The Hacker

A girl genius and her best friend, are one day taken by a secret society that plans on using her mind for their battle against another secret society in a different country. But this is no regular war, this is covert war. Will they decide to take the challenge? Or will they pack their bags and go home?


6. Training

Mr. X's black dress shoe stepped in from the hidden door.

"So?" Mr. X asked.

"We'll do it, but on one condition." I said.

"What is that?" Mr. X questioned.

"You have to promise that we will go home one day." I stated.

"I can't promise that." Mr. X said.

"That's the deal. Take it or leave it." I said.

"I'll try." Mr. X promised.

Good enough. 

"So girls and boy, are you ready?" Mr. X asked.

"Sure." Felicia answered half-heartedly.

Mr. X told us to follow him through the hidden doorway and into the hallway. The hallway still had the cameras, but the eight second timer was part of the escape plan. Well, at least the plan of this society of some sort. I was now wondering something instead of being nervous. I should be feeling like I was about to be executed, but inside, I was just wondering which country it would be that we were going to steal the information back from.

"Mr. X, " I asked, feeling rushed as we walked down the hallway, "Which country are we fighting against?".

"England, I told you that before so try to keep up.But what I haven't told you is that we have been secretly with war with them for a long time. Debt doesn't just happen." Mr. X replied.

I thought about this. The government has been lying to us? Why would they do that? I guess that this society wouldn't be so secret if everyone knew about it, but are people supposed to know about the CIA like we do? Then again, we don't know much about the CIA...

Soon, after half-walking, half-running down the twisting hallway, we reached a massive metal door that must have stood twice my height. It was insanely large, and I wasn't quite sure what the point was for that, but I didn't know much about what we were doing in the first place.

Mr. X put a code in the panel, sure to cover it this time so that I couldn't see the code if we were planning on making some sort of escape attempt. The large door swung open to the other side to reveal a room that was surprisingly comfortable. It had burgundy carpet with hunter green walls and beige leather couches with the same color blankets as the walls and carpet. It was too comfy for this building, and I had no idea what they were planning to do.

"Yes, you are all very advanced, but we need you to learn each other's gifts. I will honestly say that Kiyoko will have the easiest time because it's hard to learn a mental skill." Mr. X said.

I could see Kiyo smirk out of the corner of my eye and I smiled. I guessed he was a little arrogant, but I also had only known him for a day? I actually didn't know how long I had known him. Could have been a day or more, but even with this in my mind, I turned away from Kiyo, still smiling.

There was an excersizing machine in the corner of the room that looked less like it was meant to give me strength and more like it was supposed to cut my ear off and show it to me. I had never seen anything quite like it.


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