The Choice

Danielle Amarillo has a tough choice to make: Leave her family behind or stay and starve. She and her best friend Jake Nore set off on the adventure of the century. Will they come back successful? Or will they fail, like all the others have?


2. The First Mishap

As I'm walking to Ever's school, start to think that maybe I should take up the mayor's offer. What have I got to lose? I've been hunting since I was 8, not to mention my phenomenal survival skills.  "Hey Ev! How was school?" I say to my sister, who's only in seventh grade. "Pretty good! I made a new friend. She's in grade eight, and she's really cool!" Ever says excitedly. Ever isn't exactly the "coolest" kid in her school, and she knows that. A lot of the kids don't like her, and I personally think it's because our family can't afford all those brand names, and expensive cars, or anything like that. "That's good!" I say, but it must not sound convincing, because she then asks me, "What wrong Dan?" Crap. Do I tell her? "Well, um, the mayor came over today." I say. "Mhm, what for?" she asks, the worry in her voice. "Well, he wants me to look for Margaret's Stone. I think I might do it, too." I say, nervously. I'm scared she'll overreact. "Oh.." she says, then she runs up and gives me a huge hug. "Ev, it's okay. I'm going to come back, you have nothing to worry about." I say, and I truly do believe it. Suddenly, there's this MASSIVE boom coming from the left of us. "What was that?!" Ever exclaims, terror in her voice. I turn around to find chaos behind us. The school is on fire, sending smoke everywhere, and people are running in every direction. "Ev, we're leaving. NOW. RUN!" I grab her hand, and we run as fast as we can all the way home. "Mom, there's a fire at the school!" I say, to an alarmed mother. "Danielle, that's it! You have to go back to the mayor and tell him you're going to look for the stone. As much as I'd hate to say it, you have to. Lives are at stake here, and it's not just ours." My mother says sternly, which is strange, because she's never stern with me. 

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