The Choice

Danielle Amarillo has a tough choice to make: Leave her family behind or stay and starve. She and her best friend Jake Nore set off on the adventure of the century. Will they come back successful? Or will they fail, like all the others have?


1. The Beginning

“She’s only 18!” I hear my mother yell from the basement. “You can’t just send her out like that! I won’t allow it!” That’s when I decide to go downstairs. “What’s going on?” I say sternly. “Ah, Danielle. How nice of you to join us.” A man with curly hair, and green eyes says fakely.  It’s that moment right then and there, when I realize what he wants. He’s here to pick me up and send me off to the woods to try to find Margaret’s Stone. Here’s a little piece of history; Margaret was this old woman who apparently had these magical powers and all the nonsense. Well, she created this stone that could free anyone from their troubles, and grant them their wishes. Sounds like mumbo-jumbo, right? Well, our whole town seems to believe in it, and for 25 years, they’ve been looking for it. The mayor chooses one “lucky” villager to go out into the woods for 30 days to search for it. Sounds simple, right? Not exactly. You see, where you live, you probably have foxes, bears, and the occasional wolf. Here? We have dragons, phoenixes, and pixies who like to screw everything up for you. Most people who have been sent out, haven’t come back, and those who did turned out to be drunks or whack-jobs. Anyway, back to Margaret’s Stone. Legend says that hundreds of years ago, when Margaret died, they buried her stone with her. The only problem is, there’s no grave mark. Some say that she was buried in the lake, some say she wasn’t buried at all, and that she never died. Personally, I don’t think Margaret even existed. I think the mayor is going insane in his old age. “Look, I know why you’re here, and I’m not going.” I say. I have a lot more backbone than my mother, and I’m not afraid to say what I’m thinking. “Oh, but Danielle, I’m afraid you have no choice. You’re going, and you’re leaving in three days.” The mayor says, trying to hold in his frustration. He must have been arguing with my mother longer than I thought. “There’s always a choice. Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to go pick up my sister.” I say, as I’m walking out the door, I hear the mayor say, “Yes, well, um, I must be going to..” Great. He’s coming outside to talk to me, while my mother isn’t there, I’ll bet you anything. “Danielle? Now you listen here. I have connections here, and I can make you and your family poor within a day. You don’t want that? Do you? You don’t want your poor, young sister to die of starvation? Do you? And, your mother. Do you want her to have to deal with the grief of losing a daughter? I don’t think you do. Now, if you do not want any of that to happen, I advise you don’t walk away from finding the stone.” The mayor says, obviously trying to scare me. It’s not going to work. I know how to hunt, to sew, to cook. I can take care of my family. “Watch me.”  I say, as I walk away from the mayor not looking back. I can tell that made him angry though, because before I get halfway out of my driveway, I hear him say, “You will regret this!” Pathetic. He thinks he can control our family, and the whole town for that matter, just because he’s the mayor. He’s not going to get to me, nor will he ever.

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