying the politeness on a bit thick, but hey. She doesn't reply, and just looks away. Her phone beeps.

"Oh, that'll be Kevin. Kevin Sauder. Telling me how much he loves me!" Her phones at an angle that allows me to just read what's on the screen, and it says it's a message from her cousin, Susie.

"No, not him I'm afraid. But it looks like Susie's up for a chat?" I smile at her, then sit and tuck into my Cheerios. She scowls at me, obviously annoyed that I couldn't care less that she's dating Kevin. And then without a care, I add: "And I bet Jonah's up for a chat with me!" I beam, and the anger spreads like wildfire across her face.

"Jonah?" she says his name like it's a disgrace to the world.

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