The Hacker

A girl genius and her best friend, are one day taken by a secret society that plans on using her mind for their battle against another secret society in a different country. But this is no regular war, this is covert war. Will they decide to take the challenge? Or will they pack their bags and go home?


5. This is War

"Sam? Sam? Sam, can you hear me?" Felicia spoke softly.

I blinked my eyes repeatedly. 

"Where am I?" I groaned tiredly.

"I don't know where we are," Felicia said, "but we aren't home yet. We're still in this stinkin' warehouse somewhere in the desert."

I looked around and realized that what she had said was true. It was the same colorless room that looked like it had no walls, but I knew that there was some sort of hidden panel in the wall that would release the hidden door that blended into the stone wall around it.

"What are we gonna do?" Kiyo asked.

"What is there to do? How could we possibly escape?" I asked.

"I'm not talking about escaping, I'm talking about how we're gonna win this war." Kiyo replied.

"Wait-you're not actually thinking about doing this. I mean, if you want to, that's fine, but you're on your own buddy." Felicia replied. She never normally talked like this, but then again, this situation isn't so normal.

"Do you really think that they're gonna let us go? No, they aren't. We don't have much of a choice at this point." Kiyo said.

"But we have to keep trying!" I tried to sound enthusiastic, but I was still faint from just waking up.

"Didn't we already? Did you see how close we got? I thought I was home. I was just let down." Kiyo said.

This didn't seem like his smiling self. I also have only known him for a few hours. I can't really say much.

Just then, the hidden door in the concrete wall opened up. Mr. X's infamous black suit and shoes with the plastic earpiece stepped in. I almost started crying, he isn't pleasant news, although he seems to think he is.

"So...that information didn't seem to be taken well." Mr. X stated. I thought it was obvious.

"You think?" I replied with a sudden urge of confidence.

He seemed a little impatient with me as he tried to think up what he would next say, "You're not the first one who has reacted like this." That was what he came up with.

"So we're not the first ones to be kidnapped and forced to go to war without free will?" I retorted.

He started tapping his foot. "You can leave if you want." He said

I actually smiled for the first time in however many days I had been here. "Well, what are we waiting for? Me and Felicia want to leave. This isn't my war." I started to get up and walk toward Mr. X.

As I came up, he stopped me with his large hand and said, "But you would be otherwise saving the world from WW3, but that's okay. One million lives aren't as important as yours.".

"You're telling me, that it's okay for a child to die because you want some numbers and codes? At least ask a kid who wants to be here." I said.

"I'm trying to save the world!" He yelled at me, his tolerance gone.

"Well, you told me I could leave!" I yelled back. Felicia and Kiyo shuddered silently.

"You're leading to American deaths." He said calmly.

"And you took me against my will. I would think that kidnapping is illegal." I kept retorting. I knew he wasn't right.

"I understand how you feel." He replied.

"No you don't. You have no idea how I feel! If you knew how I felt, you wouldn't be doing this." I said.

"I was in the same position as you. I know exactly what it's like. I'm not going to dwell on this. It's completely up to you." He explained.

I couldn't imagine him being taken like me. He was so big and tough, it didn't make sense. I just stared at him silent.

"I'm gonna let you guys figure this out. I'll be back in twenty minutes with some food. If you don't have this figured out in twenty minutes, then we'll decide for you." He spoke these words softly and left the room.

His movements were quick and rushed. He didn't seem like the same Mr. X that had entered the room moments before. His shiny black shoes still squeaked when he walked and reflected the dull light. His face and hands were still the same dark skin and his plastic earpiece still talked to him, but it wasn't him. He wasn't ever the same again. Later on, that changed, but not quite yet.

"Sam? Hey, look at me. What's up with you. You've been sitting for the last ten minutes mouthing some words and staring at the wall." Felicia said with disappointment.

"What? Oh, sorry. I guess I just got lost in my thoughts." I replied sheepishly.

"Okay, um, anyway, " Felicia bit her lip, "What are we gonna do?" She continued.

"I think we should stay and fight for whatever it is. I'd rather die than have a World War 3 and have millions die. Innocent people suffering for codes. Not gonna happen." Kiyo pointed out.

"Aren't we innocent too?" I replied.

"Yes, but it's three versus millions. And then we would go home. Done and over with." Kiyo said.

"I think we should do it." Felicia said.

"Well I guess it's two to one. I think I should probably do it too." I said with a sudden change of heart.

"Really?" asked Kiyo.

"Really." I replied



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