Virtual Reality

Hey. I'm Tabby. I'm 16.
I guess you could call me the average teenager.
Gossiper, loves guys, and addicted to the internet.
Too addicted.

Tabby spends her life on the computer, and she knows it. So when she comes across a new virtual world "Palm City", she doesn't hesitate to join. But this world seems more real than ever, and teens all over the world are going missing a couple days after the website is created. Is there something more to Palm City than just a website? Is virtuality becoming reality?


4. Thinking

Chapter 4- Thinking

What happened last night has been replaying through my mind 24/7. I can't get Jonah out of my head. It's like he's stuck. He's a hot guy on website, and I'll never see him again. A fire burns through my head at the thought. I rush upstairs, flicking off the latest episode of Corrie, then quickly open my laptop. Palm City loads up on the screen. I'm there, in my blank and boring room (remind me to redecorate it), staring at a white wall. I move back, then leave through the door, and the smell of hot food, pollution, perfume and people hits me in the face. Wait- I can smell it. I can smell a website. I feel freaked out, then tell myself that I was only imagining it. I see the guy with the guitar, and he gives me a casual salute. I smile back, then stroll around the city. Five minutes have passed, and then I come across a group of super hot guys. Then I see Gemma. She's twirling her strawberry blonde curls round her dainty finger, and puckering her coral lips. "Hey," I say, popping up beside her. She gives me the what the hell are YOU doing here look. So I give her the this isn't your place, I found it first! look. Then she gets all angry and shoves me out the way. "OW!" I cry. I rub my arm where she bruised it. Wait, I can feel it? In an instant I shut the laptop lid and back away from it.

That was the first thing that happened. But not too bad. What was really bad happened not so long after.

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