Virtual Reality

Hey. I'm Tabby. I'm 16.
I guess you could call me the average teenager.
Gossiper, loves guys, and addicted to the internet.
Too addicted.

Tabby spends her life on the computer, and she knows it. So when she comes across a new virtual world "Palm City", she doesn't hesitate to join. But this world seems more real than ever, and teens all over the world are going missing a couple days after the website is created. Is there something more to Palm City than just a website? Is virtuality becoming reality?


6. Back to the city

Chapter 5- Back to the city

As soon as I get home, after calming myself from the Kevin incident, I open my turqoise friend and go straight to Palm City. This time, instead of facing blank white walls, I'm welcomed with aqua wallpaper that has little black hearts scattered across. I put on a white lace dress, and beige pretty brogues, then face the city. And I smell it. Again. That city smell. I freeze in my seat, spooked. I bend down to my laptop, my cheek brushing against the personalized keyboard, and take a good sniff. It's not coming from my computer. It's coming frorm all around me. But how? I'm in my tiny cramped room, and the only smell is deodrant, dirty clothes and socks, and little bits of toast scattered everywhere. I see guitar guy again, in his usual spot, perched on the edge of a wall beside a cafe. Oh yeah, cafe. I remember my arrangements with Leah. Cafe Coco. I look across the street and see the pretty cafe, with ivy growing up the walls, and palm trees arching outside the door. I see Leah sitting on a table, reading something. A magazine. I pop over beside her and give a little wave. "Hey," she says, barely looking up from what she's reading. "Hi," I say back. She finally puts down the magazine and looks at me. She sits silently. "What?!" I hiss. She raises an eyebrow. "D'you have fun with Kev today?" She has that bitter look of annoyance spread across her face like mouldy butter on out of date toast. "You're jealous!" I laugh. She grits her teeth. "Awh, Leah." I reach out to touch her, but she backs away. "You know I like him, Tabz, but you're just some stupid little stuck up brat who wants attention from guys!" I look at her in horror. "No, look, I'm sorry, nothing's between us! Anyway, I like someone else...." She smiles. "You do?" I think of Jonah and nod. "Well," she says, "in that case I'm sorry." Her expression quickly softens. "Come," she says. "Let's go to the beach!" I nod, and we head off.

The beach is full, people sunbathing, playing, swimming, chilling...I see Gemma in a very flashy bikini, getting her (very little) flesh out. A slightly older lasy (about 28) walks past and gives her a look of disgust, then Gemma pulls down her sunglasses and swears loudly at her. I snigger. Leah walks me over to an empty sunlounge, and we both sit and admire our surroundings. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I see him. He's sitting in the sand in jeans, staring out to see. Jonah. He sends chills down my spine. He catches me staring then smirks. He gets up and starts walking over. I get a million butterflies in my stomach. He's just a stones throw away from me, when everything goes black. I panick, then realise my stupid laptops gone out of stupid charge."DAMN YOU!!!" I yell to the air. My only other chance with Jonah  ruined forever.

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